Sirf Tum 14th June 2022 Written Episode Update


Sirf Tum 14th June 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Sirf Tum 14th June 2022 Episode starts with Suhani plucking the flower petals and says Ranveer loves me, he loves me not. Ranveer says pick any petal and you will know that Ranveer loves you.

Suhani asks why is he not like normal boyfriend who can take selfie. Ranveer says when they take selfie, it seems like something is stuck in the teeth. He says I can’t take selfie. Suhani asks him to look at the trees in the park and then they will leave.

Ranveer says he will click her picture. She poses while he clicks. Suhani asks him to move back and says pic will be good. He moves back and falls down. Suhani laughs. He gets up and his jacket gets dirty.

Suhani drenches him with the water, taking the pipe in her hand. He says if I go home drenched in water then Maa will scold me.

He then realizes and gets sad. Mamta prays to God and says my son and husband got ready to leave me for strangers, for whom I have done so many mannats and begged for them.

Asha comes there and says you rule in this house, and you have legal right on Vikrant ji, atleast you can give me a little space to do puja. Mamta gives her side. Asha says even my tapasya worked that he got fine.

She says she is lighting the diyas, and tells that first diya is for her victory when she lets her stay in the hospital and second diya is because Vikrant had chosen my kheer over your food. Mamta says Asha.

Asha says you got surprised, all the temple will be lighten up with my diyas. Mamta says that day will never come. Asha says that day will come, as my son Ansh is 10 times better than Ranveer, and he is standing with his father, unlike Ranveer. He says very soon Vikrant will give the control in my hand.

Mamta says you are other woman, and tells that you might have a small victory, but your place is outside the house, and wife is with the husband. Asha shouts Mamta. Mamta sys my son felt pity on you and gave you place here, and you thought to be the owner of the house. She holds her hand and is taking to throw her out. Ansh comes there and asks Mamta to stop.

He frees his mother’s hand and says you are not doing right, Ms. Mamta Vikrant Oberoi. He says even Ranveer is not here to save you, so learn to stay in your limits, you are alone in this house and next time, don’t dare to touch my mother’s hand. Samaira records everything and sends it to Ranveer.

Ranveer watches it and gets angry. He throws his phone away. Suhani says I didn’t think that Ansh will fall to this level and asks him to go to Mamta. Ranveer recalls swearing not to enter the house until he proves Suhani’s innocence. Suhani asks him to go. He says I can’t go without proving your innocence.

She asks him to go and says Mamta aunty needs you, and says that mother and son might be troubling her a lot and asks him to go. She says she needs you, if you don’t go then nobody is bad than me.

Ranveer goes. Dadi says I saw Suhani in anger for the first time. Ishaan says if this is their fight. Sudha says both Asha and Ansh are taking advantage of Ranveer’s absence there. Dadi says he was ready to leave Suhani for Mamta, and says so much happened.

Ansh comes to Vikrant and gives him medicines. Mamta brings kheer for Vikrant as he likes it. Asha comes there and stops him. She says he will have khichdi in dinner and says he shall have it light for good health.

Vikrant asks her to learn from Asha, and asks Mamta if she want to make him unwell. He praises Asha to taking his care. He takes the khichdi and says nice, tasty and healthy. Asha looks at Mamta. Mamta takes the kheer bowl from there. Asha smiles victorious. Ansh thinks Mamta aunty, your reverse countdown starts now.

Mamta comes to the hall and cries. Ranveer calls her. Mamta doesn’t pick the call. He calls Samaira. Samaira is looking at Mamta, and picks Ranveer’s call. Ranveer asks her to give call to Mamta. Samaira asks Mamta to talk to Ranveer.

Mamta asks her to say that he don’t need to act to love her, stay with Suhani and forget his mother. Ranveer says talk to me once. Mamta says I don’t want to talk to him and asks Samaira to go. Samaira ends the call and goes. Mamta cries.

Ranveer thinks of Mamta’s words that he has to choose one between Suhani and her. He thinks of his promise. Suhani comes to Ranveer and says you are worried and also in dilemma, whom to support. She says Mamta aunty is a mother and there is nobody important than a mother.

She says I will not start my case until Mamta aunty’s problems are solved. She asks for the coin and says she will toss and leave everything on God. She tosses the coin and says heads came, we will not argue, you shall support Mamta aunty, she needs you. Samaira talks to someone and gets happy knowing CCTV footage is found.

She says how will I come, so late in night. She then says she will come and goes. Ansh hears her and thinks who is giving her CCTV footage, she might ruin the plan at the end moment. He goes behind her on his bike.

She is in the auto and gets down at a place. Ansh follows her and sees her going towards Suhani’s home. He turns to leave, when Ranveer comes there and stops him, thanks Samaira for bringing the rat out of the hole.


Sirf Tum 15th June 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Asha apologizes to Mamta and says my son and I will not trouble you. She takes her diyas. Mamta forgives her. Ranveer says I am not there Asha ji, if my mother’s eyes get even a tear, then…Asha says she will not let any tear come in Mamta’s eyes.


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