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Shakti 7th July 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Shakti 7th July 2021 Heer goes to her room and finds Virat upset. He feels exhausted. Heer thinks she should not talk to Virat right now as he is angry, she will come later. She goes to see how is Parmeet. Latter talks to Sant. She says she did nothing wrong by faking illness. A kinnar can’t be their daughter in law. Sant replies he also doesn’t want that but if Virat gets to know about Parmeet’s lie then he will be angry. Parmeet hurt him a lot. Parmeet says Virat will never suspect her as a son can’t doubt his mother when it comes to sickness. She adds she will take this drama too far.

Heer enters in the meantime and Parmeet is seen lying on bed. She apologises to Parmeet for going to college without getting the tests done. She blames herself for Parmeet’s condition. Latter starts her drama and tells Heer not to get upset. Parmeet says Virat shouldn’t have scolded Heer, she will scold him back. Heer tells her to calm down as these arguments are normal. She says if Parmeet wants anything she can call the latter.

Heer comes to Virat and he avoids her. Heer tries to explain that she did a huge mistake and she won’t repeat it again. Virat says it’s ok. Heer says Virat is not looking at her means he is still not convinced. Virat replies if something wrong happened to my mother would you be able to forgive yourself? Heer gets emotional. There Parmeet tells Sant to call Heer and Virat. She says if they start communicating their issues will be solved overnight and she can’t let that happen.

Sant knocks on Virat’s room door and lies to them that Parmeet’s health condition is deteriorating, Virat and Heer rush to see her. They take good care of Parmeet. Heer gives her medicines and gives her foot massage. Virat also looks after her. They almost stay awake whole night. Parmeet thinks her plan was to engage Heer and Virat so that they can’t sort out their issues but they are not leaving her room for once. Parmeet gets tired. She signals Sant and the latter tells Virat and Heer to take rest but Virat says he won’t leave Parmeet alone in this state. Heer tells the same and goes to make kadha for Parmeet. Heer makes her drink the kadha and Parmeet feels like vomiting.

Sant finds the scene hilarious. Heer says Parmeet doesn’t take care of herself at all. She only forced Heer to go to college else Heer would have stayed with her. Virat gets surprised to know that. He apologises to Heer for misunderstanding her. He punishes himself but Heer stops her. Parmeet and Sant get irked. She gets angry thinking her plan backfired. Later Virat tells her to take rest but Heer tells him to go to sleep. Doorbell rings.

Heer opens the door and gets surprised seeing Gurwindar. Latter enters and starts pleading before Sant. Gurwindar says she can’t see Daljeet in jail. No matter how bad he is but he is her husband. She tells Sant to get Daljeet out of jail.

Saumya wakes up from sleep and opens the window. She notices Mahi is talking to someone. She goes outside and asks Mahi if she is planning against them again. Mahi says she will do real drama now, she will insult them in court and will create a scene. Harman comes and Mahi threatens him saying she is giving him last chance. If he doesn’t leave Saumya then he will bear the consequences and will regret later for not accepting Mahi.


Shakti 8th July 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Virat and Heer are in a library. They pretend to be meeting for the first time. Virat says now as they met, they must become friends. She says no. He challenges her and she accepts it.


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