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Sirf Tum 30th August 2022 Episode starts with Ranveer coming to the hall. Mamta says lets go, we all are ready. Ranveer says I just want to go alone.

Mamta says you are bringing her back after so many years, I don’t want to miss this moment and will go. She gets up from her wheel chair. Vikrant and Ranveer hold her. Mamta says this news have given life to my legs.

She says she wants to go on her feet. Vikrant says you are so excited to bring bahu that you got up. Dada ji says we all will come with you. Suhani tells Aditya that Ranveer will never come to convince her. Aditya says he still loves you and it was your decision to stay away from him.

Suhani says you are taking his side and says he loves his ego. Aditya says I am always on your side, and has bear his anger. He says his anger towards me is due to his love for you. He says I believe that the solution for his madness and ego is just you, says he really loves you.

Suhani says respect is very important in a relationship. She says Ranveer don’t respect her and she don’t trust him. Ishaan comes there and says jiju came. Suhani scolds him and says we have no relation with him. Aditya says you are lucky as your family supports you and asks her to come.

Suhani comes out and greets Mamta. Mamta tells Suhani that she has fulfilled her promise to bring Ranveer here. Suhani says before Ranveer say, I want to say something that he will come and apologize to me, atleast clear the misunderstandings. She says now when he is standing infront of me, I want to say something,

I just have hatred for you Ranveer, when I told it clearly that I want to stay all life alone, then also you came here. She asks what he wants to prove? Ranveer asks her to say all and finish it. He says when I speak, you will not say anything. He says you are living in misunderstanding.

He says when I came to you, that doesn’t mean that I have come here to convince you or take you from here. She asks for what drama you have come? Ranveer says I will say and asks Samaira to give the suitcase. He says when you have returned my stuff then you would have taken back your stuff.

He says when Honey told the truth, a hope generated in heart and seeing Maa, it increased, but it is of no use, you are not Suhani, but someone else. He says Suhani doesn’t know how to lie, but you knows to present your lie. He says you stay day and night with Aditya.

He says technically you are spending your life with Aditya and I am not upset with this, as you have the right to choose with whom you want to spend your life with. He says you are free to spend life with whoever you want. Mamta asks him not to do this. Ranveer says even I have the right to keep my word,

I don’t want to keep my Maa in false hope. He says when you tell her that you want to spend your life with Aditya, that day she will die. Suhani gets shocked. Ranveer swears that they will not have any relation after today. He says I will not see your face and have resigned from the hospital. Mamta says Ranveer. Ranveer says now our ways can’t be one. He tears their photos and walk away from there.

Sudha thanks Mata rani and says now Suhani and Ranveer don’t have to work together, so they will not face each other. Dadi says I will distribute 5 kgs prasad. She says now Suhani can start afresh. Ishaan says they shall have party.

Aditya says yes and asks Suhani what she is thinking? Rakesh asks what are you thinking, you got what you wanted without fighting. Suhani says I don’t want to see Ranveer’s face again, but many poor patients will suffer as he resigned. She says they will not get the facilities now.

Rakesh says better doctor might come and asks her not to think. Sudha asks why are you blaming yourself. Suhani says she wants to stay away from him, but the patients will lose, and says I just hope that he don’t stop his practice. Sudha asks her not to think.

Ranveer asks Mamta to trust him and says whatever he did, is after a lot of thinking. Mamta says is it good to mixed professional life with personal life. Ranveer says I am not leaving practice. Vikrant says I will talk to the directors of the city’s best hospital. Ranveer says he will not work in any hospital and will chase his childhood dream. He calls Rajesh. Rajesh brings a model.

Ranveer says this is my childhood dream, Mamta hospital and says he has brought a hospital on her name, where poor will be treated for free. He says he will work hard and will make it as city’s best hospital and will make her proud. Mamta says our happiness lies in your happiness.

Suhani and Aditya come to the hospital. Ward boy asks if she knows that Dr. Ranveer left from the hospital. Suhani asks why are you getting sad, you should have been happy. Ward boy says people sees his anger, but only we know what he has done for his patients and us. Dr. Deepak comes to Suhani and Aditya and asks about Dr. Ranveer’s patients’ list. They go to the patients. The patient asks about Dr. Ranveer. Dr. Deepak says he has left and now he will treat him. Other patient leave hearing Ranveer is not there. Suhani is speechless.

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