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Shakti 4th June 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Shakti 4th June 2021  Episode starts with Preeto bringing aarti and stops Harman and Soumya. She does their aarti for the grah pravesh ritual. Mahi fumes with anger. Preeto is happy and blesses them. She asks them to walk inside. Harman walks inside with Soumya. Preeto keeps the aarti on the table. Soumya bends down and touches her feet. Preeto asks are you fine? Soumya nods in a yes. Harak Singh also blesses Soumya. Preeto then blesses Harman and Soumya’s Jodi. Sant Baksh and Parmeet looks on. Pandit ji says mahurat is going on and asks to come for marriage. Soumya asks today’s marriage is happening today. She sees Mahi standing as a bride. Mahi asks Harman to take ghatbandhan cloth, tie it and come to the mandap. Soumya looks shocked.

Harman looks at Soumya. Soumya moves Harman’s hand from her shoulder. Preeto gets tensed too. Harman apologizes to Mahi and says I can’t do this marriage. Harak Singh asks what are you saying? Harman folds his hand and says apologizes, says he acted to marry her. Virat looks on. Harman says I wanted to enquire where is Angel. Virat says we have done this to save Soumya and Heer and to bring them safely. He says that’s why Harman Singh has to act. Preeto asks if all this was act. Harman says what to do then, I didn’t know that Angel was hiding in the house. He says I didn’t know that the matter will reach here, tells Mahi that Angel haven’t left any way for him.

He says he couldn’t trust anyone other than Virat and wanted to know who is helping Angel from the family. He says I just wanted to search Soumya, please forgive me. Mahi recalls his decision to accept her, their moments etc. Mahi says our marriage will happen on this mandap, now itself. She asks him to come and tries to hold his hand. Harman says I can’t do this marriage. Mahi says I don’t want to listen, shouts and says our marriage will happen now itself. Everyone looks shocked. Mahi holds his hand and takes him forcibly from there. Preeto looks at Soumya and walks behind Mahi and Harman. Virat, Soumya and others also follow them. Mahi takes Harman to the mandap and asks Pandit ji to start the mantras.

Virat asks what you are saying Mahi ji, Harman Singh said that it was just an act. Mahi asks if I am a toy, what your Harman Singh has thought about me, first played with my emotions to catch his enemies and now. She asks if I don’t feel pain and tells that this marriage will happen now. She says we are already husband and wife and this marriage doesn’t really matters, but as the mandap is set, we will take rounds. She says this marriage will happen. She asks Pandit ji to start the marriage. Soumya looks at Harman. Harman also looks at Soumya and stops Pandit ji. Mahi asks Pandit ji to start their marriage. Harman says stop it Mahi, throws the ghatbandhan. He says I have apologized to you, you can forgive or punish me, I told you that I was helpless to do this. He says about right on my life, I told you already that only Soumya has the right on me. Soumya nods no and walks back. Harman sees her going and call her Gulabo. He asks her to listen. Mahi looks at the havan fire.

Soumya comes inside the house and sits tensed. Harman comes there and sits down. He holds her hand and asks why did you come here, I was calling you but you didn’t stop. Soumya says what to do, you have played with Mahi’s emotions, her anger is justified, you shouldn’t have done this. She says if you had done this with me then I wouldn’t have forgiven you. Harman says I was not having any way to reach you and Heer. Soumya says you has chosen the wrong way and says since I came to know that you are Harman ji, I am thinking about Mahi’s future. She says we, three are tied by a thread. She says the problem has increased now and knows what Mahi is going through, as I am woman at heart and mind. She says just destruction will happen, whatever steps Mahi will take. Mahi asks Preeto if she don’t think that it is too much now.

Preeto tries to say. Mahi shouts and asks her not to pacify her. She says you got blinded in son’s love. She says you got me married to him, and showed me dreams which was never mine. She says I never got wife’s rights even after getting a daughter. She says Harman ji has done wrong with me, today I will take my right from him. Harman tells Soumya that he will make Mahi understand and she will agree. Soumya says mahi will go to any extent to get you, I have seen madness in her eyes. Mahi walks inside. Virat tells Preeto that they shall go behind Mahi, she is already hurt, might harm herself. Preeto gets shocked and runs inside. Mahi goes to the kitchen and looks at the kerosene bottle.


Shakti 5th June 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Mahi sprinkles kerosene oil on herself and threatens to burn herself. Harman says you can’t do this. Mahi says if you don’t accept my condition then?


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