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Shakti 26th August 2021 Episode starts with Chintu telling Soumya that he is not done yet. Soumya says she needs to go now, today is Janmasthami and this festival is very important to them. She says I don’t know if you believe in it or not, but our whole family celebrates it. She says I have to go and don’t have time to talk now, I will return and talk to you. Chintu comes behind her and says what did you say that you don’t have time to talk to me now. He says you said right that I will not let you come inside my Maa’s room, I will get her treated by the best doctor and she will tell me that you killed him for money. Soumya comes downstairs and tells Harman that they need to go to hospital.

Preeto says we are about to start the puja. Soumya says it is very important for us to go, as it is the matter of Heer’s life. Preeto asks them to go. Harman and Soumya go. Preeto and Harak Singh come to Raavi’s room and tell Chintu that they came to take Raavi downstairs for puja. Chintu asks who are you, now her son has come to take care of his mother. He closes the door on their head. Preeto pushes the door and asks where was he since 15 years. She says your mother was happy here until your father came and got greedy. He says if he had died due to his bad deeds, neither Soumya nor we had killed him. Chintu asks them to leave. Preeto says she will take her daughter from here. Harak Singh stops her and takes her from there. Chimtu tells Raavi that he is not her son, if he haven’t taken revenge from them.

Harak Singh brings Preeto and asks her to pray to God Krishna to give some intelligence to Chintu. They do puja. Gurwinder does puja and aarti at home, while Sant Baksh, Daljeet and Parmeet stands with folded hands. Preeto does the aarti of God while her family stands with folded hands. Virat hears two men talking about bringing sweets from Baba chowk. Virat asks them about the riots there? The guy tells that baba chowk is the safest place and no riots happening there. Virat realizes constable lied to him. Daljeet’s goon comes there and goes silently in Kareena’s ward. He says why didn’t you die then? He takes out her oxygen mask. Virat comes there and asks who is he? He beats him and removes his mask. He sees his face and recalls he is the same guy who hit Kareena with his car.

He says you are one of Heer’s kidnapper and asks about Heer. The goon says you will never know about her. Virat hits him. The goon falls down and looks at the fallen tray. He hits Virat on his head. Virat holds his leg. The goon hits him twice again with the tray and Virat falls unconscious. The goon removes Kareena’s oxygen mask and takes a pillow in his hand to suffocate him. Preeto and Harak Singh continue to pray. A window opens up and the diya is about to set off. Harak Singh and Preeto hold it. The goon tries to suffocate Kareena and keeps pillow on her nose. Soumya and Harman reach the hospital. Kareena struggles with death. Harman and Soumya open the door and get shocked seeing the goon suffocating Kareena. Soumya shouts. They see Virat unconscious on the floor. Harman beats the goon. Soumya makes Kareena wear the oxygen mask and shouts calling Doctor. Doctor comes there and asks them to stop fighting. Soumya asks him to check Kareena first. Doctor checks Kareena. Kareena gains consciousness. Soumya asks him to check Virat. Doctor checks Virat.

Parmeet prays to God to do something to bring back Virat in her house. She says whatever I have done is to keep him connected with our family. Kareena removes her mask. Nurse asks her not to take out her mask. Soumya asks her why she is taking out her mask. Kareena apologizes to Soumya for trying her kill her again and you are trying to save me. She apologizes to her again and asks for forgiveness. Soumya asks her not to talk anything now. Preeto prays to God and asks him to give the info that her grand daughter is fine. Kareena says she wants to say the secret. Soumya asks her to wear mask first. Doctor tries to make her wear mask and tells Soumya that her condition is critical, goes to call senior doctor. Kareena asks Soumya to hear truth about Heer. Soumya asks where is Heer, please tell me. Kareena struggles to say.

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