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Shakti 8th July 2021 Heer opens the door and it’s Gurwinder. Heer asks her to come in. Gurwinder runs to Sant Baksh and requests him to get Daljeet out of jail. She knows he’s their culprit, but he’s her husband. She went to see him the jail and she couldn’t see him there. Sant Baksh says if she knew why he’s in jail, then she wouldn’t come and request for his release. He tried to kill Virat. Gurwinder then requests Virat to forgive Daljeet. Virat says he requests her a lot and she will always be his Bhabhi Maa, but Daljeet did very wrong, there is no forgiveness for that. He further says Heer filed case, so he can’t do anything. She asks him that he can’t talk to his wife? She turns to Heer and recalls how Heer supported her in past. She reminds how Heer called her sister when they met first. She requests Heer to listen to her sister. Parmeet gets happy thinking if Heer takes case back, then Daljeet may get a lighter punishment. Heer says if Daljeet did wrong with her only, then she would have forgiven him. But he tried to kill her family members and even Virat. He put Simran’s life at stake as well. She’s his wife and she can forgive him, but she (Heer) won’t be able to forget. She won’t take the case back. She asks Gurwinder for forgiveness and leaves from there. Gurwinder asks Virat to talk to Heer, but he says Heer didn’t say anything wrong. He supports Heer in her decision. Heer stops and tells Gurwinder that Parmeet is not well and requests her not to take this matter further.

Mahi calls someone and says this is why she hired, to save her. She just wants her revenge with Preeto’s family. Preeto and Harak Singh are standing there. Preeto says she knew that Mahi wouldn’t sit quietly. Mahi says they will see what happens in court. Harak Singh says court doesn’t decide love matters. Preeto recalls Soumya and Harman alerting her about Mahi’s action which could hurt her and Harak Singh as well and that’s why they decided to go to a secret place for a week. Preeto tells Mahi that Soumya took Harman with her and no one knows where they went. She can now fight in court alone.

Parmeet is sleeping in her room. Gurwinder comes there and says that she knows Parmeet is acting. She asks Parmeet doesn’t she miss Daljeet? Doesn’t she want him to come out of jail? Heer is an outsider, but she didn’t expect this from Virat. How she will be able to spend rest of her life without her husband? Only Parmeet can help her in getting Gurwinder out of jail and in return she will help Parmeet in getting Heer out of Virat’s life. Parmeet thinks to take advantage of this situation and use Gurwinder. She tells Gurwinder not to worry, she will do something.

Heer is in a library, finding books. Virat comes there. He flirts with her. She smiles back. He informs that all Parmeet’s tests are done and he hopes all reports come normal. She tells him not to worry. He tells her see you in class. She asks he’s not coming? He says, you forgot? Strangers? She says one misunderstanding created so much problem and that she doesn’t care now, let everyone find out what their relationship is. He says to continue like before. It will be so much fun to re-live all old moments. Despite being husband and wife, they will meet as strangers, then become friends, fall in love. She says nothing such will happen, he can just see dreams. They challenge each other. Virat then holds her hand and says they met each other already, learned little bit about each other as well. How about becoming friends now? She says, no ways. He says she will have to become friends for sure, just wait and watch. She says they won’t become friends. He challenges her and she accepts the challenge.

Heer is walking in the college. He sees the boy from whom Virat asked her to stay away. The boy walks to her with his friends and asks where she went yesterday suddenly. She says there was an emergency in her home, that’s why she had to leave. She tries to excuse herself from there, but the boy says if she always stays in so much hurry, then how they will be able to know her. He asks where she is new in the city. Where she used to live before this? She asks why he wants to know about her. He says this much information is required if they want to become friends. It’s basics, correct? Virat comes there and says, correct. All girls can’t take their eyes off him. Heer says in her mind, here we go, he started… but I am no less.

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