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Sirf Tum 17th June 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Sirf Tum 17th June 2022 Episode starts with Kapoor telling Vikrant that he always knew that Ranveer will marry Riya, but fear that Suhani and her family can come. Vikrant says I have turned the house into a fort and says nobody can come and go without his permission. He says lets meet in the marriage function.

Ansh tells the guards that Suhani shall not come inside and shows her photo to them. Suhani thinks Ranveer haven’t come till now, if he was getting late then should have informed me. She calls him.

Ranveer doesn’t pick the call and is restless. She calls him again, but he rejects her call. She thinks she shall call again and again, and he will pick the call. Ranveer gets angry and throws his phone on the mirror. The mirror breaks. Suhani says Ranveer has switched off his phone, but why? Ranveer throws the sherwani.

Ansh holds it and asks why are you taking out anger on it, you have to wear it for marriage. He says you tried to stop it, but it happened, Riya is in your life and Suhani is out. He says you will never be out from this, this is your jail. Ranveer breaks the sand timer and pours sand in Ansh’s hand.

He then make it slip from his hand and asks do you understand anything. He says I am like this sand, and will come out from the hands, and you will stand like this. He says I am doing this marriage as I wanted and suhani will always be in my life, that’s why I am marrying Riya. He says my Suhani loves me like I like her.

He says what will you do, when my Suhani will come to take me. Ansh smiles and goes. Suhani comes to Oberoi house. The guards identify her. Suhani asks why the gate is locked and asks them to open it. Raghav and John also come there. She shouts Ranveer. The guard says he will not come, and asks if she didn’t see the board. Suhani sees Ranveer weds Riya’s board.

Ranveer is ready in sherwani. Mamta comes there and ties the turban. Roshni says she got brooch from the locker. Suhani pushes the board down and shouts calling Ranveer. Ranveer senses her presence and gets up. Roshni asks if the turban is tight. Mamta asks him to sit and takes off the bad sight from him.

He thinks of his moments with Suhani. Suhani asks the guards to open the gate and shouts calling Ranveer. Vikrant and Ansh come there. Vikrant says heard of the marriage and came to beg. He throws money bundle on her, asks her to take it and get lost.

Suhani stares at him. Vikrant asks what do you think that you will get extra money and says I have freed my son from your clutches and asks her to leave. He asks Security to throw her out. Suhani shouts calling Ranveer. The guards push Suhani. John and Raghav hold her. Suhani asks why are you doing this? I need to talk to you. Suhani takes the stone from the pot kept there, and throws at Ranveer’s window.

Ranveer sees his window glass breaking and realizes Suhani came, but he stops himself. Suhani shouts calling him and asks him to come out. She says I want to talk to you. John and Raghav asks her to come, and says how much you will get yourself insulted. Suhani refuses to go. Vikrant says if he wanted to come, then would have come, nobody can stop him. He says he didn’t come as he wants to do this marriage.

He asks her to go away from his life forever. Ansh looks on. Vikrant asks guards to throw her out. Suhani leaves from there. Vikrant says if this girl is seen again then throw her out. He comes inside with Ansh. Mamta looks at them. Samaira thinks everyone knows that Bhai loves Suhani, then why this marriage is happening, this is not right. Ranveer thinks of his promise to Suhani.

Suhani cries. Raghav says Ranveer and your story is what everyone wants and it will not end. He says Ranveer always fought for you. John asks her to fight for Ranveer and says we have 2 hours, if you win the case. Suhani says I will fight for Ranveer. Riya tells that today is her life’s biggest day and drinks champagne.

She thinks Ranveer will only remember Riya. The hair stylish asks her not to move her hair else her hair style will be spoiled. Riya asks her not to use that word. Mamta calls Riya. Riya says I was thinking about Ranveer.

Mamta asks do you really want to marry Ranveer. Riya says I called you Mummy ji and says your question is late. Mamta says I am asking you, as I care for you, as the guy whom you are going to marry loves someone else. Riya promises to give him so much love that he will forget Suhani and asks her to let this marriage happens. Mamta says ok.

Suhani comes to Karthik’s house and asks Madhu to tell where is he? She says Ranveer is important to me, like Karthik to you. She says I know that he called you. Madhu says yes he called me to wish Sweety. Suhani asks for the phone number.

Riya and Ranveer sit on the mandap. Vikrant asks Pandit ji to hurry up for marriage and says we want to make Riya as our bahu soon. Pandit ji asks them to do the ghatbandhan. Roshni ties the ghatbandhan. Ranveer looks on. Suhani asks John and Raghav to locate the location for me and this family, else Ranveer will go away from me for forever.


Sirf Tum 18th June 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Suhani calls Mamta and tells that she is innocent and trapped. She says her innocence proof is locked in Kapoor’s house and asks her to stop this marriage.


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