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Shakti 25th September 2020 Episode starts with Mahi crying hugging Heer. Heer says I am fine, why you are crying? Preeto looks on. Veeran asks Harak Singh, if he is fine and asks if he got any injury. He asks did you come to know who has done this. Harak Singh doesn’t tell him and asks him to make arrangements of sanitizer for the workers in the factory. Veeran says I will look into this matter and goes. Harak Singh comes to Soham and takes him inside. Rohan also goes behind them. Heer asks Mahi not to cry. Mahi is still hugging her and crying. Heer also cries and asks her not to cry more, tells that she is fine. Mahi nods her head. Heer says if you cry then I will cry more. She asks her to ask how was her exam?

Harak Singh takes Soham to room and says my father had told me once that anger destroys the mind. He says I am seeing this today. He says when I brought gun here, I told you that it was used to kill tiger and not dogs. He says if I get you inside the jail then you will be rotten in jail. He asks if Heer’s love doesn’t matter to you, she is your sister. Soham tells that everything is fair in love and revenge and tells that he will do all possible means to kick that kinnar out. Rohan tells that nobody got saved until now from hatred and revenge fire and asks him to mend his ways, says there is still time. Soham tells that he will not be affected with anyone’s emotional lecture. Preeto comes there and asks him to get ready for his punishment. He says when you will be burning in revenge fire, then you will remember Heer and this family member’s love and then you will repent, but it will be too late. She says you had said right that we have done many things to kick a kinnar out, but now you will see what this Preeto Singh will do to let a kinnar stay in the house. Shakti song plays…..Preeto walks out of the room. Heer tells Mahi that she is fine. Mahi kisses on her hand and asks her to go and rest in her room. She says I will make your favorite dish for you. Heer nods her head.

Preeto gets a call and gets shocked. She says Virat….Heer stops hearing Virat’s name and comes downstairs asking what happened to him. Is everything fine? Preeto says Virat met with an accident. Everyone is shocked. Heer runs out of the house. Preeto and Rohan run behind her. Mahi prays to God to protect Virat, says nothing shall happen to him, Heer’s enemies are increasing day by day, her saviors shall not become less.

Everyone is in the hospital. Jharna’s father asks her to have trust and says nothing will happen to him. Saya is also there. Heer comes there with Preeto and others. She asks Parmeet about Virat. Preeto asks how this accident happened? If he got injuries. Heer asks Gurwinder to say if he got injuries and asks if he is fine. Gurwinder is about to say. Parmeet says you are habitual to inform outsiders about the house matters. Preeto says we are asking about Virat and you are saying this. Parmeet asks them to go. Preeto says Virat is like our son. Parmeet says enough and says Virat won’t be fine until this inauspicious girl’s reflection falls on Virat. Preeto asks her to stop her nonsense and tells that they had come to the marriage function as their would be daughter in law called them, else they don’t go to anyone’s marriage. Heer asks Preeto to calm down.

Doctor comes there and tells that there is no danger to his life, but some injuries are very serious and don’t know how much time it will take to recover. Will shall see till morning. Heer asks how did this accident happen? What has happened to him. Nobody tells her. Heer asks Saya to tell how his accident happened? Jharna gets angry and goes to her. She holds her hand angrily and asks what will you do by knowing how this accident happened? She says it was my mistake to call you to my marriage function and calls her inauspicious and bad luck. She says you have ruined your marriage and mine too. Heer tells that she can understand how is she feeling and asks her to marry him once he is fine. Jharna says I will, but you can’t stay here. She holds her hand and tries to push her. Heer requests her to let her stay here. Preeto stops Rohan from helping Heer. Heer brushes off Jharna’s hand and tells that she had said that she will leave after Virat gains consciousness. She says this is hospital and not your Papa’s house. She says I am not your Servant to obey your orders. She tells that I will not leave from here until I see Virat fine and come back in his senses. Preeto and Rohan feel proud of Heer. Shakti song plays……

Heer sits near the OT. Rohan and Preeto hold each other hands happily. Parmeet makes Heer get up and asks her to leave. Preeto comes to Heer’s rescue and makes Parmeet leave her hand. She asks her to see Heer carefully, her name is Heer Singh, my grand daughter. She says nobody can dare to touch her until I am alive. Parmeet says if this girl stays here, then hungama will happen. Preeto says you are doing drama, we are just talking. She asks Heer to sit and says we will not go until we see Virat fine. She says I will see who stops us. Shakti song plays…..Rohan comes and holds Heer’s hand. Gurwinder smiles. Shakti song plays…..

Soham takes out his anger and tells that he can’t get that kinnar kidnap, murder or couldn’t stop her from writing the exam. Shanno asks him to have patience and tells that they shall wait till her result comes. She says if Heer passes in the test, then a big celebration will be thrown and many villagers will come here. We will tell her truth to everyone. She says if Heer fails, then will prepare for test again. We will tell her truth to Heer then. Soham says we will not tell truth to Heer, as Harak Singh and Preeto kept me in dark about my family. He tells that they have to suffer like his dear ones and then he will wipe out the stain of Heer being a kinnar.

Everyone is sleeping outside the hospital, but Heer is awake and finds everyone sleeping. She looks at Virat from the door’s window. Tu hi mera khuda plays….She says why you have done this with you, why you are so careless? She cries. Gurwinder comes to her and tells that Virat is not careless, he couldn’t take decisions as he was never allowed to take decisions. She says if he knows to take decisions then he wouldn’t have left her and then insisted to marry her (Heer) again. Heer says he has to take the right decisions. Gurwinder tells that may be destiny is giving him time to take the right decision. She asks Heer to go inside and see him, as if everyone wakes up then they will not let her meet him. Heer goes inside and recalls his love confession. Tera ishq hai meri ibadat….plays….She cries. Virat is unconscious and calls her Heer….Heer looks at him. She says Virat….I am Heer. She calls him and tells that she can’t tell him when he is awake. She says you had not gone far from me, never. I always thought about you, even though I fought with you and said bad things. She says it was your mistake too and then also I couldn’t hate you even for a minute and just loved you. Jharna wakes up and looks here and there. Heer says you used to like my hair style, when I used to move my fingers in my hairs. She says I used to make this hair style, then ruined it remembering his hatred. She tells that she didn’t do anything, it all happened by itself. Jharna thinks if Heer went to Virat and walks towards the ICU. Heer promises Virat that their friendship will never break and she will be with him always as a friend. She says even though if your wife or my future husband dislike our friendship, but we will be friends always. She says this is the end of our love story, that we shall be separated loving each other. Shakti song Jharna comes inside and looks on.

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