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Sirf Tum 15th September 2022 Episode starts with Ranveer getting a strong feeling that Suhani will come. Dada ji asks Ranveer to talk to Suhani today. Sudha calls everyone to have food. Suhani is going. Sudha asks her to have breakfast.

Suhani says she is going to Mamta hospital as today it is reopening. Sudha asks why? Rakesh asks her to rethink again. Suhani says I am going there as a doctor, says Ranveer helped me to save a patient, I shall go. Sudha tries to stop her.

Dadi asks her to let Suhani go if she feels she shall go. Sudha asks why you are guiding her to the wrong way. Dadi says we get good life if we face the troubled times. Suhani says I will come back in evening.

At the Mamta hospital, Ranveer waits for Suhani. Vikram tells Ranveer that they shall start. Suhani comes there and greets them. Ranveer is happy. He asks SSP to inaugurate his hospital second innings. SSP inaugurates the hospital. He then gives trophies to Ranveer and Suhani.

Dada ji asks Ranveer to speak out his feelings to Suhani. Ranveer says ok. Mamta asks him to go and bring her bahu back. Ranveer goes out and sees Suhani sitting on the bench. He says I know Suhani that you don’t want to forgive me and have 1000’s of reasons. He says whenever I hurt you, I felt equal pain.

He says I have ruined my life along with yours, I accept that I was wrong and takes responsibility of whatever happened. He apologizes to her. He says even now, I love you a lot and asks her to fight with him, and return back to her house. He says your home is waiting for you.

Suhani says Ranveer, I am forgiving you, but I can’t come back to you. She says we both have moved on in our lives, and Ranveer and Suhani’s names can’t be one. She gets up and starts walking away. Ranveer looks on. Mamta and Dada ji come there. Mamta says we will talk to Suhani again, don’t accept defeat.

Dada ji says control your anger, she will return back to you, as you have apologized to her. Ranveer goes. Mamta says I am afraid of his anger. Dada ji says he is in pain, we will talk later.

Suhani thinks of Ranveer’s apologetic words and his apology. Dadi comes there and asks Suhani why is she silent? Suhani says nothing. Dadi asks if Ranveer said something. Suhani is silent. Dadi asks why Ranveer want to meet you?

Suhani says first he thanked me for supporting him, then he apologized to me and took responsibility of whatever happened. She says then he asked me to return to him. Suhani says I can’t return to him, can’t give him same love and respect like before. Dadi says you know what to do. She asks her to sleep and goes.

Mamta thinks Ranveer must have come home by now. Vikram says Ranveer’s phone is off, and he didn’t return home. Mamta says since Suhani refused, he was worried and asks if he did something to himself.

Dada ji says no, and says John and Raghu will find him. Raghu calls Dada ji and says Ranveer is with us and he is fine. Mamta asks him to make her talk to him. Raghu says he wants to be alone for sometime. Mamta asks him to be with him and take care. Ranveer is making Suhani’s colorful sketch.

Raghu and John ask him to come home, and says Aunty is worried. Ranveer says he is not upset with Suhani. He says he has realized that he was a bad person that Suhani couldn’t trust him. He promises to himself, that he will leave his anger, ego and madness, and will become her Ranveer, like she always wanted. He says I promise. Raghu and John smiles.

Ranveer comes home in the morning. Mamta asks where did you go? Vikrant says if everything is fine. Ranveer says sorry to Mamta and says he will not give any chance to anyone to complain. He asks them to get ready and says we have to leave. Vikrant asks where? Ranveer calls John and Raghu.

Johna and Raghu come with the gift boxes. Mamta asks where are we going? Ranveer says to bring your bahu back, can’t go empty handed, so will take shagun. Dada ji says why to go forcibly? Ranveer says he will not force Suhani, but will request her to give him a last chance and will prove her that I have changed. He says this is not possible without your support. Vikrant asks them to go and says he will make arrangements to welcome bahu.

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