Shakti 28th November 2019 Written Episode Update

Shakti Written Update

Shakti 28th November 2019 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Shakti 28th November 2019 Episode Start With Soham going to Preeto’s room and tries to open the cupboard. He finds it locked and comes to Shanno, tells her that he wants paper from Preeto’s cupboard. Shanno says ok and tells that they will do something in night. Soham nods his head. She smirks and goes. Sindhu watches the promo of the show Shubharamb from 2nd December on Colors. She the looks at Ankush’s pic and smiles. Preeto comes to her and asks if she is missing Ankush. She says your story is like this Raja and Rani’s story who are completely opposite of each other, but complete each other. She asks her to talk to Ankush and says he understands you so well. She says you both will be together and happy. Sindhu promotes the show and tells that she is very excited. Preeto says you will watch it alone and will miss Ankush and cry. She says we will watch together.

Later in the night, Maninder, Bebe and Gayatri make arrangement for Reet’s birthday. Gayatri says we will give surprise to Reet and will cut the cake at 12 am. Heer gets up in the night and looks at Mahi, who is sleeping on sofa. She checks if she is sleeping and takes gift in the bag. She silently leaves from there. Soham wakes up in night and sees Rohan sleeping beside him. He gets up and comes to hall. Heer comes to the window and jumps down from there. Soham doesn’t see her.

Maninder asks bebe to keep the candles. Gayatri asks him to keep cake near Soumya’s room and asks him to open her door. Maninder opens the door and keeps cake table near Soumya’s room. Gayatri brings Reet there and tells that they have done this arrangements. Reet asks Soumya to wish her on her birthday. Door bell rings. Maninder opens the door and finds Heer with Saya. He gets shocked to see Saya. He tells Reet that her friend Heer came. Soumya feels movement in her. Gayatri thinks Preeto said that she will not let heer meet Reet and thinks how she came. Reet runs and comes to Heer, hugs her. Shakti song plays….Heer tells Reet that she gave her surprise. Reet says this is best surprise and asks her to come inside. Gayatri closes Soumya’s door. Soumya feels movement in her body. Heer feels Soumya’s presence and says Gulabo. Reet asks what happened? Heer says nothing. Saya goes inside and sees Bebe. Bebe thinks why did mallika come here? Maninder signs Bebe to be quiet. Gayatri asks heer how she came here? Heer says Reet is her best friend and she wanted to come on her birthday. She asks Reet to close her eyes and gives her gift. Heer says I made this card with my hand, tells that Gulabo taught her to make this. Saya tells Heer that she will come and take her from there in half an hour. She goes. Heer tells Gayatri that she wants to give her something. Gayatri says cake needs to be cut as it is 12 now. Reet asks did you bring something for me? Heer says she has brought Prasad for her maasi and shows it. She says we shall give it to her. Soumya’s room door gets opened by itself.

Reet is taking Heer to Soumya’s room. Gayatri is shocked. Soumya feels movement in her body. Gayatri thinks how to stop Heer, thinks she can’t meet Soumya. Soumya opens her eyes. Heer is about to get inside the room and asks about the machines in the room. Reet says Maasi sleeps all the time. Maninder stops them from entering Soumya’s room and closes the door. Gayatri says you can’t go to Patient’s room and takes Prasad from her hand. She asks Maninder to keep Prasad in her room. Heer says even I wanted to meet Reet’s maasi. Gayatri says she can’t meet anyone now, I will make her meet you when she gets fine. Maninder goes inside to keep the Prasad. Heer keeps her head on the door and tells that she will come and meet her, when she gets fine. Gayatri asks her to come. Maninder tells Soumya that heer has brought Prasad for her, asks if she felt something hearing her voice. He says he wants her to meet Heer, but it is not good for her safety. He says he is waiting for her to become fine, tells that he will make her meet whoever she wants to meet. He says this is a father’s promise. Shakti song plays while he kisses her forehead.

Maninder comes out and tells Heer that he has kept Prasad near her hed. Reet is about to cut the cake. Heer asks her to close her eyes, make a wish and then cut the cake. Reet asks God to make her Maasi fine. Heer also prays for Reet’s Maasi and her Gulabo.


Shakti 29th November 2019 Written Episode Update Precap : Soumya comes out of coma and something falls touching her hand. Gayatri comes inside and says Soumya. Heer comes inside and says Gulabo…


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