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Shakti 24th April 2021 Episode starts with Soumya sitting in the farm house and finds Harman still there. She says you are such a stubborn guy. Harman checks for the keys under the pot and asks if the family members don’t keep the keys here. Soumya thinks when did this imposter find out about this thing. Harman says when did Harman Singh stop if he doesn’t get the keys? He comes near her and smiles. Soumya is surprised and moves back. He takes hair pin from her hair. Tu hi mera khuda plays…..He opens the farmhouse lock with the hair pin. Soumya says you knows to open the lock. Harman asks her to call him thief, along with imposter, says lets sit inside. Soumya goes inside and sits. She misses Heer and thinks she used to roam and run in the house. Harman brings water and asks her to keep her pained foot in the water. Soumya says it is cold water. Harman asks her to massage her foot with oil and says whenever Harak Singh had the back pain, Preeto used to massage him with this oil. Soumya is surprised. He asks her to drink kada, as someone said that all pains go by drinking kada. He says he is feeling hungry and goes to bring something from kitchen.

Soumya takes out her foot from the water. Harman comes back and offers to apply ointment to her foot. She hesitates, but he insists. He finally applies ointment to her foot. Tera Ishq Hai Meri Ibadat plays…..He smiles and looks at her. Soumya says it is done, enough. He keeps her feet on the pillow. He says he knows that she is hungry and asks her to have maggi. She refuses. Harman says I knew you will not eat, and that’s why I didn’t make for you. He eats maggi and keeps the bowl. He says he will go out and see if the watchman came. Soumya gets up and wears her sandals. She goes to the kitchen and looks here and there, thinks there is nothing to eat. She finds his letter, asking her not to waste her energy in searching food, whatever it is, it is only available. She finds Maggi in the Kadai and eats it. She coughs. He gives her water. She takes water and drinks, realizes he gave her. Harman says if you wanted, you could have sit and eat, I don’t snatch anyone’s food. Soumya says you have helped me, now I am fine and had eat. She asks him to go. Harman says you are showing me attitude. Soumya says I am just showing you attitude, else I am very bad.

She hears the noise and holds his hand being scared. He thinks who could be there and sees her holding his hand. Tu hi mera khuda plays…..She turns her face, He asks her to be there, and says he will go and check there. Soumya says even I will come. He asks her not to argue and goes out. Soumya eats maggi again, just then she hears him shout and looks out. Soumya takes the roller in her hand. Harman looks at the scratch on his hand and looks at the cat. Soumya comes there holding the roller. Harman stops her. Soumya laughs and says you got scared of this cat. He says why did you come out? Soumya says she came out, as she remembered Harman ji’s words that they shall help everyone. She opens the window and asks cat to go. Cat goes out. She says you got afraid of cat. Harman says you are wonderful, brought roller to handle the cat. Soumya says Indian woman can handle anyone with it. She asks him to go. Harman says I am going, but will come, and the feeling will prove that I am your Harman.

Preeto and Harak Singh come there. Preeto says Police questioned them much on the way. Harak Singh says that they will not have electricity at home before 10-15 days. Preeto says we have come here. Soumya says I will make tea for you both. Harak Singh asks her to make extra tea as someone came with them. Soumya says you are here? Harman says my car was not working, so I asked lift from them. Preeto says I have identified him. Harak Singh asks him to come inside. Preeto says we wanted to call him for dinner and what a coincidence, he came here. She says you have to stay with us for 6-7 days. Harman says 6-7 days. Soumya is shocked and says he must not have brought his clothes and stuff here. she says he will go after having food. Harman says I keep extra clothes in my car always. Mahi and Raavi come there. Mahi recalls seeing him outside Soumya’s room and thinks what is Soumya’s new game.

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