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Shakti 27th December 2019 Episode Start With Soumya imagining Harman in the room and comes inside. She holds his photo frame and smiles. Tera ishq hai plays….She recalls his love confession and says mummy ji has said that you had told her that one day she will love me so much that she will handle the house to her. She says I wish you would have been with me and taken care of all the responsibility. She takes out his jacket and hugs it. she says why you are smiling at me, tells that she would have come to him if Heer was not here. She says I am living for you and will go and check what your mischievous daughter is doing. She comes to her room and sees Heer trying to comb her hairs. She ties her hairs. Rohan comes and shows her bracelet. Soumya asks from where you got it. Rohan says he got it when he held Varun’s hand that day. Soumya says it will help them get Soham back and says she will come to the school.

Mahi tells Bebe that only Shanno is with her. She says if I tell her truth to anyone then she will be in trouble. She says if you tell the truth to everyone that villagers will not let Heer stay. Bebe asks her to use her big trump card at the last. Varun comes there and tells Mahi what she shall do. Bebe says let Soumya answer everybody, why she returned after Harak Singh shot her.

Harak Singh comes to hospital and asks Raavi to go out. He tells that he came to see Preeto and tells her that their relation is ruined. Preeto says never and tells that they will never separate even if they have difference of opinion and go against each other. He tells that he had sworn to take care of her, but didn’t protect her. Preeto says Preeto always love Harak Singh. Harak Singh asks her to leave her stubbornness. Preeto says she loves Harman equally and asks what she will tell Harman when she meets him. She asks him to forget everything and says she will send Heer and Soumya to foreign. She says she will take back the complaint against him. Harak Singh says he is ready to bear the punishment and says he will come and meet her sometimes. He calls Inspector inside and leaves with him. Preeto thinks everyone shall get husband like him.

Soumya comes to take the kids from school. Rohan sees Varun. Soumya asks him to divert Varun’s attention. Rohan comes to Varun and tries to divert his attention. Soumya and Heer come to Soham. Soham says you have killed my mother. Heer asks him to listen to Soumya. Soumya asks do you love me even a bit. Soham nods his head. Heer asks if he will love his papa who tried to kill Soumya. Soham asks when? Soumya tells Soham that Varun tried to kill her in hospital. Soham identifies the bracelet. Soumya asks him to question Varun and if he thinks Varun is lying then inform her, says she will come to take him. Soham keeps the bracelet in his pocket and leaves. Varun asks Rohan to leave and says I am leaving you thinking you as a kid. Rohan says even I can raise my hand and asks him not to come in his way again.

Soham comes to Varun and asks about his bracelet. Soumya, heer and Rohan hear from far. Varun gets tensed and says I might have forgotten to wear it today. He asks him to come and says Dadi made your favorite chole today. They leave.

Mahi meets the villagers and tells that Soumya wanted to take her daughter with her so that she can make her kinnar like her. She says she has returned home and wants to kick me out, asks them to help her. She sheds her fake tears. The neighbors tell that they shall go to Harak Singh’s house. They all come to Harak Singh’s house and insist to talk to soumya. Shanno says we don’t know where she went. Soumya comes there and looks at the neighbors. The neighbor says you didn’t do right with Harman’s wife. Other asks her to let Mahi stay peacefully. The lady asks Soumya to leave from their community and home. Soumya recalls Preeto telling her something.


Shakti 30th December 2019 Written Episode Update Precap : Soumya tells Preeto that they shall tell Heer’s truth to everyone. Preeto slaps her.


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