Shakti 2nd December 2019 Written Episode Update

Shakti Written Update

Shakti 2nd December 2019 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Shakti 2nd December 2019 Episode Start With Heer getting Reet’s call and she tells her that Maasi is getting fine. Heer cries and tells that her brother Soham went somewhere. She says everyone is leaving her and cries. Reet asks her not to cry and says Soham will be found. She asks her not to cry. Shakti song plays….Inspector asks Preeto and others, not to worry tells that they are searching Soham. Shanno and Mahi smile looking at each other. Preeto asks Sindhu and Raavi to take kids to room. Varun calls Preeto and greets her. Preeto asks who are you? Varun asks if she forgot the date of his release day and tells that Varun singh is freed from jail. He asks her to come out of house for a talk and tells that he is standing out. Preeto comes out. Varun says welcome.

Preeto says you might have got the news that my family is shattered and asks him to leave her. Varun says even I am worried, my wife is dead and I need someone to stay with, that’s why I took Soham with me. Preeto says my Soham is with you and says you didn’t get better even now. She is about to slap him. Varun holds her hand and says my Soham came to me with his wish, and asks her to keep her hand with him. Preeto asks him to return Soham back to her and says neither of us want court case. Varun says I want court case, tells that he will tell the kids about Soumya, Soumya and harman’s relation, why Harman was killed etc. Preeto gets angry. Varun tells her that her imaginary world of Soham, Heer and Rohan is gone now. Preeto asks her to return Soham to her and go far from here. Varun says I will not return Soham to you and will be near you. He tells that he will act to love Soham so truly that her real love and sacrifice will look fake. He says Soham is waiting for him and asks her to remember to curse him. He leaves on the bike. Preeto is in shock.

She comes to Gayatri’s house. Bebe says you are here, at this time. Maninder says you are here. Preeto says Varun has returned and took Soham with him. Maninder asks how dare he? I will not leave him. He recalls the masked attacker was Varun and asks Preeto to tell his address. Preeto says we can’t do anything, Varun has threatened that he will tell the past to kids and I don’t want this.

Maninder says this shall not happen. Bebe thinks I will tell Varun that Heer is a kinnar, then he might do something. Gayatri comes out. Preeto tells her that Soumya needs to get consciousness else everything will be ruined. She goes to Soumya’s room and tells that Varun has returned and took your Soham with him. She asks her to get up. She says you taught your kids to hold hands and walk, but they are separating. She says what do you think that I can’t fight and tells that she is missing her badly. She says everything is scattered, your kids are separating from one another, do something before their relation break. Gayatri asks Preeto to come out and tells that they will think something. Soumya is still unconscious. Preeto cries.

Sindhu and Raavi talk to Preeto. Preeto says Varun didn’t talk about heer, he might not be knowing about her. Heer cries and tells that both her brother used to hold her hand and walk. She says just Rohan veer ji is here to hold my one hand, but my another hand is empty. Preeto asks her not to cry and tells that Soham will be back home in the evening. Roham asks her to agree. Sindhu says I will hold your hand and walk. They leave. Raavi asks Preeto what will happen in the evening. Preeto says their love is truthful, not fake like Varun’s love, he will do what I am thinking, says these siblings will win.

Varun makes Soham drink milk. Soham recalls Soumya giving more preference to heer, according to him. Varun shows fake love and clicks selfie with him. He says he wishes him to be well educated and tells that he might melt seeing his siblings and might want to return with them. He asks him to do whatever he wants and says my happiness lies in your happiness. Soham hugs him. Varun smirks.

In school, Heer sees Soham and runs to him. She gets cheerful seeing him. Rohan comes to Soham. Heer asks where did you go? Rohan asks did you know how much heer cried for you and asks where was you, and how you came to school. Heer asks him to come to class and asks him not to leave them. Soham asks who is Soham and tells that he is not their brother. Heer and Rohan are shocked. Heer asks him to hold her hand. Soham says I am not your brother. Rohan asks if you are upset with us. Heer asks him to take all her toys. Soham says I have many. Heer says if you don’t want to talk to me then I will also not talk to you. Rohan asks Soham to tell if he has many problem. Heer asks Rohan to come with her and asks him not to talk to him. Sindhu watches everything. Varun appreciates himself standing far and says his enmity with Harak Singh will be taken forward by the next generation and all his family members will shed blood tears.


Shakti 3rd December 2019 Written Episode Update Precap : Heer asks Soumya to get up for her and cries. Soumya gets up and calls her. Heer runs to Soumya and hugs her.


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