Shakti 25th November 2019 Written Episode Update

Shakti Written Update

Shakti 25th November 2019 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Shakti 25th November 2019 Episode Start With  Gayatri showing to Maninder that CCTV wire is cut. Bebe says who can cut the wire, may be some rat cut it? Gayatri says Soumya was attacked before also in the room. Maninder recalls trying to burn Soumya. Bebe says she heard some noise in the night and thought that some cat came. She asks her to call Police. Gayatri asks Maninder to call CCTV guy and says we will get the CCTV installed all in the house. Heer asks Soham to come to Saya’s house, says she might be knowing about your Nana and Nani. Soham says I don’t want to go there and feel disgust. Heer reminds them of Soumya’s words and takes him to Saya’s house.

Saya sees Heer and Soham walking in her house. Roma asks what you are doing here? Heer asks her about Gulabo’s mummy and papa, Soham’s nana and nani. Saya recalls taking care of Soham and says this house is his naniyal too. Heer tells them that Soham wants to meet them. Soham says nobody is telling at home and asks her to tell them. Saya brings the kids to Preeto and tells that Soham and Heer came asking about his naniyal. Preeto questions Heer. Heer tells that Soham wants to know and asks why she shall not help him.

Saya says I told them that Soumya was found by Harman somewhere, they fell in love and got married. She says nobody asked Soumya about her mayka and she also didn’t tell. Preeto says I asked her once and tells that Soumya’s house was 150 kms away from Amritsar, and her step mum used to trouble her a lot. She asks them to ask Soumya once she returns. Shanno thinks Jiji shall act in films. Saya says I came to drop the kids and will leave. Preeto asks Soham why he wants to meet his Nana and Nani. Soham says just like that. Preeto asks Rohan to take care of Soham. Rohan says ok and goes. Shanno thinks they didn’t know that I sent him

Gayatri calls Preeto and tells that Soumya had movement in her body and that someone attacked her again. Preeto says she will come there. She comes to Gayatri’s house. Bebe is about to open the door when she rings the bell, but Gayatri comes and sends her to kitchen. She opens the door and greets Preeto. Bebe sees her and thinks it is good that Maninder is not at home.

Preeto goes to Soumya’s room and tells that she is fighting alone with everyone. She asks her to get up and fight with her for making her bad infront of Pind and the kids. She asks her to get up and tells that you used to say mummy ji mummy ji and tells that she can’t handle her kids alone. Gayatri says don’t know who attacked her again. Preeto says Harak Singh doesn’t know about this place. Gayatri tells that she will take care of Soumya and tells that she will bring tea. Preeto says I will go home and turns to go. Gayatri says where is Maninder ji and is about to call him. Preeto hears his name and asks who is he? Gayatri says caretaker of this house since years. Preeto says Soumya’s father name is Maninder singh. Bebe hears them and is shocked. Gayati says he didn’t tell that Soumya is his daughter. Maninder comes there. Gayatri says he came and asks Preeto if he is the one. Preeto turns towards Maninder and looks at him. Gayatri gets a phone call and excuses herself. Preeto recalls attack on Soumya and says now I understood who attacked Soumya. Maninder says I tried to kill my kinnar daughter, but couldn’t kill her as she is my daughter. Preeto asks him not to act infront of her. Maninder says I am not acting and tells that neither he can kill her nor he can let anyone kill her. Bebe thinks I will kill her. Gayatri comes and asks if he is the one? Preeto says yes. She says I met him, he is not that one. She says he has similar name, but he is not her father.

Varun is searching Soumya and asks Reet in the park. He asks if you saw her. Reet asks who are you? Varun says she is my bhabhi and is in coma. He asks did you see her? Reet says no and recalls Gayatri asking her not to tell anyone.

Maninder comes to meet Preeto. Preeto says I thought you will meet me with your questions if you have really changed. Maninder asks what happened with Soumya? Preeto says she is unlucky and tells that although she is mata rani’s child, but is a kinnar and incomplete. She says nobody gave her complete love. She says I did a mistake and Soumya became Gurumaa. She tells about Vedant, Harman’s death, Soumya raising heer as her own daughter, Harak Singh shooting Soumya etc. Maninder asks Preeto if Soumya gave love to Heer of both parents and tells that who can know better than her about parental love. He says he will not let anything happen to her.

Varun spots them near the park and thinks what they are doing here. Maninder promises Preeto that Nimmi’s daughter who didn’t get love when she was alive, will get love now and tells that may be Nimmi forgives me now. He says until I am alive, I won’t let anything happen to her, this is a father’s promise. Preeto looks on emotional.


Shakti 26th November 2019 Written Episode Update Precap : Bebe attempts to suffocate and kill Soumya, but just then she opens her eyes shocking her. Maninder comes there.


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