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Shakti 31st August 2021 Episode starts with Sant Baksh asking the goons to dispose all the three dead bodies. The goons say ok. Kareena makes sound of a kinnar and tells that why Soumya and you couldn’t understand that God made us kinnar with a mission, you have lost your life while trying to compete with the men and women. She says whoever tries to do this, will meet with the same fate as you. Fb ends. Kareena tells Soumya that Heer is killed. Harman comes there and gets shocked. Virat is still unconscious. Kareena says they have killed Heer and taken her life. Harman says you are lying, don’t say bad about my Heer. Kareena holds his hand and says the person about to die don’t lie and says the truth. She says Daljeet, DSP and Parmeet killed Gitu and her Baba and also killed Heer. Harman says no Kareena, see that they were taking your life and we saved your life, asks her to tell the truth, where is Heer. Kareena says I wish this would be lie and apologizes to Soumya for not been able to become her good friend. Soumya stands in shcok. Kareena dies. Harman says this means my Heer. No…thinks he couldn’t see her well, met her after so many years. He cries and says my Heer can’t leave me. He says you are lying. Doctor comes and checks Kareena, says she is no more. He covers cloth on his face. Harman says you have lied to me, my Heer haven’t gone anywhere and asks Soumya not to believe her words. He looks at Soumya and sees her standing in shock. He tells Soumya that Kareena lied to us, our Heer is fine. He takes her out from there. Naseeba song plays…..Harman and Soumya come out. Soumya is about to fall. Harman holds her hand. He says say something Gulabo, if you want to cry then cry, but speak something. He says this is the truth that Heer is not among us. Soumya recalls Preeto telling Soumya that Mahi and Harman’s child is a kinnar and asking her support to brought her up. She recalls her moments with Heer and shouts Heer, sits on the road and cries. Virat gains consciousness and looks at Kareena. Soumya says what has happened? Harman asks her to stop crying.

Doctor informs Virat that Kareena is dead. Virat says she was the only one who knew about Heer. Doctor says Kareena talked to Soumya before her death. Virat runs out. Soumya tells Harman that this time is not to cry, but to make Heer’s murderers cry. They leave. Virat also sits in car and leaves.

Daljeet tells Sant Baksh that he had bribed the ward boy and he called and said that Kareena is dead. Parmeet, Sant Baksh and Daljeet rejoice. Sant Baksh says it is good, nobody will believe if she had told truth before her death, nobody will believe her. Harman and Soumya are coming there, recalling their moments with Heer. Parmeet says Virat will not believe anyone without proofs. Harman and Soumya enter there angrily. Soumya slaps Parmeet hard on her face. She says we have told you, that if anything happens to Heer, then I will burn this house. She is about to slap her again. Daljeet holds her hand. Harman beats Daljeet. Daljeet asks have you gone mad? Harman says you have killed my Heer, you act. Gurwinder hears and gets shocked. Harman says what do you think that Kareena haven’t told me the truth. He says I will not leave you. Daljeet asks what nonsense, what is the proof? Harman says Kareena was the proof, she told the truth while going. He says you have killed my Heer. Sant Baksh tries to stop Harman. Harman hits him. Sant Baksh and Harman starts fighting. Daljeet tries to stop Harman. Harman pushes him down. Sant baksh asks have you gone mad, if she has gone somewhere then that doesn’t mean that we have killed Heer. Harman says you are innocent in law’s eyes, but guilty in our eyes. He says I will kill you, you have killed my Heer.

Preeto is sitting in the inhouse temple and her heart shakes up, as if she is losing something. She asks God to protect her family. The window opens up and the heavy wind comes. Preeto holds the lamp to stop it from setting off. She calls Harak Singh and asks him to come. Everyone comes there. Chintu thinks Nani is still same, fully dramatic. He says this drama will not go on in my house. Harak Singh asks Chintu to go to room. He asks what happened to Preeto. Preeto finds the lamp off. Parmeet asks how dare you to raise hand on us in our house. Soumya says house. Here, Heer’s criminals stay and says first you couldn’t digest the fact and then killed her. She says I have come here to get all of you punished, I will not spare anyone. Virat comes there. Shakti song plays….Parmeet says your daughter accused my son wrongly and you are accusing us unnecessarily. She asks her to go and bring the proof. Soumya says Kareena has told all the truth and she told that you have killed Heer. Parmeet says you are accusing Sant Baksh and your daughter eloped somewhere, leaving a letter. Soumya asks Parmeet not to lie and holds her neck. Virat comes there and sees Soumya and Sant Baksh holding Parmeet and Sant Baksh’s neck and collar. He shouts Soumya ji.

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