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Sirf Tum 14th September 2022 Episode starts with Suhani pretending to talk to the receptionist. She tells Inspector that his chief called at the reception, she asks him to go and talk to his chief, till then she will see what to do. She asks Aditya to direct him. Aditya confuses Inspector and tells him the way.

Ranveer asks Ram Singh, why is he scared of Police, as they are for your protection. Suhani asks Ram Singh not to worry, and tells that Ranveer went to jail for him, and says you can trust him. Mr. Singh comes to the hospital and asks Inspector what is he doing here? He says if Ram Singh opens his mouth then? Inspector says I was told that you called at reception.

Mr. Singh says why will I call you there. They walk towards the ward. Ram Singh tells Ranveer and Suhani that the real person behind all this is Mr. Singh, who wanted to kill him in a fake encounter. He says he wanted to kill me. Just then Ranveer hears them coming there, peeps outside and closes the door. He asks Ram Singh, not to be scared and says nobody can harm you.

Mr. Singh shouts calling Suhani to open the door and says you are doing the same mistake. Ranveer says I accepted court warning, but your warning can’t harm me. Mr. Singh tells Suhani that this time her hospital will be closed and she will go to jail. Suhani says like Dr. Ranveer, our aim is to save patient’s life and we understand what is your mission. Ranveer asks her to call SSP Sir and tell him that Ram Singh wants to record his statement now itself.

Suhani calls SSP and tells him that Ram Singh got consciousness, and wants to give you statement. SSP asks Ram Singh to say. Ram Singh tells SSP that he is not the part of Anti Indian group, but his friend was involved. He says I told this to Mr. Singh and was taking him to my friend.

He says Mr. Singh made plan of my fake encounter and tried to kill me. He says Singh saheb was involved in anti Indian group. Suhani tells SSP that Mr. Singh and his men are here, and wants to kill Ram Singh in the name of protection. She says we are locked in ICU. SSP says I will send my team there.

Mr. Singh asks Inspector and his men to break the door, and says I will see how they hide from me. Aditya stops Mr. Singh and tells him that this is private hospital and such things are not entertained. He says if you break the door, then I will register FIR against you. Mr. Singh threatens to kill Aditya.

He calls Dr. Suhani and says I will shoot, if you don’t open the door. Ranveer says Mr. Singh, Ram Singh told us everything, your game is over. Mr. Singh and Inspector break the door and come inside. Mr. Singh says nobody can lock me in jail, but I will kill you both. SSP comes there and aims gun at Mr. Singh.

Other Inspector takes gun from his hand. SSP says ATS chief officer, Vasant Singh…you are arrested for being the part of Anti Indian group and for criminal conspiracy. The Other Inspector takes him away from there. SSP thanks Ranveer and Suhani for doing a big thing. Ranveer says no Sir, we did our work, we have saved our patient. Aditya sees Suhani and Ranveer smiling looking at each other.

He asks Suhani if she is fine. Suhani says yes. Ranveer and Suhani are interviewed by the news channel. The reporter appreciates Ranveer and Suhani. Ranveer says atleast you have understood. Suhani says she is proud of saving the patient’s life and gives credit to Ranveer. Aditya looks upset.

Sudha says when Suhani has broken relation with Ranveer, then why she is facing him again and again. Aditya says your anger is justified, but see from her sight, it might be difficult for her too, to go infront of a guy whom she loved. He says she doesn’t go alone, Adi goes with her.

Dadi asks Sudha to trust her and says if patient gets fine, then her guilt will be less. She says Adi had told that Suhani called Ranveer for patient’s treatment. Some people come to Ranveer and congratulate him. Ranveer asks Suhani to listen to him. Suhani says there is nothing left to talk. Ranveer asks her to listen to him once. Aditya says Suhani doesn’t want to talk to you, so just leave her alone. Ranveer gets angry, but controls his anger. He comes home.

Mamta asks did you talk to Suhani? Ranveer says no, she is not talking to me. Mamta asks him what is going on in your heart? She asks if you love her even now. Ranveer says I will come. Dada ji asks him to say what Mamta is asking him. Ranveer says yes, I want to meet Suhani and wants to thank her, as she helped me. Vikram says message her, she will read your message. He asks him to move on in life, and asks if message will be formal. He then asks him to send a gift with a thank you note.

Mamta asks if you want to say something else too. Dada ji asks him to say sorry also for his past wrong doings. Vikram asks him to accept that he just loves Suhani. Mamta asks didn’t you want our family to unite. Ranveer says love never got lessened, I made her cry and hurt her a lot due to my anger and ego.

Mamta says when you have realized your mistake, go and apologize to her. Ranveer says she doesn’t want to see my face. Dada ji asks him to apologize anyhow. Vikram asks him to call her for the hospital opening ceremony. Mamta says this is good idea. Ranveer says she will not come.

They say she will come. Mamta says call and invite her. Suhani recalls Ranveer trying to talk to her. She gets his call, but doesn’t pick it. He sends her message, that tomorrow is hospital opening, Maa and he will feel good if she comes. He asks her to give him a chance, and if she wants to change the way then she can. Suhani thinks she will not go, then thinks he helped her a lot, if she doesn’t go? Dadi comes there and asks what is she thinking?

Suhani shows her the message. Dadi reads it and asks if you will go. Suhani says I really don’t know what I shall do. She says my hatred for Ranveer haven’t ended fully, and says I think I shall go for professional work. Dadi asks her to listen to her heart and asks her to sleep.

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