Shakti 5th November 2019 Written Episode Update

Shakti Written Update

Shakti 5th November 2019 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Shakti 5th November 2019 Episode Start With Suomya was shot by the bullet. Preeto realizes the consequence of bullet shot, she breaks open the door glass of the car and sets herself free.

Suomya continues with her struggle even though her leg was shot. Harman shots a last warning, else he won’t lose an aim. A second bullet was soon shot and hits Suomya on her chest, as she had just turned around. Preeto and Ravi had reached there and screams Suomya! Suomya fell off the bridge. Suomya thinks this world is extremely beautiful. She as a kinner received more love than was written in her fate. Her memories from her mother to marrying Harman and his love for her. She was thankful to God. She regrets her love for Harman was left incomplete because she herself was incomplete. She might now meet Harman as he also lives in the same lake now. She wish she is born as a woman at least once. She wants to leave her Heer’s brought up to God.

Ravi hysterically runs towards the lake to save Suomya but Shanno stops her. Preeto was still in a disbelief. Chambeli says Suomya is at peace now, she will never be found just like Harman, and she shouldn’t be. She must have been tired. She is happy that Suomya was her best friend, she feels proud that Suomya’s name will always be written in golden words. Preeta was sure they will find Suomya. She complains to Harak Singh. Harak Singh says she was running away with his disgrace for tomorrow. He never wanted to kill Suomya, but he will not let Heer live. Preeto pushes Harak Singh away who loses his balance. Meanwhile Preeto runs to hold Heer in her arms. She holds a butcher’s knife and threatens to kill Harak Singh instead. Harak Singh shouts if she has lost her mind. The police reaches the spot. Preeto witness that this man killed her daughter in law, he must be arrested. Preeto asks the inspector to find Suomya in the lake. The inspector promises to inform them. Harak Singh was broken and cries that they all betrayed him. Preeto was determined that no one can do anything till she is alive. She insists on Ravi to stay here, they will take Suomya along. Ravi convince Preeto that Suomya was shot, fell in the lake and doesn’t know swimming. Their wait for Harman proved pointless, likewise Suomya will never return. They must focus on explaining it to Heer. Heer wakes up and asks where they are. Preeto says Heer was sleepy, so they came here while picnic. She inquires about Gulabo. Preeto says Gulabo always has something to do, she is away for some work. They leave for home.

Shanno was happy and touches the water of lake. She was excited that Harak Singh is in jail, Preeto’s ego is broken. The family is broken and scattered. She offers Mahi to go home and celebrate.

At home, Rohan and Soham discuss there was something in the ice-cream. Sindhu brings juice for them. Sindhu says Papa has gone looking for them. Preeto returns with Heer and Ravi. The kids ask about Suomya and Harak Singh. Preeto says they have gone out for some work. Heer asks where? Ravi says they have gone looking for the ice cream vendor. Heer says Harak Singh will beat him badly. Preeto sends Heer to go and play with brothers. Sindhu asks Ravi what has happened. Shanno and Mahi return home.
It was night. Preeto stood beside the lake, looking for Suomya. She thinks about Suomya’s promise to bring Heer up with Preeto. She asks how she is going to fight all alone, how she will explain it to Rohan and Soham, and specially Heer. She must at least return for Heer. How she will live without her, even Harman has left. She drops a bottle with a letter for Suomya.
There in the hospital, Suomya’s body was being carried on a stretcher.


Shakti 6th November 2019 Written Episode Update Precap : Preeto tells the Panchait that they owned Suomya, but she showed her place. Harak Singh tried to protect Heer and meanwhile the bullet was shot. Suomya lost her life. The doctors inspect Suomya and announces she is in comma.


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