Sirf Tum 12th July 2022 Written Episode Update


Sirf Tum 12th July 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Sirf Tum 12th July 2022 Episode starts with Vikrant telling Mamta that she should have left long back, and says now she will be called as thrown out divorcee, says he feels sad for her. Ansh smiles. Ranveer holds his neck tightly and asks him to laugh.

Asha asks Vikrant to stop him. Vikrant asks him to stop. Suhani asks Ranveer to leave Ansh and says his breath is stopping. Ranveer pushes her and says you have lost right. Ansh runs and hides behind Suhani. He then pushes her and runs, pushing Vikram. Everyone tries to stop him.

Ranveer throws vase on him and he falls down. Dadu asks him to stop and says you are my good grand son, asks him to calm down. Rakesh asks what will happen to Mamta ji and Suhani, if you get trapped.

Suhani says what will happen to us, if you go to jail. Ranveer asks her to move and runs behind Ansh. Rakesh tries to hold Ranveer. Ranveer pushes him and Rakesh falls on the wall. He gets injured and unconscious.

Suhani, Sudha and Dadi get worried. Honey comes there holding gun and says she will shoot Ranveer, if he harms Ansh. Ranveer says before you shoot, I will kill Ansh. Asha asks Honey to keep the gun down.

Vikrant asks her to give gun to him. Honey closes her eyes and shoots at Ranveer. The bullet hits Ansh on his chest. Vikrant shouts Ansh. Ansh falls down unconscious. Asha shouts Ansh and runs to him. She asks Vikrant to call ambulance fast. Vikrant says someone call the ambulance. Ansh is taken to the hospital.

Rakesh is unconscious in the hospital while doctor is treating him. Suhani asks Sudha and Dadi to have strength and tells that nothing will happen to Papa. Doctor informs other doctor to inform his family that patient went in coma.

Doctor comes out and informs Suhani that the patient is in coma. Suhani is shocked and asks if there is any way. Doctor says you are a medical student, you knows well. Sudha says we had gone to Oberoi house to congratulate Ranveer, my husband became victim of Ranveer’s anger. Dadi says Ranveer has ruined two houses and cries.

Asha asks Vikrant to let her go to her son. Vikrant asks her to handle himself. Inspector says we have to send body for postmortem and says you will get the details after that. Mamta tries to pacify Asha and is going towards her. Vikrant asks her to stay away from Asha ji and says they don’t want her fake concern.

The Inspector arrests Honey and takes her with them. Ranveer realizes Suhani is not there. Vikrant asks Mamta if she got peace after snatching his son from him and shouts at her. Dadu says you have failed to give good values to your son. Asha cries. Vikrant takes her to room. Mamta tells Dadu that she will ask Ranveer to go to hospital for Rakesh ji.

Dadu asks her to go with him, and says Suhani might be managing alone there. Mamta comes to Ranveer and asks him to come to hospital. Ranveer says she doesn’t need us, and says if she had agreed then this wouldn’t have happened. Mamta says whatever she was doing, was for us and not for herself.

She says it was difficult for her to stay away from you. Ranveer says she didn’t ask me to come to hospital. Mamta asks what a scared girl would have done in such a situation and asks him to think that they are their family too and is hurt. She says Suhani needs you and asks him to come. She says Suhani needs you the most at this time and takes him there.

Kamini tells Suhani that she knew that this guy and his anger will put us in trouble. Nikki says they have come. Ranveer and Mamta come there. Suhani looks angry. Mamta says they are angry, you just calm down Ranveer.

She greets Dadi and Kamini. She asks Suhani how is Rakesh ji. Suhani says Papa is in coma, due to the head injury, Maa is with him. Kamini says Ranveer is responsible for this. She says you don’t have any shame and came here, and asks if he came to take their lives.

He says I have come here to support my wife and says her Papa is my Papa too and whatever happened was an accident. Suhani says Ranveer, first don’t talk in high tone and says whatever happened was an accident, but it happened due to your anger. She asks him to go. He says first I will discuss with doctor about the report and then will go.

Suhani says if Maa sees you then she will cry more and asks him to leave and not to hurt her family more. Mamta says I can understand your anger, but Rakesh ji needs all the family and wants to see us together and don’t want us to fight. Suhani says peace is needed here, and Ranveer’s anger is not trustable, I can’t take risk. Ranveer says I have come here for Papa. He tells Mamta that he is waiting for her outside.

Suhani and Mamta stand outside the door to see Rakesh. Doctor comes there and asks her to talk to the billing dept and if there is insurance then pay it. Suhani says Papa doesn’t have health insurance, and says she will clear all the bills. Doctor says treatment will be expensive without insurance. Sudha asks doctor not to worry about bills and tells that they will sell the house if needed. Mamta offers financial help and says we are one family.

Sudha says don’t makes me feel ashamed and tells that today is punished for supporting Ranveer. Suhani asks Sudha to handle herself and tells Mamta that she knows that she wants to help her genuinely and don’t want to hurt us, but we don’t want money or help from you. Mamta goes.


Sirf Tum 13th July 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Ranveer gets drunk and breaks the bottle in his room. Suhani asks him to let a mother give shraddhanjali to her son. Ranveer says Ansh was your husband, even you might be feeling pain. Suhani says I have nothing to say, I am leaving with my stuff.


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