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Shakti 28th April 2021 Episode starts with Virat asking Simran if she didn’t understand even now and says your husband had planned outing with you, and you scolded him and come here. Simran says he insulted me and mom. Virat says if he ever made you feel bad. Simran recalls Rohan telling that if she cries, then it can have bad effect on the baby, and that he has kept the things necessary for her, near her. Virat tells Simran that he can’t search a nice husband for her, more than Rohan. He says his life has become national highway and tells that he will go and talk to Rohan Veer ji. He asks Parmeet not to do any issue. Harman comes to a Doctor and asks him to come. Doctor says I am not visiting any hospital due to COVID. Harman says it is enough, lifts him and takes him with him. Simran says Rohan should have come and convince me. Parmeet asks her to rest. Simran asks why you people are here? Just then Kamini and Nayan come there and talk to Parmeet. Kamini asks who is she? Parmeet says she is my daughter. Kamini says it is good that Nayan will get a good friend in her nanand. Parmeet tells Simran that Virat is going to marry Nayan.

Doctor gives injection to Harak Singh and tells that he will be fine. He tells Harman that his Papa is fine and asks him not to lift any doctor on the shoulder again. Harman apologizes. Soumya says it is enough and holds him responsible for Harak Singh’s condition and asks why did he lie to doctor that he is Papa ji’s son. Raavi says he might have told to bring the doctor. Harman says your Soumya bhabhi is right and apologizes to Harak Singh holding his hand. Harak Singh asks him not to apologize. Soumya asks if he has done with his apology and asks him to pack his bags and leave. Mahi thinks she shall not let him go. Harak Singh asks Soumya why is she making the issue? Preeto says mistake is mine too, I should have stopped him. Harman says Soumya is right, I shouldn’t have come here, don’t know why am I staying here, I shall leave.

He apologizes and goes from there. Preeto asks Soumya if she will throw her out of house too. Harak Singh says it was my mistake to drink and asks her not to create issue. Preeto says I am seeing you since many days, you are treating guest badly. Mahi says he has saved Simran’s life and you behaved badly with him. She asks Mahi to go and apologize to him. Soumya says she will not apologize to him. Harak Singh says I am fine completely, go and apologize to him. Preeto says I know what is going on in your heart, you have problem with his name and not with him. She says what is his mistake, if his name is Harman. She says he has brought the doctor with him for your Papa ji and asks her to apologize to him. Soumya says ok and goes.

Virat comes to meet Rohan and finds him sitting holding the teddy. Rohan gets up seeing him and hugs Virat. Virat asks how are you Veer ji? Rohan says even now Veer ji and says we have two relations now. He says we were worried when you both met with an accident and says I know Heer left to be independent, but she can’t stay away from him for long and will return. Virat says he came to talk about Simran and says she has many mood swings and I think she needs you the most now. Rohan says sorry for overreacting when Parmeet told about Heer. He says he couldn’t bear when anyone tells anything wrong about Heer. He asks him to teach him how to make his relation stronger with his wife Simran, like his relation is strong with Heer. He says I will come tomorrow and will apologize to Mummy ji, and will take back my wife. Virat says ok and hugs him. Rohan gives Simran’s medicine and asks him to give it to her. Virat says ok and goes.

Soumya comes to Harman’s room and thinks his stuff is not in the room. She thinks he might have left. He scares her and she slips. He holds her. Tu hi mera khuda plays…Soumya looks angrily and says you didn’t go until now. Harman asks her to apologize and says he will forgive her. He says then we will go to have food. Soumya says you was listening to us secretly. Harman says I understand my family, apologize to me. He sees Preeto and Mahi coming there. Preeto asks her to apologize to him, seeing him apologizing to Soumya. Soumya says he is acting to be Harman ji and you don’t know. She tells that he is fooling us, and playing with our emotions. She says such guy shall be handed over to the Police. Harman says Gulabo, we have decided not to give shock to the family. He says he will tell the truth to the family. Preeto is emotional and shocked. He says I will tell the entire truth. He walks to Preeto and says I don’t know about soumya, but I am your Harman. He says he had fallen down from the mountain and his bad was badly injured. He was in coma for many years, but when he gained consciousness, he came running to them. He says Soumya is not identifying me, and asks if she is identifying him. Preeto asks are you saying the truth? Soumya says don’t trust him. Mahi cries. Preeto says you are saying truth and hugs him. Harman asks for a chance to prove that he is Harman. Soumya looks on upset.

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