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Sirf Tum 21st July 2022 Episode starts with Suhani telling Sudha that she gets TC or not, but she will leave her studies to go away from Ranveer. Sudha says it was my dream to see you as a doctor and it was your Papa’s dream too.

Suhani says yes and tells that she has to do job to manage Ishaan’s studies and Papa’s treatment. Mamta asks Ranveer to have food. He says he is not hungry. Mamta asks what do you want to prove.

Samaira comes there and says she made special cookies for him and asks him to eat else she will give him swear. Ranveer asks her to give and tastes it. Sudha comes there. Mamta says Sudha ji. Sudha says I feel suffocated here, when I think about my husband and daughter, today you have crossed all the limits by playing with my daughter’s future. Dada ji asks what he has done?

Sudha asks what do you think that they will unite if you come to our house also. She says Suhani can’t become a doctor due to you. Ranveer says I stopped her transfer for her studies and says she wants to do foolishness due to her ego.

Sudha asks what about your ego, my daughter is thinking to go away from this city and leave her studies, so that she don’t bend down infront of you. She requests Ranveer to let Suhani’s transfer happens. Ranveer goes upset. Sudha leaves.

Suhani asks everyone to do packing and sleep early so that they can leave early from here. Ranveer thinks to call her, and then thinks he will not call, let her ruin her career. Mamta comes there. He asks if there is any problem.

Mamta says the mother can’t sleep. She says you always supported me when Vikrant ji got against me. Ranveer says whatever I am doing is to save her career and not to ruin it. Mamta says I can understand being your mother, but everyone else can’t understand. She asks him to sign on the transfer certificate application, and let her become doctor, don’t break her dream and yours too.

He recalls his dream to see her as the best doctor. Next day, he comes to Suhani’s house to give her NOC. He gets John and Raghu’s call, and tells them that he will request Rakesh not to allow her to take transfer. He rings the bell and asks the neighbor where did they go? The neighbor says they left with all the stuff and said that they will stay in another city. He asks did they tell, where they are going? Neighbor says they didn’t tell. Ranveer gets worried.

Suhani and her family are in the tempo. Dadi asks Suhani how did she get the TC? Suhani says she went to the medical council and requested them, now Ranveer has no control in my life. A fb is shown, Suhani talks to the medical council and argues with them to give her TC. She says she can’t afford to study here,

and if she stays here, then it will be risky for her mental health because of her husband. The medical council officer grants her TC. Fb ends. Dadi says I am proud of you. She thinks she will not miss even her memories. He thinks I will not see your face, go away from me, everything is finished between us.

Suhani and her family settle down in another city. She asks Sudha if there is any work. Sudha says no. Suhani says one last work needs to be done. She takes out old sim and replaces it with new sim.

She says I have inserted new sim of Rampur. Dadi says if anyone calls us. Suhani says we will make a new start with good memories. She breaks the old sim and throws it down. She then gives injection in glucose dip and tells Rakesh that she has not apologized to them. She says you have to come with me here, because of me, living your house. She says I know this is difficult and I am sorry.

She holds Rakesh’s hands. Rakesh blinks his eye lashes. Dadi says what is important is that we all are together. She says this struggle is for few days, once we get the rented house, we will make it as our home.

Sudha asks her to concentrate on her studies to become a doctor. Suhani says Papa has done so much for us, I will work hard and will become a good doctor, you all will feel proud of me. She says we will make more big house here, than we had there, and we all will stay happily.

In the night, she sees a shadow and sees someone jumping in her room through the window. Suhani asks who is there? Ranveer says who has dare to enter your room, other than your husband. Suhani asks why did he come here? He says you can’t go away from me and asks her to come back with him.

Suhani asks if you want to insult me more. Ranveer says sorry and says ego came between us, but my life is more big than my ego, which is you and asks her to come back home. Suhani asks why you took so much time. Ranveer says my timelight set on late, and apologizes to her, says I will hurt myself but will not let any tears come in her eyes. Suhani says if you had not come,

then I would have learnt to stay without you, but can’t stop loving you. She says she don’t have any peace. He promises that he will never let her down. She asks why did you go away from me. She asks him to promise that he will not go away from her and says I love you so much. He says I love you and I promise that I will not go away from you. This turns out to be her dream and wakes up shouting. Dadi switches on the lights and asks what happened? Suhani looks on.

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