Sirf Tum 27th July 2022 Written Episode Update


Sirf Tum 27th July 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Sirf Tum 27th July 2022 Episode starts with Suhani coming out of the college and sits behind Aditya. He drives off. Later they study together. Sudha brings milk and gives to Suhani. Next day, Sudha asks her to have breakfast. Suhani refuses. Sudha asks her to tell the truth and asks did you keep Teej fast.

Dadi comes there. Sudha says Suhani had promised her Papa that she will make her own identity and today she is doing wife’s duties. She says if you have broken all relation with Ranveer then break your fast.

Suhani takes the plate in her hand and keeps it on the table. She tells that she didn’t keep the Teej fast for that Dr. Ranveer who insulted them, and says I don’t have relation with him. She tells that she has kept fast for that Ranveer, whom she loved and who loved her truly and respected her.

She says he is not in my memories now and tells that she is getting late for college and will go. She comes out of the college. Aditya asks her to come out. Suhani comes out. Aditya looks at her and asks himself to control. She splashes her hair and water droplets fall on his face. He gives her chocolate for their new relation.

He says I am promoted to driver’s position, and that’s why I am happy. He says I am in your service always and asks her to come. He asks her to have chocolate on the way. She says I will have it later. They go to college.

Dean is teaching the students. Sister comes there crying. Dean asks if Ranvijay did something. Other sister tells that Ranvijay insulted her and told that she don’t deserve to stand infront of him. Ranvijay calls Dean and asks why no nurse is coming to attend me. He threatens Dean. Nurse says no Nurse will go and attend him.

Dean says it is lesson for you all, how to handle stubborn and arrogant patients. Suhani says she wants to handle him. Aditya tries to stop her and tells that Ranvijay is arrogant and doesn’t think before doing anything. Suhani asks Dean if he is giving her permission. Ranvijay calls dean again.

Dean asks Suhani to go ahead, superdelux ward no. 6. Suhani walks out of the class. Aditya runs behind her. Suhani wears her apron and is walking there. Aditya says let me come with you. Suhani says I will handle him. Aditya says I will stand outside for your safety. Suhani says alright. She goes to the ward.

Ranvijay throws plate at her, and tells that he needs home food now itself. Suhani picks the food from the floor and calls canteen, asking to send Poha to room no 6.

Ranvijay asks if she is illiterate and says I want home food. She says it is hospital rules, outside food not allowed. She checks his file and says your condition is critical and you will get weak with stress and can collapse. She asks him to have hospital food. Ranvijay asks her to change the rules and tells that he might close the hospital. She gives him injection.

Ranvijay says if I don’t get the food by evening, then I will show your value to him. Suhani says I gave you injection, and you will not be in a position to talk. He gets angry, faints and falls down on the bed. Aditya comes there and asks what happened to him.

Suhani says he needs to be given the saline. Ranvijay gets up, pushes Suhani and she falls on the wall. Ranvijay faints again. Aditya keeps his handkerchief on her forehead and goes to get the first aid. He brings the pouch.

The machine starts beeping. Suhani says patient’s BP and sugar level is down, we have to give him injection. Ranvijay tries to stop her. Suhani says your anger is hurting yourself. She gives him injection. He says he wants home food. Aditya gets a call and goes. Suhani requests Dean to give home food to Ranvijay.

Dean says it is against the rules. Suhani says I know such stubborn people and says he will agree for treatment when he gets home food. Dean says ok and asks her to take care of herself too, along with the patient.


Sirf Tum 28th July 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Suhani asks Ranvijay to have food, else he will get weak. He eats food. The food is poisonous. Doctor comes there and tells Suhani that if something happens to Ranvijay then his father will not leave you. Suhani gets worried. Ranvijay’s father gets down from his car.


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