Shakti 23rd August 2019 Written Episode Update

Shakti Written Update

Shakti 23rd August 2019 Written Episode Update,Written Update on

Shakti 23rd August 2019 Episode Start With Saya and other kinnars coming to Harak Singh’s house. Harak Singh asks why did they come? Saya says we came to dance and share the happiness of the upcoming new born. Harak Singh says you didn’t leave us in the happy condition. Saya says they will celebrate happiness and dance. Harak Singh asks them to go. Soumya asks her to go. Saya says did you all have accepted that Harman will not come back? Preeto says Harman will return and asks them to celebrate as if he is watching and is here. Saya and others dance. Saya comes to Mahi and takes off the bad sight from her. Neighbor asks Preeto to take Mahi to room as per the rasam. Preeto makes Mahi get up and is taking her to room. Harak Singh says this is not only your baby, but I harman’s baby and asks her to take care of the baby.

He says this baby is our only heir and light of our family. He gives her chain as a gift. Preeto takes Mahi to room. Soumya is returning home and sit on the bench. She laughs loudly. A man and the kinnars gather there. Man asks what happened? Saya also asks her. Soumya says everyone said that Harman will never have a baby and his house will not hear the baby cry, but now the baby is about to be born and I got rid of the black spot.

Soumya comes home and makes Rohan have food. Rohan calls her Mami. Soumya says you remind me of Chintu ji. Rohan says I love you very much and will take care of you like hero, chintu and Soham. Harak Singh tells everyone that they are going to the temple, except Mahi and Preeto. Shanno says she will stay at home, but Preeto asks them to go. She says we will go later. They all leave.

Later Mahi feels labor pains and calls Preeto. Preeto says I will give you medicine. Harak singh, Veeran, Shanno and others are going to temple. Preeto takes Mahi to hospital. Harak Singh and his family do aarti in the temple. Harak Singh gets Preeto’s call, comes out and attends the call. Preeto tells him that she brought Mahi to hospital. Harak Singh gets happy. Soumya comes to Harak Singh’s house and finds nobody at home. She calls Preeto and asks where are you? Preeto says Mahi got labor pains so she brought her to hospital. Soumya says I will come there.

Preeto asks her to come. Soumya runs on the road. Preeto waits anxiously for the good news. Harak Singh does aarti. Preeto hears baby crying and gets happy. She asks Doctor if boy or girl is born. She asks if both are fine. Doctor says yes. He says your bahu’s baby is kinnar. Preeto is shocked and holds the Doctor’s collar, asks how dare you? She then apologizes and asks him to check again. Doctor says it is difficult for you to handle it, but this is truth. Nurse says we are shifting mother and baby to ward.

Preeto recalls Saya’s curse that she will go through the same phase as them for snatching kinnar’s love from her and is shocked. She thinks what to do, if Harak Singh comes to know then he will die. She says I will kill the baby and will tell everyone that baby was born dead. She hears baby crying and goes to ward. She is about to touch the baby, when light flickers and she sees Harman there. He says I loved a kinnar and asks if she will kill his kinnar daughter. He asks will you kill my ansh and kill me. Preeto says what to do then, tell me. Harman says what I will tell Soumya that my mum killed my daughter as she is a kinnar. She asks her to protect her like a shield and will stand by her like her shakti. He says then only your son will return to you. Preeto promises him and thinks I will not kill her, but if I keep her in my house then someone else will kill her. She thinks to give baby to Mallika and thinks she will raise her up.

Baby is crying. Preeto holds her little hands and takes her. Chandariya song plays….baby sleeps in her lap. Preeto apologizes and says forgive me, I am helpless, you have to go to your community. Harak Singh and others come there. He asks if tiger or tigress is born. Preeto is tensed.


Shakti 26th August 2019 Written Episode Update Precap : Harak Singh asks Preeto to give baby to him. Preeto says I will not give the baby to anyone. Later, Soumya asks what happened. Preeto says Harman and Mahi’s baby is a kinnar. Soumya gets shocked.


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