Shaurya Aur Anokhi Ki Kahaani 8th July 2021 Written Episode Update


Shaurya Aur Anokhi Ki Kahaani 8th July 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Shaurya Aur Anokhi Ki Kahaani 8th July 2021 Episode starts with Devi and Tej saying its a great news. Shaurya says you took a big decision and didn’t consult us, why. Tej says its the best thing for your career. Shaurya says Anokhi can participate, she is capable, I think student and teacher combination works better to represent the institution. Alok says but I have given your names. Shaurya says we have to send a mail and make changes, Anokhi can do it well. Anokhi says no, its a big conference. Aastha says why can’t you do it, Shaurya took the right decision.

Shagun asks Shaurya are you sending Anokhi, that she is a topper or his wife, he should keep his personal and professional lives separated. Devi says right. Shaurya says Anokhi is so qualified, she is really good, she is our topper, I don’t need to take her side, I feel there can’t be any better contender than this. Aastha asks Shagun do you have a problem with Anokhi’s going or Shaurya’s not going, he is sending Anokhi in his place. Devi says you don’t need to talk between our family matter. Aastha says sorry, its about my son and bahu, so I will say. Shaan says Shagun, Shaurya has more experienced, he has thought well, let him do what he wants. Shagun says sorry. Shaurya says I have full confidence on Anokhi. Shagun says okay, no problem.

Anokhi checks exam schedule. She says economics, I have to stay awake all night and prepare. She studies. Maid comes and says Devi is calling you. Devi says lunch is done, we make dinner also, I told you to take the cooking responsibility, you should come yourself and ask me, keep the menu, make some sweets daily. Anokhi says I have already made sweets for everyone, but excuse me for cooking now, its my exam tomorrow, I have to study, please once exams finish, I will cook something new every day and fulfill all duties, I don’t know much cooking. Devi says enough, you will have any excuse every day, but we eat food every day, what shall I tell everyone, that they will stay empty-stomach today. Anokhi says cooking was done before I came in this house, please manage today, try the sweets, I made it with love. Tej and Alok hear all this. Anokhi says I will go and call Aastha to ask about exam, good night. She goes. Tej asks Devi would I interfere in kitchen matters also, can’t you order her, were you telling her or asking her. Devi says I tried hard, she didn’t stay back to cook, its not easy to deal with her. Alok says don’t worry, I will find some way. Devi says exam is tomorrow, what will you do. Kitty and Bebo come to Shagun. Shagun asks them to come later. They say we have a crazy idea to stop Anokhi from going for the conference, we shall make a call to her and give false info that her parents aren’t fine, she will run back to Kapurthala. Shagun says wait, we will do it on the weekend. Gayatri hears them and thinks what are they planning. She asks them to go and study.
She asks for their phones. They ask why. Shagun says they will call me and ask their doubts. Gayatri says I m talking to my daughters, they can directly come here and ask you, you aren’t leaving the house. She takes their phones.

She sends them. She says Shagun, everyone likes guests, it looks bad when guests make the house their own. Shagun says talk to Devi if you have any problem with my stay, she will give you a good answer. Gayatri says fine, I will talk to her. Anokhi studies. Shaurya comes and distracts her. She says what are you doing, I have exams, I have tension and you are …. He asks what’s my mistake, I know you are my wife, you have license to shout on me, what’s my mistake. She says you asked you to look so hot, shall I concentrate on studies or look at you, now you are giving killer smile. Shaurya gets her close. He says you should focus on exams, go, else you will scold me that I distracted you. He says you mean its my mistake always. She says stop looking hot. He says fine.

He teaches her. They have a moment. He feels sleepy. He says I wish I got a cup of coffee. Tej says we have to do it soon. He sees Shaurya and asks what are you doing here out of your room. Shaurya says I had pending work. Devi says Anokhi would be studying, you are here, you don’t want to disturb her. Shaurya says yes. Tej says there is still time, control your wife, you know the rules, explain her, she is young, we can forgive her few times, but not always. Devi asks when will she do household work if she stays busy in studies, how long will I manage the work. Shaurya says once her exam finishes, I will explain her the responsibilities, I will handle. Devi says thank God, our son is sensible. She asks him to go and sleep. Shaurya says just 5mins, you go, I will also go. Tej and Devi leave. Shaurya sees Anokhi there.


Shaurya Aur Anokhi Ki Kahaani 9th July 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Reema says its psychology exam, check the schedule. Anokhi asks how can this happen, I checked twice. Shaurya says maybe someone changed your schedule. He stops Kitty and Bebo.


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