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Shakti 2nd July 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Shakti 2nd July 2021 Episode starts with Mahi calling everyone in the hall. She tells Preeto that today it is a limit and says if you don’t tell Soumya as wrong then you all are wrong. She says Soumya has raised her hand on me. Everyone is shocked. Mahi asks them to see mark on her cheeks. Soumya asks her to tell what is the reason behind her move of slapping her. She says today she has crossed her limits and tells that she told her story to Heer and also told what is happening in the house.

She says Heer has problem in her life and says you want to increase her problems, I couldn’t bear and that’s why slap her. Mahi says you slapped me. Harman thinks Heer must be coming here. They hear the jeep sound. Mahi tells Harak Singh and Preeto what are they doing? They are seeing their bahu getting beaten up. Harman whispers to Soumya, not to tell Mahi go out, and says he will handle Heer. He goes out. Mahi tries to go. Soumya asks her to tell her story first. Mahi says it doesn’t matter to them. Soumya says you can do anything today and asks her not to follow Harman ji. Harman comes out.

Heer asks Harman about Mahi. Harman tells her that Mahi who was not ready to accept her, has a problem with Soumya. He asks Heer not to interfere in the matter and don’t support her. Virat tells Heer that Harman Singh will handle. Mahi asks Soumya what does she mean? She asks if I am not in my consciousness. Heer tells that she will tell everyone that she is going to submit the college form. Harman stops her and asks her to go and fill the form first. Virat and Heer go from there.

Mahi tells Preeto and Harak Singh that she just wishes to stay with her husband and daughter peacefully. Harman comes inside and says Heer is your daughter, but her upbringing and values are not like you. Mahi asks what did you do? Harman says not much, I told whatever I wanted to tell her. He says I don’t care what you tell her. Mahi says she is my daughter and will come running here, seeing me worried. She calls Heer again, but she doesn’t pick her call. Harman smiles. Heer comes there with Virat. Mahi runs to Heer. Harman thinks Heer came again, after listening everything. Mahi asks Heer if she came for her, I had told them that you will come running for me. She holds Heer’s hand and takes her inside.

Heer stops Mahi and says this matter is of you three and asks her to sort it among themselves. She says Harman Singh asked me not to interfere. She says Harman Singh and Gulabo’s love story is eternal, people gives their example after Heer Ranjha. She says since Harman Singh knew Gulabo, he is hers. She asks Mahi why she is getting insecure, as everyone loves her here. She says don’t involve me in this matter and says I came to tell you this. She says I came to share the good news with everyone. She tells Preeto and Harak Singh that she is starting her college studies again and going to college to take last year form. Preeto gets happy and says this is really a good news.

She says your Dadu and I want you to stand on your feet and become something. Heer asks for the blessings. Preeto blesses her. Harak Singh blesses her then. Veeran asks her to come and blesses her. Heer hugs him. She then goes to Soumya and asks if your family members agreed? Virat says yes Gulabo. He then says Soumya ji, my parents agreed for admission. Soumya thinks how did Parmeet ji agree so easily. She asks them to wait and goes inside. She brings curd and sugar and makes her eat. She then blesses her. Heer and Virat leave from there. Soumya asks Mahi, did you hear with your ears? She says Angel is not here, and Heer will not help you. She asks her to live and let others live.

Heer and Virat come to the college. Virat looks on as she stands in the jeep. The students look at her. Virat makes her sit and says you are grabbing more attention. He says you have come here with the same tashan as you used to come with your brothers. Heer smiles. He says if you want then I can climb on the terrace and confess my love. He says I can hold your hand and take you inside. Heer says let me go inside, and study. Virat kisses her forehead. Heer says I will go and take the form. He comes behind her. Heer falls in his embrace. Tu hi mera khuda plays….


Shakti 3rd July 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :A guy looks at Heer. They surround her on the bike. One of the guy holds her dupatta. Virat is still in the jeep and looks at them. He beats them.


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