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Sirf Tum 24th August 2022 Episode starts with Suhani touches Mamta’s feet. She says we will do some movement daily and will try to walk. Samaira says since you came, she is much better. Dada ji says we are smiling again with Mamta.

Suhani says I want her to be fine, as a doctor. Mamta asks what about as a bahu. Dada ji asks Suhani to give a chance to Ranveer as Honey cleared the misunderstanding. Samaira says Bhai loves you even now, his anger is his love. Mamta tells Suhani that amidst their fights, their love will never end, and asks if she is saying wrong.

Suhani says she is getting late and goes. Suhani thinks of Aditya and Ranveer. She recalls Mamta asking her to return. She is about to get hit by the car. The driver stops the car and scolds her. Aditya comes to the birthday party and compliments Dadi for the nice decoration. Ishaan says Didi’s phone is not reachable.

Sudha says she had talked to her long back. Aditya gets angry and comes to Ranveer’s house, calling Suhani. Vikrant says Suhani has gone to her house. Aditya asks him to call Ranveer. Ranveer asks him to keep his tone down. Aditya says call Suhani. Dada ji says Suhani left long back. Ranveer says he might have done something and now doing drama. He asks Aditya where is Suhani.

Aditya asks are you out of your mind, you are torturing my friend since many years, and now blaming me. Ranveer asks him to be in his limits. Vikrant asks them to think about Suhani and search her.

Mamta says don’t know where is my bahu, bring her back to me. Ranveer asks her not to take tension, and says I will bring Suhani to you. Aditya says once I find her, I will not let her enter this house. Ranveer asks who are you to decide. Vikrant asks them to focus on searching her. Aditya and Ranveer leave to search her. Mamta worries for Suhani. Vikrant calls Police.

Rakesh tells that he will go and search her. He asks Sudha to call him if she calls or returns home. Ranveer is driving the car and asks someone if he saw Suhani, showing her pic. The guy says no. Aditya is on his bike and searching her, asking the people on the road.

Ranveer gets down from his car and sees someone standing. He calls her Suhani and goes to her, but she is someone else. He says sorry. The girl says its ok. Aditya is searching her still. Rakesh is also searching her while riding on his scooter. Ranveer comes to the park and sees Suhani sitting.

He shouts Suhani and comes to her. He asks Suhani if she is fine. Aditya comes running there and sits down, holding her hand and says he was worried. He asks if she is fine? Suhani looks at Ranveer. Ranveer gets angry and pushes Aditya, asking him not to touch her again.

Aditya says what misunderstanding you have, that she will come to you. He says Suhani knows that I love her and wants to marry her, but she didn’t reply to me till now. He says he is sure that she will not go back to him (Ranveer). Ranveer asks how dare you, she is my wife.

Suhani asks them to stop fighting and says she don’t want to be anyone’s wife, she is Suhani Sharma, and will be the same. She will make her own identity. She tells Aditya that he is her best friend and will always be. Ranveer goes and brings a box there. Aditya says Suhani has the right to take a decision and tells that if he does something then he will forget that he is senior.

Suhani says let him do what he wants to. Ranveer says do you think that I will harm her, no. He says my Suhani can go far from me, but will not marry anyone. He says this call for celebration and makes Aditya wear the garland. He says you both might be thinking why did I make Aditya wear the garland.

He says this garland has explosive and it will blast in 30 seconds. Aditya asks Suhani to go before the garland blasts. Ranveer says Aditya is saying right. He starts the countdown and says boom..Aditya checks the garland, when it doesn’t blast. Ranveer smiles and keeps garland in his hand. He says this is lesson for you, stay away from Suhani else this joke will turn into reality. Suhani says you have gone mad.

Ranveer says today you have rejected him and give him a new life, else he would have died today with my hand. He says my Suhani will always be mine, if she becomes of someone else even by mistake then I will burn everyone. He leaves. Aditya goes angrily from there.

Suhani comes home. Sudha asks Suhani why did she reject Aditya’s proposal. Dadi says we are always with you, but why did you take a decision to stay alone? She says it is a big decision. Rakesh says I can’t support you in this decision, and says what will happen after we die, it is not easy to live life alone, will our soul get peace seeing you alone.

Suhani says you people don’t trust me as I couldn’t fight with ranveer and can’t be a good doctor. Rakesh says we just want you to settle down. Suhani recalls Ranveer’s threat. Dadi says Adi has all the qualities of a good lifepartner, he is a good friend. Sudha says Adi has done so much for you and everyone, he might be sad with your rejection and asks her to take back her decision. Suhani says sorry for hurting them and tells that about Adi, he is always my good friend and a part of this house.

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