Sirf Tum 18th June 2022 Written Episode Update


The Episode starts with Pandit ji reciting the mantras for Ranveer and Riya’s marriage. Roshni ties the ghatbandhan. Pandit ji says start the rounds now.

Ranveer recalls Suhani’s love confession, while taking rounds with Riya. Mamta hears the mobile vibrating sound and goes to side to pick the call. She picks the call and says hello. Suhani asks her not to end the call and hear her once, and says do you think that I tried to kill Vikrant uncle.

She says she is innocent and her innocence proof is locked in Kapoor’s house. She swears on Ranveer and says this is a big conspiracy to trap me, stop this marriage. Pandit ji says 3 rounds are completed, and asks them to start the 4th round.

Ranveer takes Suhani’s name in his heart. Pandit ji says 6 rounds are completed, now both bride and the groom will take the 7th round. Mamta asks them to stop and says this marriage will not happen.

Vikrant asks what are you saying Mamta ji? Mamta asks Ranveer to go and says Suhani’s work is done, you don’t need to stay here, and I am with you in this decision. Riya is shocked. Ranveer takes off the garland and the ghatbandhan cloth. He is about to go.Vikrant stops him and says if you go away from mandap then my respect will be ruined,

don’t do it. Dada ji says nobody can stop my grand son today. Suhani is waiting outside. Dada ji asks Ranveer to run. Ansh comes infront of him. Ranveer hits him and runs. He comes out and sees Suhani. He asks the driver to get down. He sits on the driver’s seat with Suhani and drives off. Kapoor’s goons come out and run behind the car.

Suhani is upset with Ranveer and says I am very angry with you, you have promised that we will take the decisions together. He says I was helpless. She says you shall get your great stories published. She says if the marriage had happened. He says I know that you will come and take me.

She tells that there is a 50 percent chance that Kartik is there, and we have to take the risk. They reach Kapoor’s house. Suhani silently goes inside the gate. The guard stops her. Ranveer comes and stops him from informing other guards. Suhani takes the rod and hits the guard on his head. The guard faints.

Suhani and Ranveer go inside. He says don’t know if Karthik is here or not. They check for Karthik. Ranveer says we shall go upstairs and check. They see a locked door and break it. They find Karthik locked inside.

Karthik gets tensed. Ranveer asks him to relax and says they came to free him. Suhani tells Karthik that they want CCTV footage. Karthik says don’t know why everyone wants it. Suhani says it is very important for me. Karthik says I swear on my children, will not give, else you will kill me just as you get it.

Suhani calls his daughter Sweety. Karthik says hello. Sweety says that doll house is the best gift. She asks when he will come. Karthik says very soon. Elder daughter says Suhani is good and she has brought your gift, and told that you will return soon. Suhani tells Sweety that her Papa will soon come.

Madhu asks Karthik to do good as Suhani. He says ok. Ranveer says if we don’t reach court then she will be jailed and only you can save her. Karthik gives the CCTV footage to Ranveer, which he had hidden in his socks. Ranveer plays the footage, connecting it to his phone and sees Ansh changing the medicine. Ansh comes there and aims gun at them. Kapoor’s goons also come there.

Ranveer asks Ansh, did you come to clap? He snatches his gun and aims at him. He says you have made a good plan with Kapoor, and didn’t care for my father’s life to trap Suhani. He asks the goons to throw the guns, else he will shoot Ansh. The goons keep the gun down. Ranveer says good boys and signs them to go to side. John and Raghu come there and take the guns.

Raghu gives the paper. Ranveer says it is suhani and your divorce papers. Ansh says you will say and I will sign, no. Ranveer says CCTV is a good thing, you are seen changing the medicines and got trapped while trapping Suhani. He says I will show the footage in court and judge will show you, the way to jail.

Ansh says ok and signs on the divorce papers. Ranveer takes the divorce papers and asks John and Raghu to tie Ansh. They tie him to chair. Ranveer asks them to take Karthik with them. Suhani thanks karthik and says now I can proof my innocence because of you. Ranveer asks John and Raghu to take Karthik to his house, and they will go to court.

Precap: Ansh calls Kapoor and says they got the proofs and reaching there with proofs. Kapoor says they will not reach court. Kapoor’s goons attack Ranveer and he falls down. Suhani shouts Ranveer.


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