Sirf Tum 2nd September 2022 Written Episode Update


Sirf Tum 2nd September 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Sirf Tum 2nd September 2022 Episode starts with the terrorist running out of the hospital. Suhani and the ward boy come out to search him. The terrorist hears the Police jeep sound and runs. He hides.

Suhani follows the blood stain and comes to Mamta hospital. He calls doctor. Ranveer asks ward boy to get the OT ready and bring the stretcher. Ward boy of Apna Hospital comes to Ranveer and tells that the patient is terrorist,

Dr. Suhani complained to Police and he came running here. Other doctor says we can’t treat him. Ranveer tells ward boy that he is a patient for him and he will treat him. Suhani continues to follow the blood stains and comes to Mamta hospital.

She thinks Ranveer will not break the law. Ward boy comes there and tells her that doctors decide to operate on him. Ranveer looks at Suhani’s sketch and says the patient whom you refused to treat, I will treat him.

Suhani thinks what you are doing Ranveer, you are getting your medical licence in risk. She thinks what to do, as he will not listen to anyone. Ranveer burns Suhani’s sketch and throws it on the floor.

Suhani thinks she can’t let Ranveer’s career ruin, even if he shout or get angry on her. She recalls his swear and covers her head and face with dupatta. Ranveer wears the gloves. She comes inside and asks Nurse to inform Dr. Ranveer that Dr. Suhani has come to meet him. Other doctor says he is in OT. Suhani says this patient can be a terrorist.

The doctor says I will talk to him. He comes to OT and tells Ranveer that if they treat the patient then their hospital respect will be at stake. Ranveer says it is my hospital and gets angry on him. He says if he don’t operate then the patient will die. He says he will inform Police after the operation.

The doctor comes out and asks Suhani to go, and not to worry. Suhani thinks to inform the Police on Ranveer’s behalf to save his career. Ranveer takes out bullet from the patient’s hand. The patient shouts in pain. Ranveer stitches back his hand. The patient breathes heavily.

Ranveer says his pulse is dropping and tries to revive him. A officer comes there with security guards and Police. He asks some guards and constable to stay outside and asks some to come inside. He comes inside and asks Suhani about the terrorist. Suhani says he is in OT.

Ranveer asks other doctor to make arrangements of blood transfusion. The Inspector knocks on the door, while the officer asks guards to take position. Ranveer comes out and asks what do you want? He sees the officers. The officer asks him to move from the way. Ranveer says officer, he is critical.

The officer says you are trying to save the person who is the witness of the DRDO big spy case. He asks him to move from his way and let them do their duty. Ranveer asks I agree, but what will you do by taking him, he will die. Ranveer gets inside and locks the door. The officer asks Inspector to break the door.

Suhani calls Dada ji and informs him. Suhani asks Ranveer to open the door. The Inspector asks her to go. Ranveer tells the doctor and nurses that they have first duty to check the patient. They break the door and get inside. The constable takes Ranveer out. Ranveer shouts that patient will die. The officer asks constable to keep an eye on the patient.

Aditya comes to the hospital and searches for Suhani. Ward boy informs Aditya. Aditya runs from there. Suhani asks the officer to let the doctors save him first. The officer says they want his partners’ location from him to save the country and asks her to let them do the work.

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