Sherdil Shergill 27th September 2022 Written Episode Update


The Episode starts with Raj coming to Manmeet. She says you have complained to my dad about me, what was the need to say this, I don’t argue with my dad, I try to keep him happy, you ruined all my attempts.

Manmeet asks what try, you lie and give fake certificates, you are a rich man’s son, you have no talent and goal. He says you said the same thing to me many times, I m bored of it. She says fine, I will give you a new word, nepotism. She explains him. She says you have snatched a scholar’s place.

He asks what’s his name. She says our age is equal, my dad didn’t want me to work, I did the work and became a CEO of the company, I have worked hard, you also stand on your feet and see. He says I didn’t finish yet, you talk like my dad, ditto, he also tells the same thing that he worked hard and became rich, chill, you look of his generation, is it my mistake that I m a rich man’s son.

She asks him to leave. He says yes, I m going. He says I will sort the problems in the company. She asks really, you think you will impress me, you are a line I cross on the calendar. He says wow, same pinch, I also do this, check this. He shows the calendar. He gives her the pics. She checks the pic and says nice.

He says you aren’t more beautiful than this. She says thanks for the compliment. He says I will solve the problem in 24 hours, you won’t talk to my dad again. She says done, you remember this, you won’t come here again. He laughs and says this building is of my dad, I didn’t show pride in it, take the call, else your baby will wake up.

He leaves. Ajeet calls Manjeet. She cries hearing his voice. He says you might have talked to your dad. She says yes, I m happy. He says everyone wants you to come, I also want you to come home for the marriage. She thanks him. She says I was telling this to Anmol also, you didn’t see Anmol yet, his eyes are just like you.

He says wait, Gunjan said I m wrong, so I m inviting you, we will be glad if you come, but I have a condition, you will come alone, Anmol won’t come with you. She says he is my blood. He says half blood, you don’t know about his dad, you got him from the sperm donor bank, you have bought him, we buy things from a market, don’t call him your child, we didn’t tell this to anyone.

She says please, I was dying to hear your voice since two years, I would have not waited if I knew you will say this, I don’t accept your condition. He says I have told my decision, you will come alone, else we will say that you are much busy in work, decision is yours. Manmeet cries and recalls his words. She sits with Anmol. She stays awake all night. She goes to cook the breakfast.

She recalls the past. FB shows Manmeet’s parents asking her to get married. Ajeet says you have proved us wrong, I m proud of you, but life has moved on, you have turned 28 years, if you are busy, then shall we find a guy. Manmeet says okay. Later, Manmeet says I have decided to marry Abhishek, I wanted to meet him and say, but he is busy in his work. They get glad. FB ends.

Manmeet goes and takes care of Anmol. She recalls… Manmeet meets Abhishek. He asks are you serious, are we going to marry. They hug. He says I got a transfer in Dubai, if I work hard, then I will be the new CEO of the company, we will get married and go there. She asks what will I do there.

He says you don’t need to do anything, quit the job. She asks shall I leave my job, I m the CEO of the company, how can you expect me to leave this. He says you have to make adjustments after marriage. She says I agree, but why can’t you adjust. He asks what, who will be the head of the family, who is going to pay the bill here, what will I tell at home. She says tell that your three months got waste.

She pays the bill and goes. Ajeet scolds her for refusing for the marriage. She says I liked Abhishek, I was ready to marry him, sorry, I have a career like he does. He says you have become CEO of a big company, you are earning in crores, what greed do you have, what else do you want.

Manmeet asks what, its my achievements, why shall I shift to Dubai, why can’t he stay, always girls have to make a compromise, I m talented to take care of myself, I m very sure that I will find someone who supports me in my career. Ajeet says right, keep waiting, your marriage will get late and also delay Gunjan’s marriage, there will be no one with you, you will live alone and die alone. FB ends.

Manmeet gets busy on call. She asks Sharda did you give my address to Raj. Sharda says no, Hussain is asking when will you come. Manmeet says I will wait for Vidya, else I will come with Anmol. He sits talking to Anmol. FB shows Manmeet telling her parents about her decision. She says I don’t care if I have a husband or not, but my baby will be there. Puneet asks her to think well.

Manmeet says I have decided to become a mum, I m 30 years old, I can’t wait for a right life partner, I have decided to become a mum through IVF. They get shocked. Manmeet says you said right, I will die alone one day, no, I don’t want to die alone, I don’t want to stay alone, I want someone to call my family. FB ends. She hugs Anmol.

Precap: Raj makes fun of Manmeet, he looks at her baby’s picture and says your mother will make you Issac Newton. Manmeet says to him, why can’t I, just because I am a single mother. Raj says to her, you never stop talking about yourself and leaves office annoyed.


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