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Sherdil Shergill 29th September 2022 Episode starts with Raj asking Janu what are you doing there. The girl scolds him and asks who is the baby. Manmeet stops her. The girl gives her phone. She says sorry, you had to wait because of me.

Manmeet says its okay, it was my pleasure. The girl leaves. Manmeet gets a call from Gunjan. Gunjan ass what did you decide. Manmeet asks what will I decide, you tell me. Gunjan says its my life’s decision, I want my family to be with me. Manmeet says don’t ignore Anmol.

Gunjan asks her to stop it. Manmeet asks what did I do, tell me, I just said I will come with Anmol, who does he have except me, where will I leave him and why. Gunjan says your ego is saying this. Manmeet says I m his mum, his entire world, I can think of leaving him alone, what will I celebrate there, will I lie that I m still alone, shall I deny that Anmol is in my life,

I m telling you for the last time, I will get Anmol with me, dad won’t let this happen, dad has a problem that Anmol has no dad, that I have no husband. Gunjan says then get a husband from the market, get someone for the drama, there should be no problem in my marriage.

At Raj’s house, Raj’s mum comes home from the jogging. She calls out the servant. She asks what’s this, my birthday is next month. He says someone sent it for Raj. She checks the card from Raj’s GF. She shouts and calls everyone. She tells about the girl’s letter. Bhairav looks on. Servant asks Raj to get up and come out to see. Raj goes out and sees the family. The guy reads the letter.

Bhairav also reads the letter. He looks at Raj. Raj gets scared of his slap. Bhairav asks what happened, come here, we both will have a talk later. He gives him the letter and goes. Raj gets surprised. His mum asks him to say, does he know this girl. Raj looks at them. He says Amma, there is nothing from my side, I mean the girl can know me,

I don’t know her, she didn’t write her and my real name, anyone can joke, I will go to office and find out. He goes. The family discusses. The guy says I want to say something, Raj was with some baby, so Janu was upset, it means he has two GFs. Raj meets his GF. He says the entire family has read your letter.

She says I don’t know what you are saying. He says they will get us married. She says its okay. He says I told you not to do this, we don’t even know each other. He says you think I will do such a stupid thing. She reads the poster and says boss, maybe she has done this mischief. He asks why would she do this.

He asks why would she do this. She says I cried in front of her, I think she is happy knowing this matter, maybe she has done this to make us fight. He thinks and nods. He goes to Manmeet and says I need to talk urgently.

Manmeet ends her imp meeting. She asks Raj what’s the problem. He asks why did you send me the flowers. She asks will I send flowers for you. He says you thought to tell my family about my GF, so that my dad kills me and you get rid of me. She asks are you able to hear yourself, are you serious, I have no problem.

She says I will expose your secret. She warns him and asks him to get out now. Hussain comes. She says we need to talk in private. Raj leaves. He calls someone. He says she created this mess and made me an idiot in front of boss. Manmeet says we get more sad when we try to achieve more and more in our life. Hussain asks what’s wrong, look at you, you have become philosophical.

She says my real sister is getting married, I can’t go there, everything is pointless. He says let me talk to your dad, I will solve everything. She says you will get beaten up, when I was pregnant, you tried to talk to him, he scolded you. He says I remember, life is so complicated, you and me are perfect business partners, you can’t meet your parents and I … I m longing to meet my daughter, its court orders, its been 6 months now, I haven’t see her.

She says I know that you are worried, but I want a solution for myself, a husband on rent, what’s this idea. He laughs. He says okay, we will find a solution for you. He sees Raj. Raj talks to the staff and laughs. Hussain says I got him, your husband, there he is. She asks who, Mishra ji? He says and… She asks who. He says Raj Kumar Yadav.

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Telecast Date:29th September 2022
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