Shakti 6th November 2019 Written Episode Update

Shakti Written Update

Shakti 6th November 2019 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Shakti 6th November 2019 Episode Start With A doctor comes to observe Suomya’s condition as the ECG still shows heartbeat. She observes the nerve and announces the patient is in coma.

Malika was crying at her place. She recalls the whole scenario. Others were concerned. Chambeli says Suomya would never come back to protect Heer from them. She gave up on her life to protect the same Heer. Had they listened to her and supported Suomya, she must have been alive. She blames Malika for killing Suomya, it was her last attempt that killed her. Malika was disturbed and unrestful. She remembers her promises to Suomya’s mother and regrets not being able to protect her daughter. She wish she hadn’t attempt to bring Heer to her own world. Chambeli cries and minds Malika regret is now meaningless, Suomya will never come back.

The doctor was still with Suomya. She says the patient is in coma, they are unsure when she will be conscious. She advices the nurse to give the drips and observe brain function and heartbeat. She comes out and on the reception, one of the doctors was instructing the receptionist to stop the treatment of coma patient. The people who brought her didn’t sign the admission papers.

Malika comes to Preeto near the lake and accepts being Suomya’s culprit. She accepts being Preeto’s criminal as well, and will accept any punishment. Preeto remembers Malika had promised Suomya to never tell anyone about Heer. Preeto grabs Malika’s collar, as her mistake is worth punishment. Suomya called her mother, but she ruined her life. She doesn’t know how many kinners are there in the world, but she is sure Suomya wasn’t from Malika’s brotherhood. She blames Malika for ruining everything. Malika says she will do the repentance of this sin, she will go away from here. Preeto says Malika must live here. She will now see Malika gather the army of kinners and take Heer; they will have to confront Preeto now. She wants Malika to live here, fight and lose from Preeto. When Suomya returns she would see her fight. Malika cries and prays Suomya returns. Preeto was sure she will come back, she had taken the responsibility of Heer’s brought up.

Shanno cries in front of a neighborhood lady that Harak Singh is lost since yesterday. They couldn’t find Suomya and Harak Singh, the whole family is tensed. When the lady had left, Shanno’s crocodile tears turn to cheerful laughter. She boasts about being Shanno and can easily win all the games this time. She will surely defeat Preeto; when whole village would know Harak Singh and Preeto’s granddaughter is a kinner.

Ravi tries to put Heer and boys to sleep. Heer insists they won’t sleep till Gulabo and Harak Singh are back. Heer offers to go and find them. Rohan says they aren’t yet old enough to go out on our own. Heer was worried and asks Ravi if something happened to Ravi. Ravi brings Suomya’s dress to Heer ad asks if she now feels Gulabo is around. Heer recollects all the happy memories with Suomya and fell asleep. Ravi carries her upstairs.

Mahi comes home. Preeto shouts at her to leave her house, whether she can live here or this Mahi. She pushes Mahi out but Shanno holds her.


Shakti 7th November 2019 Written Episode Update Precap : The villagers keep their hands over Heer’s head. They promise to never discuss about this with anyone.


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