Sirf Tum 15th July 2022 Written Episode Update


Sirf Tum 15th July 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Sirf Tum 15th July 2022 Episode starts with Mamta giving tea to Dadu. Samaira brings water for Mamta. Mamta thanks her. Dadu asks when Roshni is coming back. Samaira says Nani is better and Mamma will come in few days.

Suhani calls Dadu. Dadu asks how are you, and asks about Rakesh. Suhani says until Ranveer is involved, Papa can’t be fine. She says Ranveer has cancelled Papa’s discharge and says his fight is with me and asks him to make him understand not to drag her family, Papa’s situation is critical due to Ranveer.

She says she will not talk to him and asks Dadu to make Ranveer understand. Dadu says he will talk to him. Mamta says I will talk to him. Dadu says no, I need to talk to him.

Ranveer is in his room and hits the punching bag angrily thinking about Suhani slapping him. Dadu comes there. Ranveer hides the wine bottles. Dadu says until yesterday Suhani and you were one. He says you had promised Suhani that you will not drink wine. He says Suhani said that you have cancelled Rakesh ji’s discharge.

Ranveer says I had promised her when everything is fine between us, when I trusted her. He says Suhani has broken my trust and support. He says you came here as she complained and says you would have asked me.

He says he don’t mix his professional and personal lives, and tells that Suhani’s Papa can’t get discharge as he is not in a position. He says the matter is about Papa’s health. Dadu says you would have told her. Ranveer says she will not understand. Dadu hopes that the bitterness between them, shall end soon.

He comes to the hospital. Suhani asks did you talk to Ranveer and asks if he agreed for discharge. Dadu says Ranveer said that Rakesh ji shall be under doctor’s supervision. He asks her to talk to him. Suhani says he stopped the discharge intentionally and says senior doctors had agreed for discharge.

She says I have studied too and understand, and don’t want to take risk of Papa’s health. Dadu says I have seen in his eyes, he is not wrong. Suhani says I respect you a lot and will decide what is best for my family. She says she will go.

Suhani is sitting at Rakesh’s bedside. Dadi asks Suhani what she thought? Suhani looks on. Sudha says we shall wait for 2-3 days. Dadi asks her to do whatever is good for Rakesh. Suhani says I have thought, Papa will go home today, I will see who stops me. She says I will go and talk to senior doctor. She goes.

Dr. Nigam calls Ranveer and tells that the patient’s family wants to get him discharge whose discharge he had cancelled. Ranveer says its ok, let them do what they want, as a doctor my duty is to give the best treatment and says if they don’t care about their family member then what we can do.

Nikhil says Suhani’s behavior is strange, she threatened to complained against him and accused him of misconduct and said that you cancelled the discharge for personal enmity. Ranveer is shocked and angry. He throws his mobile and shouts Suhani.

Suhani is taking Rakesh from the hospital. Ranveer asks Suhani if she has gone mad to threatened hospital authorities citing his misconduct. Suhani asks what do you want to prove by cancelling the discharge, you are hurting us and asks with what right, you are doing this. She says as per the contract, you are here for the paper work and is not the owner. She says she will take Papa.

He says you can take your Papa, but if you complain about my work ethics then I will not bear. Suhani says I didn’t complain, just threatened so that you shall know that nobody can hurt my family. She says I will be better doctor than you. Ranveer says I care for your family and hearing your talks, it seems like we are enemies and this enmity is for life. Suhani takes Rakesh home.

At house, Suhani sets up ICU. She holds Rakesh’s hand and says welcome home Papa. She says you will be fine soon, I trust Mata Rani, she will not let anything happen to you. She says you will be fine like before, very soon. She kisses on his hand and prays to Mata Rani to make him fine soon.

Ranveer sees Rakesh’s xrays and says if she will become good doctor like this. She is risking Papa’s health, and says she is in second year and it seems like she will use her mind after getting degree. He says I am the doctor, who the hell is she? she wants to complain against me.

Mamta comes there and asks Ranveer to come. Ranveer says I don’t want to eat, you have food. Mamta asks did you talk to Suhani? Ranveer says your bahu is very understanding and is doing foolishness to go against me. Mamta says everything is not black and white and says if she has taken him home, then may be she had thought, may be they couldn’t afford the hospital bills.

Ranveer shows her xray and says this dot is blood clot and the patient will die if the blood clot reaches the brain. He says he needs to be operated. He asks what is the financial problem? Mamta asks Suhani will not ask for financial help, but if she asks then will you help her. Ranveer says yes, and tells that he will help her and do anything to make him fine, even if he is his enemy’s father.

Suhani gives injection in the glucose dip and says you will be fine. Kamini and Nikki come there. Kamini says my bhai is still in coma, what do you think that you have become a doctor.

She says there is a difference in home and hospital treatment. Suhani asks her to trust her, and says whatever I am doing is for his betterment. Kamini tells Sudha that she don’t expect this from her and says you brought bhai here behind my back. Dadi says we asked the doctor and brought him here. Kamini says if anything happens to Bhai, then I will not leave Suhani. She cries seeing his state.

Ranveer is still seeing the xrays and calls Suhani, to give his phone. He then realizes she is not there. He takes his phone and calls Dr. Nigam. He tells Dr. Nigam that he has sent revised prescription of Rakesh. Dr. Nigam tells that the medicines which you have prescribed is for brain haemorrage and asks why we need it. He says they are very rare to get. Ranveer says we can need it at any moment, arrange it as soon as possible. Dr. Nigam says ok, I will try.


Sirf Tum 16th July 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Sudha tells Suhani that Rakesh’s condition is deteriorating and machine is beeping. Suhani goes to get injection and couldn’t get it. She calls Ranveer, but hesitates to talk to him. Ranveer picks the call and says hello Suhani.


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