Shakti 22nd October 2019 Written Episode Update

Shakti Written Update

Shakti 22nd October 2019 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Shakti 22nd October 2019 Episode Start With Heer coming to meet Mahi in the lock up. Mahi says you are here at this time, with whom you have come? Heer says she came alone, as they wouldn’t have brought her. Mahi asks why did you come and tells that she don’t want to see her face. Constable asks Mahi why she hates her daughter. Heer tells Constable that she is her mum and has the right to scold her. Mahi melts down a bit and thinks she has to ask her to go. Heer says I love you Mamma. Mahi asks Inspector to open the lock up and comes out.

Heer hugs her and says don’t hate me Mamma. Mahi asks her to go home and never come there alone. Constable says how she will go alone, I will drop her home. Mahi nods. Heer says I love you Mamma. Constables takes her out. Saya and other kinnars see Heer with Constable outside the Police station. Saya says our work got easy. Raavi and Sindhu are sleeping in their room.. Soumya is in her room sleeping and Preeto in her room. Constable asks Heer not to come out alone. She asks Roma and other kinnar to bring Heer and says we shall think of other way to take her.

Raavi wakes up and couldn’t find Heer on the bed. She wakes up Sindhu and tells about Heer. They come out. Kinnars tell Constable that they will drop Heer and says they know her. Constable says ok and takes Heer with them. They take Heer to Saya. Saya kisses her and tells that I got you after 5 years and asks if she will come to her house. Heer says I have to go home, Soumya and Preeti must be worried. Saya says we will play a game and tells that they will see if Preeto and Soumya save her from them. Heer asks if they want to play hide and seek game? They say yes. Just then Soumya, Raavi, Preeto and Sindhu come there. The kinnars see her and run in different directions. Soumya and Preeto catch Saya, but Heer is not with her. Saya says Heer is not with me. Raavi and Sindhu catch the kinnars taking Heer. Heer asks if they are also playing the game? Raavi realizes that they told Heer that they are playing game with her. She says yes, we will play and win. Preeto asks where is Raavi and Sindhu?

Soumya says they must have rescued Heer and tells that they are Papa ji’s blood and are tigress. She says Raavi and Sindhu are with us, and there are 4 shaktis with Heer. Raavi and Sindhu beat Kinnars. Heer gets happy and says you have won. Soumya, Preeto and others come there. Saya is going towards Heer, but Soumya stops her. Heer asks Soumya to play the game as well. She runs towards Soumya, when a car comes there and the goons take Heer inside. Soumya, Preeto, Kinnars etc get shocked. They run behind the car. Heer asks the goons to leave them.

Preeto calls Harak Singh and says someone kidnapped Heer. He asks where are you? Preeto says she is behind the temple. Harak Singh says I will come there. He jumps off the bed and runs out of room.

Soumya asks Saya to tell where is Heer and tells that she needs her Heer. Saya asks her to believe her and says I didn’t know surely. The kinnar tells that they planned to kidnap Heer, but they haven’t kidnapped Heer. Soumya says when you couldn’t kidnap Heer, you told everyone. The kinnar tells that Mahi told them about Heer.


Shakti 23rd October 2019 Written Episode Update Precap :  Heer asks the kidnappers to leave her. The kidnapper smiles.


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