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Sirf Tum 25th August 2022 Episode starts with Ranveer coming home with band baja. He walks towards Mamta and asks her to have sweets. Mamta have sweets and asks if Suhani agreed? He gives sweets to Vikrant and others.

Ranveer smiles. Dada ji says when they unite, I will get the sweets distributed in the city. Ranveer says this sweets is not of our union. Vikrant asks then what is the good news? Ranveer says if Suhani couldn’t become of Ranveer, then she will not become of anyone else. He says Suhani has rejected Aditya and told that she will never marry in her life.

He says wherever she goes in the world, my name will be related to her name always. Vikrant, Dada ji and Mamta get sad. Ranveer asks Servant to distribute the sweets to everyone and says today he is very happy.

Aditya comes to Suhani and asks if he can come inside. Suhani apologizes to him for hurting him and saying mean words. He apologizes to her for landing in strange situation because of him and hurting her hand.

He says he was very angry and felt love for her in Ranveer’s madness. He says I was trying to come between you both. He says Ranveer is a big doctor, though his screws are loose, he belongs to a well respected family. He says the happiest thing for him that you will not become of someone else, and says he loves you a lot.

Suhani says I am not thinking about it and says this is not his love, but ego, he gets double happiness seeing others in pain. Aditya says I don’t know him more, and don’t want to know him, I am saying what I felt, I felt pain in his madness, not ego. He says it is difficult to understand his obsession,

but I understood and that’s why apologizing to you. Suhani asks him not to make her feel guilty. Aditya says I proposed you like a mad lover, and didn’t think once what is in your heart, what you want. He says it is my mistake, because of me, you can’t go to Ranveer. Suhani says I don’t want to go back to Ranveer to anyone. He asks really, and says you didn’t want to break Ranveer’s heart,

that’s why decided to stay alone forever and rejected me also. He says I told what I felt, and says actually you knows my feelings, but wants your name to be connected with Ranveer always. He comes out and sees Sudha and Dadi standing. Dadi holds his hand and asks what did Suhani say?

Aditya says I went to say her sorry, as she was sad because of me. Sudha asks him not to get upset with her, and says nobody can keep her happy like you. Aditya says we will always be best friend.

Dadi says you are an important part of our family and shows the family picture. She says the day will come, when suhani will choose you. He says if Suhani wants to spend life with me, then I will be the luckiest husband of this world. He says I will not force her and asks them not to force her, but support her.

Mamta comes to Ranveer’s room and says what to do to lower his pain. Suhani thinks of Aditya’s words. She recalls Ranveer’s threat.

Next day, Suhani comes to the room, takes out her trolley and sees some clothes in it. A fb is shown, Servants brings gifts for Suhani and says it is for you. Ranveer comes there and says your dearest husband sent gifts for you. Suhani smiles. She checks the gift and finds their wedding photo frame.

She asks what is the need of these gifts. He says today is your birthday and shows the dress and jewellery. He says you will look like princess. Suhani says these gifts are good, but my gift is you, who makes me a better person. She asks him to promise that he will never lessen his love for her.

He promises to love her till eternity. He says I will be with you always, if I am not with you, then you will miss me. She asks why will I miss you? Ranveer says I get mad when you go out of my sight. She says I will stick to you always. Fb ends. She looks at the jewelery.

Ranveer gives medicine to Mamta and says you have to take another medicine after food. Mamta says you are expert, but not in acting. She asks if he is upset. He asks what do you want that I shall get angry. He says I am relieved that my Suhani will not become of someone else.

Mamta says I am sure that she will return. Samaira comes there and says bhabhi came with the bag. Mamta says I want to welcome her grandly. Ranveer looks on. Suhani enters the Oberoi Mansion with her bag.

Mamta stops her and asks Samaira to bring puja thaali. She says today my prayers are fulfilled, I will welcome my bahu. Suhani says I didn’t come back, I just came to meet Ranveer and nothing else. Ranveer says good.

He says you had said yesterday, that you don’t want any relation and asks if she has finally realized that she can’t stay alone. Suhani walks to him and says I came to return these stuff to you. She opens the bag and says it is some old memories related to you which I came to return.

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