Shakti 30th December 2019 Written Episode Update


Shakti 30th December 2019 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Shakti 30th December 2019 Episode Start With Soumya telling the neighbors that they have seen how much Harman had loved her. She says I was his first wife and was never divorced from him. She says she is legally his wife and he married Mahi due to helplessness. She says once she gets her right then she will go. Mahi says she is greedy and wants money. Soumya says this is not greed, but self esteem. She says she wants to be called as Harman’s wife and asks them to tell where to go, and from where she shall ask for justice. The neighbors tell that wrong thing has happened with Soumya and tells that they shall talk to Preeto. They ask Mahi to let Soumya stay here.

Mahi refuses. Soumya asks Veeran to get the farmhouse cleaned for Mahi. Mahi says she will not go without Heer and tells that last time when she tried to kidnap Heer, Harak singh shot her. She says she can’t leave Heer with her. Soumya says if you take Heer then how you will bring her up as her house and school are here. The neighbors ask Mahi to stay in farmhouse until Soumya gets her rights back. Soumya thanks the neighbors.

Soham asks Varun to give his phone to play game. Varun gives his phone. Soham checks Varun’s bracelet in the pic and matches it with the bracelet in his hand. Soumya tells Shanno that she has always respected her and tells that she came here for Heer’s upbringing. She tells that if she comes on her way then she will break her ego and conspiracy. Rohan and Heer come back. Heer asks where did Mahi go with Raavi? Soumya says they will come. Soham checks in the drawers for something. Raavi tells Mahi that Soumya will make her permanent stay in the farm house. Mahi turns and runs back home. Soham keeps something in the drawer and comes to Varun. Heer asks Mahi, why did she come running? Soham asks Varun about his bracelet. Varun asks why is he stubborn to know. Soham asks why did he go to jail? Varun tells that he had taken money from someone and couldn’t repay him, so he was sent to jail. Beeji takes Soham inside saying he made his father cried. Varun blames Soumya.

Bebe asks Soham not to doubt on Varun, says your father loves you a lot and wants to give you every happiness. She says she will go and make Varun eat and comes out. She asks Varun, from where these things come in Soham’s mind. Varun says Rohan diverted my attention, while Soumya played her game. Beeji asks how did that bracelet come to Soham. Varun tells that when he went to kill Soumya, he dropped his bracelet while fighting with Rohan. Bebe holds Soumya responsible for Surbhi’s death. Varun says truth is that, we have hidden the truth from Soham. Soham hears and gets shocked. He jumps off the window. Soumya gets worried and thinks if Soham is in danger.

Mahi thinks she did a mistake by bringing Soumya here and thinks she is Harman’s wife and Heer’s mother because of whom all this drama is happening. Just then someone comes there. Mahi says I forgot that you also stay here. Maninder says you are like my daughter and asks her to see Heer as her daughter and not as kinnar. He says may be one day, people may feel proud of you and Heer. Mahi thinks she don’t want to be called as kinnar’s mother, plans to take harman’s shares, go away from there, get remarried and set her home. Door bell rings, Mahi is about to open the door, but Soumya comes running and opens the door hurriedly. She sees Soham and takes him inside. Heer takes him inside and says you will catch cold. Soham tells Soumya that he came to know that Papa shot her. Soumya asks how? Soham asks where I shall stay now? Papa is bad, but you are also bad as Mamma left because of you. Soumya feels bad.


Shakti 31st December 2019 Written Episode Update Precap :Soumya asks preeto if they shall tell truth to everyone. Preeto slaps her. Soumya gets an idea to tell truth to Heer. 


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