Shakti 7th November 2019 Written Episode Update

Shakti Written Update

Shakti 7th November 2019 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Shakti 7th November 2019 Episode Start With Shanno asking Preeto to let Mahi stay here and says Harak Singh and Soumya are not here, let her stay here. Preeto asks who are you to take a decision, did I die? Shanno says I am her saas too. Preeto refuses to let Mahi stay in the house. Sindhu asks her to calm down and tells that they have to take care of Heer. Preeto asks if she slept. Raavi and Sindhu take her from there. Shanno asks Mahi to stay in her room and thinks neighbors will know by morning that Harak Singh shot Soumya and he is now in jail.

In the morning, a neighbor tells others that Harak Singh is in jail as he shot Soumya. Neighbors say we shall go to his house and asks. Veeran hears them and thinks to go home and inform Preeto. He rushes home and calls Preeto. He sees her sitting in the inhouse temple and tells that villagers are coming here, what they shall tell them now. Shanno says what we will tell them that Harak Singh shot Soumya to save Heer. Raavi says we can’t tell this. Veeran says this is not a small matter, we can’t ignore this thing. Preeto lights the diyas and covers Mata Rani’s chunari to a small mata rani’s idol. Shanno thinks until when you will be silent, I want to know what you will say. Heer comes down the stairs with Soham.

Soham asks why Maa haven’t come till now. Heer asks where did Gulabo go? Rohan comes there and asks where is Mami? Even her call is not ringing. The neighbors knock on the door. Shanno tells Mahi that Soumya is dead and asks Mahi to handle Heer. Mahi goes to Heer and acts asking her not to cry, says we will pray to God. Soham asks where is Maa? Saam daam dand bhed plays…..Mahi takes Heer to her lap. Veeran says what we shall tell the neighbors, that Bhai Saheb shot Soumya due to old enmity. Sindhu says what we shall tell the kids, they don’t know kinnar word. She says if Soumya bhabhi would have been here then she would have come up with a solution. Preeto recalls and a fb is shown, Soumya asks her to relax and take a first step thinking she is holding Heer’s hand and is her support. Fb ends. Preeto closes her eyes. Shanno thinks today Harak Singh’s family will have ‘the end’. She opens the door. The neighbors come inside and greet Preeto, then ask about Harak Singh and Soumya. Preeto gets up and comes towards the neighbors. She says I want to tell everything to everyone and this village. She says Preeto Singh needs your help and folds her hands. Shanno thinks what Preeto is going to do. The neighbor asks what we can do for you and asks her to say. Preeto says I want to say something in Panchayat. Shanno thinks if she will tell Heer’s truth infront of Panchayat and will tell the reason of Harak Singh’s arrest.

Panchayat is called. Sarpanch asks Preeto to say what she wants to say. Preeto says we have been here since 30 years and have your support. She says we shall stand with each other in the times of trouble. Harak Singh’s friend asks her to say what she wants to say. Preeto says you all think that Kinnar is a black spot/kalang and shall stay in their community and not in this world. Roma asks Saya if Preeto will tell the truth. Preeto says we did a mistake that we made Soumya our bahu, but she showed her true face and wanted to elope with Heer, but Harak Singh shot her and she died. Saya thinks what did Preeto do, slapped my sin on Soumya’s face. Neighbor says kinnars are such, they backstabbed us. Shanno thinks what to do at home, how to know what is happening there. Preeto tells everyone that Soumya is dead and asks neighbors not to tell the three kids at home about Harman and Soumya. She says kids are small and can’t bear if they come to know that Soumya was a kinnar. She says kids will forget when grown up and hope they will hide from kids. A panch member tells that they will not tell kids. Heer comes there and hugs Preeto asking about Soumya. Preeto says if I am right then swear on heer’s head that you all will support me always.

All villagers including Sarpanch keep their hands on Heer and promise that they will not say anything to anyone and is with her. Shakti song plays….Heer thinks where are you Gulabo. A little girl is seen entering the hospital and wishing nurse good morning. She comes to the paediatric ward and meets the kids there. The kids dance happily seeing her and call her Gita. Gita is shown smiling and gives chocolates to everyone. She says bye. The Doctor treating Soumya in the hospital talks to the unconscious Soumya and tells that she is Gayatri, her doctor and asks her not to take tension. She says we’ re trying to search your family and asks her to rest. Gita comes there and asks her to rest sometimes. Gayatri hugs her. Gita gives her lunch box. Gayatri says smells good. She tells that she has much work and has to go on rounds. Gita asks who is she, referring to Soumya. Shakti song plays….


Shakti 8th November 2019 Written Episode Update Precap : Harak Singh comes home late in night and shoots at someone on the bed. Mahi is on sofa and gets shocked.


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