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Shakti 4th July 2021  Episode starts with a bou coming to Heer and gives the form. Heer tears it and throws. The boy gives her icecream. Heer is about to throw it, but the boy asks her to give it to him, if she don’t want to eat. Heer gives the icecream to him. He takes it and goes. Virat comes there and gives the roses, which she throws it. She looks at the Servant standing holding the flowers basket and is about to go. Virat pulls her closer while she asks him to leave her. He asks her to listen to him and says he got the solution for their problem. Heer says it is your problem, not mine. Virat says I thought to complete my final year with you. Heer says wow, and says you want to control me. Virat says I want to complete the final year and tells that if it was bad then why your Gulabo will give the idea. Heer tells that Gulabo might want us to spend time together. She says you will not let me study. Virat says we will go to college as strangers, but if someone teases you, then I will not leave that person. He says it is wonderful, we will go to the same college and will fall in love with you. Heer says it is not necessary that I fell in love with you again. Virat asks what do you mean? She smiles and walks away.

Next morning, Heer gets ready to go to college. Virat comes there and says I am Virat, you might have heard my name. Heer says we were about to get strangers. Virat says we shall know each other. Heer says we didn’t reach college yet. Virat says what’s wrong if try to know each other. Heer asks him to act to be stranger. He asks if they will go to college separately. She says yes. He asks her to remove her mangalsutra and says if someone asks then I will tell that you are my wife. Heer says no, but I can’t take this mangalsutra out. Virat says it is so important for you and takes it out. He then ties it around her hand and says it is the sign of the commitment of the married girl, and the black beads have the strength to keep husband and wife united. He says you can tie it on your hand and says if someone says wrong to you, then I swear on this mangalsutra that I won’t keep quiet. Heer smiles. He says we shall meet in the college. He goes. Parmeet sees Virat going to college and smiles. Heer comes to the inhouse temple and lights the diya. Parmeet comes and sits on the sofa. Heer prays for Virat and her studies. Heer comes to Parmeet and takes her blessings. Parmeet says you are still here, and says Virat went without meeting me. She asks her to study well, and makes her eat sugar and curd. Heer takes her hand bag and is leaving. Parmeet shouts Heer and acts to faint and fall down. Heer turns to her and shouts Mummy ji. She runs back to Parmeet and asks what happened to you? Virat reaches college in his jeep. Guru and his friends come on their bikes. Guru asks Virat to take his jeep back as the place is reserved. Virat gets down from the jeep and comes to Guru. He asks Guru to park his bike anywhere. He asks if you didn’t forget that day and says I have to beat you as you have done such thing. Guru’s friend says he is threatening you. Virat says he has fought with many people and don’t want to fall his standard by fighting with them. He says we shall study in the college, as friends and introduces himself. Guru holds his hand and asks him not to come to him. He tells that he likes Heer and asks him not to interfere between them. Virat gets angry. Professor comes there and asks Virat to meet him in the office, to complete the admission process. Virat goes to him.

Doctor checks Parmeet and asks what happened to you suddenly. Parmeet says I am fine, but my bahu is not good for my son, and I am doing this acting to separate them. She asks Doctor to lie to Heer that she is very unwell and shall get some tests done. Doctor smiles and says ok. She calls Heer and tells that anything serious can happen if she faint like this. Heer says they will get Mummy ji admitted and asks what to do. Doctor asks her to get the tests done and gives her prescription. Heer gets worried. Parmeet gets up and asks Heer to go to college. Heer says how can I go to college, when you are unwell. Parmeet asks her to go, and says today is the first day of your college. Heer insists to get her tests done. Parmeet says it is not much important and tells that she is fine. She asks her to go to college and says your Papa ji went out today. I will go with him tomorrow to get the tests done. She asks what are you thinking and tells that she don’t want her to miss her first day of college. Heer refuses to go and says I can’t go. Parmeet asks her to get up and says I am fine, I don’t want you to miss the college due to me. Heer refuses. Parmeet says I will call you if needed. She asks her not to tell Virat and takes the prescription from her hand. Heer is about to walk out. Parmeet thinks your lecture will start there and here my drama without one hour.

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