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Shakti 24th May 2021 Episode starts with Mahi telling Harman that she married him after Soumya and his divorce. She says I am the one who gave birth to your daughter and asks if he remembers or will say that she is an illegitimate daughter. Harman shouts Mahi and says you knows well of the circumstances of our marriage, asks her not to argue with him at this time, he is worried much. He says if I say anything wrong then it won’t be good. Harak Singh asks Mahi to wait until Soumya and Heer returns and says there will be some solution. Harman says don’t know why are we arguing at this time. Virat asks Harman to chill and takes him out in the garden area. He makes him sit on the bench and says he brought him here due to the argument inside. He says you are wonderful, super hero types, mindblowing and says you was clear about spending life with Soumya, though much was talked inside. Harman says there is nothing like right and wrong in love, it is just love. Virat says you said right yaar and says sorry. Harman says no problem, I call yaar to Harak Singh also, there is no formality between us. He tells that he was always clear about Soumya and Mahi shall understand it. He then thinks Virat is his daughter’s husband and says he can’t share with him. Virat asks what is the matter? Harman says he can’t share with him. Virat says I thought you as Heer, but you are like me. He says we are bro now, and that’s why we can share anything. Harman says I know why Heer has chosen you, as she is brought by Soumya and knows how to identify true love.

Virat tells that whatever happened inside, this question will be raised again after everything gets fine. Harman says I didn’t give the right to myself to choose someone else other than Soumya, and says love is the one when you see love in someone else for you and viceversa. He says such relation is Soumya and mine. Virat asks what about Mahi? Harman tells that Mahi is my relation which was forced to me by my mother and tells that even Mahi knows that Soumya has more right on me. Virat asks what did he think? Harman says if Mahi is right then even I am not wrong. He says Mahi wants to fulfill this relation for her stubbornness and Soumya has fulfilled the relation as her life, this is true love and tells that true love is the one who waits for you, even if you far, waits for you, be with you in troubled times, don’t break relation with you, understands your emotions and feelings and only Soumya can understand this. Virat smiles and recalls Heer calling off their relation for his safety. Tu hi mera khuda plays….Virat says I was feeling like I was reading a story book, as everything was pure during your times. Harman asks what do you mean by my time. Virat says our thinking is of 90’s and tells that he has seen only one person like you, who is drown in love. Harman asks who is he? Virat says he is standing infront of you and says your Heer’s Virat. Harman smiles and hugs him. He says we are lucky to have lovely life partners like Heer and Soumya.

Mahi tells Preeto that she has given her life for this family and what she is getting in return. She asks Preeto to bring Harman back in her life, as she got her married to him. Preeto says Soumya….Mahi says I don’t care if anything happens to Soumya, I just want my daughter and husband. She asks them to decide who is their bahu of the house and says I am giving you few hours time. She says I won’t let my rights go away so easily. Virat thanks Harman for making him believe on love again. He says if I have not loved Heer then wouldn’t have understood your obsession. Harman says he is relieved that his Heer’s husband is like him. Virat thinks how to tell you, she wants to go away from me, though I want to hold her hand always.

Preeto asks Mahi to listen, but she goes. She asks Harak Singh and others if they heard what she said. She says Heer and Soumya are missing and she wants just her rights. She says I have ruined my son’s life by making her marry her, Harman will not leave Soumya and Mahi will not leave him. Just then she feels chest pain. Simran rushes to her and holds her. Harak Singh says her condition is deteriorating. Simran takes her inside the room. Harak Singh shouts calling Harman and Virat.

Preeto cries and tells that’s he has done a big mistake, and has ruined Harman’s life. Harman comes there and asks what happened? Preeto apologizes to Harman and tells that Mahi is asking for her rights, says you love Soumya, so how will you give rights to Mahi. Harman asks her not to worry and says he has returned and will make everything fine. Preeto hugs him and cries. She asks him not to go anywhere leaving her. Virat looks on.

Just then they hear Mahi beating the plate loudly with spoon and come out. They look at Mahi. Sant Baksh and Parmeet come to Harak Singh’s house. Nayan is in the car and gets down. Parmeet tells Sant Baksh that if Nayan comes inside then she will know about Heer, and asks Nayan to be outside, till they bring Virat and Simran. Nayan gets doubtful.

Harman asks Mahi what is it? Mahi says it is a ritual, just like my sasumaa expresses her happiness and sorrows by beating the plate with spoon, I am also doing the same thing as I got both good and bad news today. She tells Harman that she has adjusted well in the family and they are asking her not to ask for her rights and asks why to leave my rights. Harman asks everyone to go to their rooms and says he wants to talk to Mahi alone. They all go. Harman asks Mahi if she got this time only to talk about this, and says we can talk after Heer and Soumya returns. Mahi insists to talk to him right now and asks why did Mummyji get our marriage done, even after knowing everything. She says until I was silent, it was ok, today I talked about my rights and everyone is feeling troubled. Harman asks her to punish him for Preeto’s mistake, but not to trouble my family. Mahi holds his hand and keeps her head on his shoulder surprising him. She says everything will be fine, just as you say you are mine. Harman brushes off her hand and asks if she don’t understand that he can’t choose anyone else rather than Soumya. Mahi says I can’t understand as I married and love you. She says I can’t live without you, I don’t care if Soumya returns or not in this house. Harman holds her hands and asks how dare you to think that Soumya will not return in this house. He is about to slap Mahi, when Virat comes there and holds his hand. Mahi looks shocked. Virat looks at Harman.

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