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Sirf Tum 16th May 2022 Episode starts with Suhani cooking in the kitchen. Mamta comes there calling Servant. Suhani says he was making parathas again, so I made oats and upma, and fresh juice for you.

Dada ji comes and asks if I will eat oats today. Suhani asks him to eat and says you will forget parathas. She goes. Dada ji asks Mamta to look from his sight and tells that Suhani is a good girl and she is happiness of Ranveer. Mamta asks God to show her the right way and wants happiness for Ranveer.

Suhani comes to the temple and asks Asha why did you bring me here. Asha tells Pandit ji that she is her bahu Suhani. Suhani greets Pandit ji and asks Asha why did she call her in hurry? Asha says your marriage with Ansh happened hurriedly and that’s why she has kept this puja so that both husband and wife shall stay happily. Suhani says husband and wife? Asha emotionally blackmails her and if you stay with Ansh,

then your love will bring him on the right path. Suhani asks if the girls are rehabitation centre who can guarantee to make the guys better, and says Ansh is mannerless and bad, and no girl can make him right. Asha says Ansh was insecure since childhood, tells that due to her relation with Vikrant, her parents had left her, and then even Vikrant left her. She says Ansh is my only son, don’t leave him alone.

She says I am sure that he will change after this puja, and he will become good. Suhani says I don’t want to have any relation with Ansh, I can’t sit in this puja, as Ranveer is in my heart. Asha says Ranveer is the son of the rich father and he will do the same thing as Vikrant, he will never accept you and it will be too late for you then. Suhani says if you are saying this, then you don’t know him.

He is not like Vikrant uncle and whatever happened with you, will never happen with me. She says I will fight for my love and will get him. She prays to Mata Rani and says I know she never breaks good people’s heart. She walks out of the temple. Ansh comes there. Suhani looks at him and leaves.

Ansh comes to Asha and asks what happened, if these tears are because of Suhani. He says I will show her what is crying, and says I wish Ranveer had no proofs against me, I wish I could do what I wanted, then I would have separated them. Asha says Ranveer has no proofs against you. A fb is shown, Ranveer opens the door and finds Asha sitting on the door. He asks since when she is sleeping here.

asha says since night and tells that Ansh did a mistake, and asks him to delete the proofs as he got the divorce papers. She says I can’t sleep until that sword is on my neck. Ranveer assures that he will not show that proofs to anyone. Asha says I don’t have husband, if Ansh goes to jail then what will I do. She asks him to destroy the proof. Ranveer says now that proof is of no use to me, I got my Suhani. He gives the hard disk to her, and says I have deleted it from other things. He says I shall not see Ansh near my Suhani. Fb ends.

Ansh hugs Asha and says you are genius. Mamta says I always wanted you to be like him, but the way he forced you to sign on divorce papers, I didn’t like and wanted you to be on his place, and wants Oberois to suffer like me. She says I will not let the same thing happen with you and I will do anything for that. Ansh looks on.

Mamta serves food to Vikrant. Ranveer comes there. Vikrant asks him to come and have food, if his anger has calm down. He asks why are you mourning, you have closed Suhani’s chapter yourself. He says until you have food, your Mom will not have food. Ranveer sees Servant taking Suhani’s stuff and asks him.

Servant says he is taking Suhani’s stuff to her husband’s room. Ranveer says he is not her husband and goes to Ansh’s room, asking how dare he? Suhani says she asked Servant to bring her stuff here, and asks who is he to interfere between husband and wife? She asks him to close the door while leaving.

Ranveer closes the door. He goes to his room and hits the ball on the wall. He thinks Suhani wants to hurt me and wants to prove that I can’t bear to see her with someone else, and is dying without her. He thinks how can Suhani forget whatever happened in Kashmir and she has shifted with him in his room. He is about to knock on the door, but then goes back to his room and thinks he is not weak to return to her.

Later Ranveer knocks on the door. Suhani opens the door. Ranveer says I want to talk to Ansh. Suhani says Ansh is in the bathroom. Ranveer goes. Suhani takes out the knife from her back. Later Ranveer knocks on the door again, playing the cube. Suhani opens the door. Ranveer asks if he came?

She asks my husband. Ranveer asks her to send him when he comes out of the bathroom. Suhani is about to close the door. Ranveer asks her not to close the door and goes to stand outside. He breaks the cube and walks away. Suhani smiles. Ansh comes there and closes the door. Suhani asks him to open the door. Ansh says let Ranveer be jealous and let him be in pain all night. Suhani shows knife to him,

asking him not to come near her. He snatches knife from her hand and says violence is not good between husband and wife. He holds her hand. Suhani asks him to behave and asks him to stay away. He says how he can stay away from a beautiful girl. He says Ranveer will feel pain seeing them closer. He walks towards her. Suhani steps behind. She takes a glass bottle and hits on his head. Ansh looks at his blood stained hand. Ranveer is coming running there.

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