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Shakti 5th July 2021 Virat tries to inform Heer about the upcoming danger. He realises he forgot his phone in the jeep. He is about to go and Heer enters college in the meantime. Virat gets mesmerized seeing her. Gurpreet and his friend come in front of Heer. Virat recalls how Heer told him not to interfere. She can face those guys. Gurpreet suddenly starts apologising to Heer for his misbehavior. Heer gets surprised. Gurpreet says to Heer they are in same college so they should be friends, he is genuinely sorry. Virat thinks means he wants to take revenge by becoming friend. Virat says they don’t know Heer. Heer will never accept his friendship. But Heer does the opposite and accepts Gurpreet’s apology. She shakes hand with him. Virat is left shocked to see that and he throws a stone at Gurpreet out of jealousy. But the stone hits a girl by mistake. Virat hides seeing that. Heer and Gurpreet leave together. Virat says he has to warn Heer about Gurpreet’s real intentions else he can harm her.

Saumya says bye to Harman and he leaves for work. Harman tells her to take care of herself. Mahi gets irked. Saumya asks Mahi to eat food but the latter ignores her. Saumya tells Preeto that Mahi’s stubbornness will ruin their peace. They will end up in trouble. So she goes to talk to Mahi.

Heer enters the classroom and gets surprised seeing “I am Sorry Heer” is written on blackboard. Rose petals fall on Heer as well. There Mahi is about to enter Heer’s college but Saumya stops her. Gurpreet kneels before Heer and tells sorry to her. His friend says Gurpreet is bit filmy. Heer forgives him and Virat gets angry.

Heer phones Parmeet to know if she is fine. She opens the window and there Saumya and Mahi are seen arguing with each other outside. Parmeet acts like she is fine and she tells Heer to not bunk her lecture. Gurpreet tells Heer to sit next to him. Virat also signals her to sit next to him but Heer thinks Virat will disturb her so she sits next to Gurpreet. Virat gets offended and he walks out of the class. Heer notices him and makes excuse to go out. She goes behind Virat to talk to him. She thinks why Virat even took admission.

There Saumya shouts at Mahi saying how can she use Heer for her own motives. Heer is studying here. She tells Mahi to think about Heer’s image. Mahi replies she is Heer’s mother and she can meet her whenever she wants. Saumya should stop brainwashing Heer. Virat sees them and lashes out at Mahi for not letting Heer live peacefully. Virat says if Mahi doesn’t want peace it’s her problem. Why is she using Heer. Saumya stops Virat saying he should not talk to Mahi in this way. His approach is wrong. He should behave properly. Mahi says its happening because of Saumya. Her own daughter doesn’t respect her mother then how will Virat respect her.

Heer searches for Virat and Saumya tells Mahi to leave from there. Mahi says she won’t go anywhere until her demand gets fulfilled. Saumya drags her from there saying she has a solution for Mahi. Saumya tells Virat to handle Heer, she should not know about Mahi’s arrival. Virat talks to Heer and warns her saying Guru is not a nice guy, she should not consider him as a friend. Heer says Virat is jealous as she is getting all the attentions. She says she is not a kid. He should not worry. Virat is concerned about Heer thinking why she never listens to him easily. Heer leaves to attend the lecture.

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