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Sirf Tum 31st August 2022 Episode starts with Suhani getting sad. Aditya tells her a story of a bird to motivate her. He says it was a good moment for me, to see that bird fulfilling her dreams and flying high.

He says you are my bird and tells Suhani that the patients will stand in queue for her. Ranveer asks Dadu to do the inauguration of his hospital. Dadu asks him to get the hospital inaugurated by Mamta. Mamta inaugurates Mamta hospital. Ranveer says your son will treat you in your hospital and you will get dine soon.

A couple brings their daughter to the hospital, who is bleeding profusely. Ranveer sends her to OT. Mamta imagines Suhani with Ranveer and says my dream is not fulfilled yet. Vikrant says we all are missing Suhani, I am very proud of you. Dadu says we are still hopeful that they will unite again. Samaira says you are right.

Suhani comes home. Sudha asks her to check what happened to her. Rakesh says she is vomiting since morning and complained of body pain. Suhani says we have to take her to hospital and says this is the symptom of dengue.

Aditya says we shall take her to our hospital. Suhani says it is far and calls Deepak, asking him to tell nearby hospital. Dr. Deepak tells about Ranveer’s hospital which is inaugurated today. Suhani smiles and asks him to tell another hospital. He tells her another hospital name. Suhani says ok.

Ambulance comes there. Ranveer checks a patient and asks Nurse to give antibiotics and pain killers to the patient. Ward boy comes there and asks him to check. Samaira comes there. Ranveer asks if she bunk the college. Samaira says badimaa sent you the tiffin and asks how you are managing the hospital and paper work. Ranveer asks her to complete her studies and handle administration dept.

The doctor tells Suhani that her Dadi’s platelet count is low due to dengue and asks her to arrange AB negative blood. Suhani asks him to start the treatment. Aditya says he will search the donor in the blood bank. Ishaan tells Suhani that Ranveer’s jiju’s blood is AB negative. Rakesh says he might not come to help us.

Suhani asks Rakesh not to worry, and says Dadi will be fine, just trust me. Ranveer finishes the tiffin. Samaira tells Mamta and shows her on video call. Ranveer asks Mamta, when she will take care of herself. Mamta says she will take care of herself and she knows that Su…He says I have to go as I have the meeting with equipment manager.

Suhani looks at Dadi through the window pane. Ranveer checks the message that blood required immediately, and thinks AB negative is my blood group. He says I will donate. Samaira says your meeting. Ranveer says he will donate and offers to drop her.

Doctor informs Suhani and Aditya that Donor is on the way to come here. Aditya goes to inform everyone. Suhani thanks Mata Rani for saving her Dadi. Ranveer comes to the temple and tells receptionist that he is Dr. Ranveer Oberoi and came to donate the blood. Doctor informs Suhani that they will do the blood transfusion.

Nurse comes and tells Doctor that she has done all the test, donor is healthy. Doctor says they will shift her to the other ward. Rakesh tells Sudha that he will be with Maa. Suhani says she will go. Rakesh says ok. Suhani asks Nurse who is the donor and says she wants to thank him personally. Nurse says he is inside, you can meet him and shows his form. Suhani reads Ranveer’s name and comes inside.

Ranveer and Dadi are on side by side bed as the blood transfusion is happening. Dadi looks at Suhani and asks her to come near her. She says you are in tension because of me. Suhani asks her to promise that she will not take any tension and says we will soon go home. She looks at Ranveer.

Dadi also looks at him. Ranveer is lying on the bed while his eyes closed. Dadi asks Suhani to sit for sometime. Ranveer coughs. Suhani takes the glass. Nurse makes him drink water. He lies down on the bed again. Suhani tells Rakesh and Sudha that Dadi’s treatment is done. Rakesh says I want to thank the donor.

Suhani says Ranveer is the donor. Ranveer comes out with the doctor and is going. Rakesh calls him. Ranveer stops. Rakesh thanks him for donating blood to Dadi. Sudha says if you haven’t come, then our we would have lost our hope.

Suhani calls Ranveer and says you have fulfilled duty of humanity and saved Dadi. He says he didn’t know that the patient is Dadi. He says I have fulfilled duty of a doctor and donor.

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