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Sirf Tum 3rd May 2022 Episode starts with Suhani asking Ansh to take the papers and sign on it, and leave from her life. He asks what do you think that I will let you go from my life, just wait and watch, what I do. Ranveer comes there and hits him. He says I will show your rightful place to you, and takes him to hall.

He is about to hit him with the vase, but Asha comes infront of Ansh and pleads infront of Ranveer to leave Ansh. Ranveer tells Ansh that he will not bear even his reflection on Suhani, else he will burn him alive. Ansh says Suhani is my wife and you can’t separate me from her. Suhani says I was your wife, and the decision which I have taken in pressure, I will rectify it. She throws the divorce papers on him and says from today,

we have no relation. I have signed on these divorce papers, you also sign on it and leave from my life forever. Asha is shocked and picks the divorce papers. She reads it. Suhani says I just love Ranveer and wants to be with him only. Asha says what are you saying, we will sit and talk, I will make Ansh understand.

Suhani says sorry and tells that she can’t bear anymore, he don’t deserve even my hatred. She says I want to spend my life with Ranveer. Ranveer says Ansh was Suhani’s bad dream which broke just as her eyes opened, and I am….he holds her hand and tells that I was her truth, I am her truth and will always be. Dada ji smiles. Ranveer says Suhani and I will marry soon and everyone is free to do what they want. He walks away holding Suhani’s hand. Ansh looks angrily.

Later Asha looks at the divorce papers and tells that she had so much hopes from Suhani, and says how she can do this, how she can divorce you. Ansh says Suhani is your bahu and will always be, and no power of this world can separate her from me. He promises that Ranveer and Suhani will never marry.

Mamta is sitting in the hall. Roshni asks the Servants to go and comes to Mamta. She asks what is she thinking? Mamta says just like that. Roshni asks don’t you think Ranveer’s decision to marry Suhani is wrong, and says don’t take me wrong, Ranveer is young and can do mistakes, but you shall stop him and make him understand. Mamta says he loves Suhani and whatever he is doing, is after a thought.

Roshni says Suhani will be a divorcee, if Ranveer marries her then people will think that he has some flaws. She says Suhani didn’t wait for Ranveer at the mandap and married Ansh for her benefit, and when he came on road, she forwarded her hand towards Ranveer. She says if Suhani leaves Ranveer for any reason, then he can’t bear. She says you are seeing Suhani’s one side, I agree that she helped him get back to college again,

but don’t forget that he is rusticated because of her. She says now you will say that she made him stopped drinking, but don’t forget that he started drinking due to her. She says Suhani went to Kashmir and then Ranveer went to bring her back and fought for her.

She says if anything had happened to Ranveer then what would have happened. She says he is talented and handsome and is the only heir of Oberois, and can get any good girl. She says I can’t see him getting ruined for that girl and goes. Mamta looks on hearing her provocative words against Suhani.

Later everyone is sitting for the jagrata in the hall. Suhani comes there wearing a saree. Asha and Ansh are also attending Jagrata. Roshni looks at her. Suhani comes near the temple and prays to Mata Rani. Ranveer smiles. Mamta looks at Ranveer and then at Ansh. A lady comes and ties the holy cloth on Suhani’s head. She asks Suhani to get the sindoor on her hairline, and not to sit in the darbaar without having it being a married woman. Suhani gets tensed. Ranveer gets up and walks towards her. Ansh and Asha looks on.

Ranveer takes sindoor bottle in his hand and tells that Suhani and he have accepted each other from heart, so they don’t care for court or society. He says I will fill sindoor in suhani’s hair line right away. Everyone gets up shockingly. Ranveer takes a pinch of sindoor and is about to fill her hairline, when a lady come there and throws ink on Suhani’s face.

Everyone looks at the lady. Other ladies from NGO come there and tell slogans against Ranveer and Suhani. Dada ji asks who are you, and why you have come. The lady says you people make fun of our customs, we will not let this girl remarry, although her husband is alive. Ranveer asks who are you, and why are you doing this? The lady asks who are you to this woman? Ranveer says she is my would be wife and I won’t bear any misbehavior towards her. The lady says we will not let her remarry, and asks if her husband is happy with her remarriage. Ansh says I am her husband and loves her so much that I am ready to do anything for her happiness.

He says I want to show you something. He plays the video on projector screen, everyone sees Asha proposing Ansh and Suhani’s marriage to Rakesh, Ansh telling Suhani that he made tattoo of her name and she is not ready to talk to him etc. Ranveer gets angry and breaks Ansh’s phone. He says next thing to be broken is your neck. He asks the ladies to go.

The lady tells that Ansh will not bear to see someone snatching his wife and asks Suhani, how she can leave her good husband for someone else. Ranveer says nobody shall utter a word against Suhani, and tells that he will fill her maang with sindoor and will see who will stop him. He is about to fill her maang with sindoor, but Suhani holds his hand and stops him. Everyone looks on.

Roshni says again this girl created problem for him. Suhani tells Ranveer that she don’t want to trouble him, she wants to stay with him, but don’t want to marry him until Ansh’s reflection is with her. She says I will not marry you, until I separate from this Ansh legally. Ranveer says I don’t care for this system or the people. Suhani says I don’t want our families to suffer due to us, and I will go to court tomorrow to file for divorce.

Ansh says I won’t let this divorce happen, as I have all the proofs which proves me good. Ranveer says I accept your stubbornness as your challenge, and says very soon you will sign on the divorce papers with your wish.

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