Shakti 4th December 2019 Written Episode Update

Shakti Written Update

Shakti 4th December 2019 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Shakti 4th December 2019 Episode Start With Maninder breaks down and cries. Bebe tells him what people will say that because of Soumya’s inauspiciousness, her husband got kinnar daughter. She says Harak Singh told him the same thing and she was going to tell this to Varun. She asks him to remember whatever they have bear since Soumya was born and asks him to remember. Maninder recalls Nimmi slapping him, people cursing him, Harman protecting Soumya and heer introducing herself to Maninder. Bebe asks him to give his phone to her and says she will call Varun.

She says Varun will end all the siyappa. Maninder takes phone from her hand and tells that if she doesn’t know why heer is born as kinnar. He says God has given us a chance to bring up Heer and tells that the responsibility which he couldn’t do as a father, will do as Heer’s Nana. Bebe says you have gone mad. Maninder says I know what I shall do now. He comes to Soumya’s room, recalls everything, and then recalls Gayatri asking him not to enter Soumya’s room. He enters Soumya’s room and keeps his hand on her head. He says my daughter, I know I was a bad father, but I promise you that whatever happened with you, will not happen with my grand daughter Heer. He says I won’t let anything happen with her. He tells that he has understood God’s sign and will live his life for Heer and her protection. He gets a call and checks the number in his other phone. Varun asks a man to get him info of both numbers.

Preeto tells Rohan that they have to bring Soham back from Varun. Rohan says we will bring Soham and tells that he has immense respect for her. Sindhu comes and tells him that Soumya has done something for everyone. Heer comes and calls Soham asking him to get his drawing kit. Shanno says Soham is not in the house and asks her not to feel bad. Heer says she took the drawing kit and it has Soham’s drawing kit also.

Maninder calls Preeto and tells her that he knows that Heer is a kinnar. He tells that he couldn’t do anything for Soumya, but he will take care of heer and will live his life for their protection. He tells that if he loses his life for them then also he will not regret. Preeto asks who told you. maninder says Harak Singh told this to bebe and she told me. Preeto is about to go to meet Harak Singh. Maninder says he will not listen and reminds that even when they were upset, they never listened to anybody. He says we shall think of protecting Heer. Preeto says if Soumya would have been in her senses then she would be happy.

Rohan is about to go and meet Soham, but heer stops him. Heer recalls colliding with a boy and fighting with him, the boy pushing her on floor and Rohan and Soham coming to him. Rohan comes to heer and asks her to come. Soham asks how dare you to hit my sister and beats the boy. Fb ends.

Heer asks the boy which he was talking to Soham. The boy asks if she is mad? Heer says you called me mad. The boy pushes her on ground and she falls down and cries. Rohan helps her get up. Soham comes near there. Heer thinks she knows that Soham will come. Soumya feels movement in herself and recalls Reet’s words. Soham comes near Heer and goes from there. Heer is shocked. Soumya opens her eyes.

Reet comes there and sees Soumya blinking her eyes. She calls Gayatri and asks her to come fast. Gayatri asks what happened? Reet tells that she has opened her eyes. Gayatri says what is the use, she opens her eyes whenever she wants. Reet says we shall take her to park on wheel chair. Gayatri says ok. Maninder looks on.

Soham makes the boy falls down who had pushed Heer. The boy looks at Soham. Soham says if you call my sister mad or fight with her again, then nobody is bad than me. Heer smiles hearing this and asks Soham if he will beat the boy. The boy gets afraid and runs away. Heer tells him that she doesn’t feel good and doesn’t sleep as he is not there to hold her hand. She asks him to hold her hand and come home. She says she misses him a lot. Soham says I will not come home. Heer holds his hand. Soham says I will not come. Heer fights with him. Rohan asks them not to fight. Teacher sees them fighting and takes them to Principal’s office.

Gayatri and Reet take Soumya to the park. Reet tells her that she will bring her daily and they will play and enjoy. Varun looks at Soumya from far and thinks that man searched right location of Maninder and Dadi. He says bye bye Soumya, your location will be of God now. He fires a bullet at Soumya. Soumya shouts.


Shakti 5th December 2019 Written Episode Update Precap : Heer is running on the road while the goons are behind her. She sees Soumya and shouts Gulabo…Soumya feels movement in her fingers.


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