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Shakti 3rd September 2021 Episode starts with Soumya and Harman going to the temple. Soumya says law needs proofs, but my heart doesn’t need any proof and Mata Rani knows this. She says injustice has happened with Heer, if law can’t get her justice, then Mata Rani will help me and give me strength to get them punished. She says I trust on you Mata Rani. She asks Mata Rani to give her strength to punish Heer’s murderers and to get justice for Gitu too. She asks for strength and keeps diya on her hand. She says if law can’t give justice then I will get them punished with my way. She says I will write Sant baksh, Daljeet and Parmeet and will get justice for Heer and Gitu. Shakti song plays….Harman says you said right, they didn’t leave any way to us. Now we will punish them, will never leave them.

Preeto waits for Harman and Soumya and gets worried. Veeran asks her not to worry and says everything will be fine. Harman and Soumya come there. Preeto asks why you was not picking my call and asks if Heer is located. Harman and Soumya get tears in their eyes. Soumya asks her to come with her. Preeto says we have to search her first and asks when Heer will come? Soumya makes her sit and says Heer will never come. Preeto gets shocked and asks why she will not come? She asks did you tell her something? Harman shows the video in which Heer is tied and kidnapped. Everyone gets shocked. They see Gitu and her father getting killed in the video. Harak Singh asks who has kidnapped our Heer and asks Harman what Soumya said. Soumya says Kareena told us Heer’s truth before her death and says Sant Baksh, Daljeet and Parmeet had killed Heer. Preeto gets shocked. Simar is also shocked. Harman holds Preeto. Harak Singh sits in shock. Preeto asks what do you mean by they killed them. She says if they want to go to jail. She asks Mata Rani if she gave this news to her, and says she don’t want this. She slaps Harman and asks if anyone saw her. She shouts and cries aloud.

She says my Heer will not leave me, they are lying. Harman hugs Preeto and tries to pacify her. Preeto says I will bring Heer and will not trouble them. She is about to go out. Harak singh shouts and asks her to stop. He goes inside a and brings gun. He then asks her to come. Harman asks Harak Singh to stop. Harak Singh says I am a Shera and all Gurdaspur is afraid of me. He says I will kill all family of Sant Baksh. Harman says we will kill them, but not easily. Preeto says we will kill them now itself. Harman says we will kill them. Soumya says they have given painful death to Heer and even they have to die a painful death. She takes the gun from Preeto and says I will punish them, that even their souls will be shaken up. She swears on Mata Rani and tells that she will not let injustice happen with Heer. They hear music coming from Chintu’s room. Soumya goes to make him understand. She goes to his room and says please. Chintu asks if there is any privacy in the house. Soumya says everyone is crying and feeling bad. Chintu asks what happened? Soumya says Heer is not between us. Chintu asks if she is dead and that’s why everyone is sad. He says they didn’t mourn when my father was dead and wants me to mourn. Soumya requests him not to play music. He plays music again and starts exercising. Soumya breaks the music system. Chintu gets angry and is coming towards her. Soumya asks him to be quiet and asks him not to hurt the family members’ hearts and says when your mother comes to her senses and tells you the truth then you will repent. Chintu thinks he is not old Chintu and is her enemy now. He says when you people mourn, then I will celebrate.

Later Gurwinder serves breakfast to Virat. Virat says I am going to search that old man and tells that he is nowhere found though. He says he is going to the bus stand where he dropped Heer. He says once I get Heer, I will fight with her for not sharing her problem with me and then will take her to Harman Singh and Soumya. Gurwinder feels bad for Virat.

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