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Sirf Tum 22nd August 2022 Episode starts with Suhani asking Adi, what is he saying and says she regards him as her good friend. Aditya asks if best friend don’t love each other. He says he can’t live without her and love her a lot.

It turns out to be his imagination. Suhani asks where did you get lost? He says nothing. Suhani says you are getting late to go to hospital. Aditya says ok and asks her to massage her foot. She says ok.

Ranveer is making Suhani’s idol. Vikrant comes there and says Inspector has come. Inspector asks Ranveer why did you take Suhani alone in car? He asks did you want to hurt her? He asks Ranveer to answer him. Ranveer says I am not habitual to do anything while hiding.

He says if he hurts someone then injury will be seen. He says Suhani has hurt him a lot and he will hurt her, so that her tears will be dried, but her pain will not end. Inspector suggests him to take divorce from Suhani,

if he is not happy with his marriage and says it is your personal matter. Ranveer says this is my personal matter, you don’t need to interfere. He says Suhani was my wife, is my wife and will be my wife always. He pours oil on the mannequin which he made of Suhani and burns it, saying if Suhani becomes of someone else even by mistake then I will burn all the city. Vikrant says it is personal fight and asks Inspector to come with him.

Sudha asks Rakesh and Dadi to come and have breakfast. Door bell rings. Rakesh opens the door and finds Oberois at the door step. Vikrant, Mamta, Dadaji and Samaira are at the door and greet him. Rakesh asks them to come inside. Suhani comes to the hall. Samaira hugs her. Suhani greets them. Dada ji asks Suhani, how is she? Suhani says she is fine and asks Dada ji to sit.

Mamta comes to Suhani and asks her to come home. She says if you don’t come home, then I will never get fine and can’t leave this wheel chair. Suhani says Mamta aunty, I am sorry, please don’t force me. Dada ji tells Suhani that they just hope that everything will be fine if she wants. Suhani says I respect and love you all, but my relation with you all is because of Ranveer, and I can’t get in this relation again.

Vikrant says Suhani, you both have broken up due to me, and I shall be punished and not your mother. He asks her to come home for this mother. Sudha says I am Suhani’s mother and I told you clearly that my daughter will not go to that house,

which pushed my husband near death, and Suhani had a bad time. Mamta says Ranveer refused to get his injuries bandaged and says Doctor said that he can get injection. She says I know Suhani is upset with him, but she can treat him as a doctor. They leave.

Suhani recalls swearing to treat patients, keeping her personal issues aside. Sudha comes there and asks Suhani to concentrate on her training and then they will leave this city. Suhani thinks of Ranveer.

Dada ji says Suhani has refused, now what to do? Suhani comes there. Samaira says bhabhi. Everyone looks at her. Vikrant and Dada ji get up hopeful seeing her. Suhani goes to the inhouse temple and prays to Mata Rani. She seeks the blessings. She then greets everyone. Mamta asks Suhani to do a favor on them and make Ranveer understand to get his injuries bandaged and says he is in much pain.

Suhani hears him writhing in pain and asks Mamta not to worry. She climbs the stairs and goes to his room. Ranveer sees her. He holds her hand and asks why do you come to my thoughts and asks why don’t you go, says I hate you. Suhani says even I hate you Ranveer. He realizes she is really there and asks what does she wants? Suhani says everyone is worried,

Mamta aunty wants me to treat you. Ranveer says I am your senior and don’t want you to treat me. Mamta comes there with dada ji and Vikrant, and asks Ranveer to let her do the dressing of his injuries. Dada ji goes to Ranveer and says I think she has realized her mistake and wants to apologize to you. He asks him to get the injuries bandaged. Suhani cleans his injuries with the antiseptic cream. He asks her to do it and leave.

Rakesh tells Aditya that Suhani left long back. Aditya says she didn’t call me. Rakesh asks if she didn’t call you? Dadi asks him to call Suhani. Rakesh calls Suhani. Suhani goes to side and picks the call. Mamta tells Suhani that she had brought this saree for her, but couldn’t give then. She asks her to take it.

Suhani is hesitant. Mamta says I am not asking you to return, and requests her to come and meet her sometimes. Suhani says I will come and meet you daily and you will be fine fully. Mamta thanks her.

Aditya comes to Oberoi Mansion calling Suhani. Ranveer says this is my house, with whose permission you have come here. Aditya says Suhani’s family sent me for her protection and says your report card is already with them. Ranveer is about to hit him, when Suhani comes and stands infront of Aditya. .

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