Sirf Tum 11th June 2022 Written Episode Update


The Episode starts with Ranveer telling the people protesting against Suhani that it is clearly visible in this video, how much you respect this country’s law.

He says when Judge himself has given a chance to Suhani, then who are you all to declare hang punishment for her. Someone throw stone on him,

but he bends down. He says I know you all and knows that you all are doing this on someone’s sayings. Rishi says Ranveer is taking everyone on his side. Someone throws stone on his head. The stone hits his head.

Suhani shouts Ranveer and finds the door locked. Rakesh asks her to trust him. He says even I can fight and more good than you all, and if I wanted then would have rammed 10-20 under my car, but didn’t do, as you are my people, what I will reply to your families killing you.

He says when you will be my employees, then where you will hide your face, and justify for this day. He says I know the person conspiring against me is the same who trapped Suhani in this fake case. He says you are my employees, and who are the people who are mixed with you and throwing bricks and stones on me.

The employees look at the goons throwing the stones at Ranveer. They catch a goon and asks who is he, and who has sent him. Ranveer opens the car door. Suhani, Rakesh, Sudha and Dadi get down.

Someone throws a stone on Suhani. She hides her face. It doesn’t hit her. The people stop protesting against her. Ranveer holds Suhani’s hand and takes her in her house. Ansh says Ranveer has ruined all his plan.

Suhani recalls people protesting against her and goes to her room crying. Ranveer tries to stop her. Dadi says let her go, she has bear enough, let her cry and vent out her pain. Suhani cries and thinks she can never be a good doctor, she has ruined everything and apologizes.

Dadi gives water to Ranveer. Ranveer says I am extremely sorry for whatever happened at my house. Rakesh says if you had not handled today, then don’t know what people would have done. Sudha says being a mother, I understand Mamta ji and asks him to be with her. Ranveer says I know my mother,

when she comes to know the truth, she will forgive me and accept me. Sudha sees blood coming from behind his ear and tells him. Ranveer checks. Dadi says it happened due to that stone. She says they shall call the doctor.

Suhani hears her and comes down running. Ranveer says when we have a good doctor at home, then why shall we call the doctor. He says it is bleeding a big. Suhani says blood…brings the first aid box.

Ranveer asks her to give him injection first, and then do the dressing. Suhani’s hand is shaken up recalling Mamta’s curse. She drops the injection and says I can’t do it Ranveer. She says if I give wrong injection again, then your life can be finished, I can’t do this. Ranveer says this is just an injection, you have given it to patients many times. Suhani says I am good for nothing,

I can’t be a good doctor. She goes to her room. Sudha says my daughter is very courageous, how she can get weak. Dadi says her trust is shaken up. John and Raghav come there and says there is a good news.

Ranveer checks and says whoever tops in the college will get an award. He tells Dadi that Suhani will get an award. Dadi says she is sad in room. Ranveer says he has fantastic idea to cheer up.

Ansh tells Vikram that he shall get his credit and rights. He says you do all the work and Vikrant Oberoi gets the credit. He says Ranveer will not do the work, so you have to handle the business. Roshni says he is right, you shall handle office and I will handle home. Ansh calls him Chachu and says I am sorry.

Vikram says he didn’t feel bad and accepts his as his nephew. Ansh thanks him and thinks I will get my rights back, it is good that you are not here, Ranveer. Ranveer sings and dances along with all the family, who is wearing costume. Rakesh and Ishaan wear clown’s costumes.

Ranveer gives rose to Suhani and sings song. Suhani asks what you are doing? Rakesh says I haven’t forgotten the day, when I was against your dream to become a doctor. He says then I saw how you worked hard.

He says you will be getting awarded for ranking top. Sudha says we have done a lot of hardwork, and when you get an award, my dream will be fulfilled. Ranveer asks Suhani to read it, and says your name is on the topper’s list. She says someone was about to die with my hand and I shall go and take the award.

He says no. Ranveer says everyone’s happiness is related to you, come with me. Dadi says Suhani will smile and will take an award. She says Ranveer is the hero. Ranveer brings Suhani to someone’s house.

The lady opens the door and greets them. Suhani asks if she is the same lady, whose delivery we had done. The lady says I am the same. They get inside. The lady’s husband comes there with the baby, and thanks them for saving his wife and baby six months back. Ranveer takes their pic.

Suhani asks what is her name? The lady says Suhani, I have given her birth, but you gave her new life. Suhani says I don’t deserve this. Ranveer says whatever you have done, can’t be done by anyone, and you will save many lives.

Suhani says a mother is more big than a doctor and her curse don’t go waste. He says we have to go, one more place, and asks her not to refuse.


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