Shakti 29th November 2019 Written Episode Update

Shakti Written Update

Shakti 29th November 2019 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Shakti 29th November 2019 Episode Start With Shanno telling Soham that Preeto sleeps late so she had said that they shall come late. Reet cuts the cake and makes Gayatri and others taste the cake. Heer asks Gayatri to give her mobile and says she will play song and dance. She plays song and recalls her birthday. Heer and Reet dance while the song kuch hai junoon sa plays….Shanno searches in Preeto’s cupboard and takes some files out. She imagines Soumya dancing with her while the song continues to play. Soumya feels movement in her body and reacts.

She opens her eyes and feels an attack. Something falls down touching her hand. Gayatri hears the sound and runs inside. She says Soumya. Reet, Maninder and Bebe go inside the room. Gayatri tries to calm Soumya. Heer tries to see her face. Saya comes there. Maninder thinks if Heer sees Soumya and tells that he will take the kids out. Saya is looking inside the room and asks if the patient is serious. Maninder says yes and asks her to take Heer with her. Saya asks heer to come with her. Heer looks back. Maninder asks Bebe to take Reet with her.

Gayatri asks Maninder to hold Soumya and tells that she will give her injection. Maninder asks Soumya to listen to her and holds her hand. Gayatri gives her injection. Soumya calms down and closes her eyes. Maninder recalls his doings. Bebe secretly takes Soumya’s pic.

Shanno keeps back the keys on Preeto’s bed and is about to leave with Soham, when the vase is about to fall, but she holds it and silently leave with Soham. She opens the file and pretends to get shocked. Soham asks what happened? Shanno says we shall search what we were searching. She says this matter is hidden from us. Soham asks what is written in this? Shanno says you are my grand son, but it is written that you are Surbhi and Varun’s son who was adopted by Soumya.

Soham asks what does it mean? Shanno says Soumya is not your mother, surbhi is your mother and you was given to Soumya. She says this thing was hidden from all of us. Soham is shocked. Saya brings Heer back home. Heer says if Preeto sees then will scold me. She says I will go with window. Soham reads the adoption papers. Shanno tells Soham that Varun is your Papa, Harman and Soumya are not your parents. She pretends to be not knowing it and tells that they have hidden many secrets from them. Soham goes. Shanno thinks acting makes her tired.

Heer thanks Saya and asks her to pray to Reet’s maasi. Saya says even I will pray surely. Shakti song plays….Heer goes silently through window. Saya recalls Harman entering the house through window. She says all the habits are like Harman, but values are like Soumya.

Soham comes back to room shattered and recalls Shanno’s words. Saya tells that something is strange and tells that the house where she went with Heer, she saw Maninder, his mother and may be Soumya also. She tells that she felt Soumya’s presence there and both her enemies were there. She says don’t know what is happening, but we shall be careful and keep eye on Gayatri’s house. Bebe comes to meet Harak Singh. Harak Singh says I don’t want to talk to her and asks Inspector to send her out, says she has ruined my family. Bebe asks Harak Singh to see the mobile first. She shows Soumya’s pic on her mobile and tells that she knows where is Soumya. Harak Singh asks where is your son? He asks why your son is not killing her, he was her enemy since her birth. Bebe says he is not her enemy anymore.

She says I tried to kill her, but couldn’t kill her. She says that inauspicious kinnar was born with a good luck and tells that Shanno had met her, but she didn’t tell her that Soumya is with them. Harak Singh says I am serving her murder punishment here and tells that he will get Soumya killed sitting inside the jail and then will come out, telling that she was not dead before. He says he will kill Heer then? Bebe is shocked and asks why?


Shakti 2nd December 2019 Written Episode Update Precap : Heer holds Soham’s hand in school. Soham says I am not your brother and brushes off his hand. Shanno and Mahi smiles. Shanno tells Mahi that their unity ended. Rohan and Heer are shocked.


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