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Sirf Tum 5th May 2022 Episode starts with Mamta thinking what to be made in food and comes to the kitchen. She sees her favorite food served, and thinks who made it, it is all my favorite. She tastes the food. Suhani smiles standing far. Mamta comes to the room and finds a box kept in the room. She opens it and finds a saree,

thinks she likes the color. Ranveer comes to her and says I knew that you will surely like it. Mamta asks what is going on? Ranveer says you like the food made by her, likes her gift, but doesn’t like her, though she is your son’s life. He says my life is incomplete with her. Suhani comes there and says you have seen much world than us, I just wants to assure that I will become good bahu and wife.

Mamta asks how can you forget that you are someone’s wife, and wearing mangalsutra and sindoor. Ranveer says that marriage happened by cheat and says Suhani is divorcing Ansh. Mamta says she can’t let a divorcee marry her son. Suhani asks her not to stop her from marrying Ranveer and assures that she will not marry him without her wish. Ranveer says if Maa doesn’t want then this marriage will not happen.

He swears on Mamta’s head and says if his marriage don’t happen with Suhani, then he will not marry any other girl in his life. Mamta asks what are you saying, it is not that easy and asks what do you think that Ansh will give her divorce easily, what people will say. Ranveer says I don’t have anything to do with society and I will handle Ansh. He says I will see, how he don’t divorce her. He gets a call.

Ranveer comes out of the house. Ansh hides seeing him. Ranveer goes out. Ansh comes inside. Ranveer meets John and Raghav. Raghav shows Ansh’s call list and tells that he has made calls to Master. Ranveer says so Ansh was involved, and says he will give two choices to Ansh, either he will go to jail or shall divorce Suhani. Ansh hears them and thinks Master is dead, now you can’t prove that I was involved in kidnapping.

Suhani is happy and dances. Ranveer wakes up and sees her. It turns out to be his imagination. Vikrant comes there. Ranveer says reality came infront of him, just as dream broke. He asks why did he come to his room? He says if you had told me, then I would have made arrangements to welcome you.

Vikrant shows the papers and says I came to remind you about the agreement, and you had told that if I let Suhani stay in our house for six months then you will join the business. Ranveer says you came to take the price for this paper. Vikrant says I have fulfilled the promise, now it is your turn to fulfill your commitment. Ranveer says like I said, once a businessman, always a business, you came with all the arrangements.

Vikrant says he wants him to handle the project with Riya, as Kapoor’s company is our partner in this project. He says Riya will assist you, and I want to announce this project to the media infront of you. He says today is the big day for me and I don’t want any drama, ask him to get ready. He says I am waiting for you and don’t forget about this agreement. Ranveer picks his suit.

Mamta asks why did Vikrant keep the press conference? Roshni says he is going to announce about business deal. Riya comes there. Mamta hugs her. Riya says this press conference is incomplete for me, destiny has planned an amazing surprise, you will like it. Suhani looks on. Riya walks to her father and says hello Papa. Vikrant comes there. Ranveer comes downstairs.

Mamta thinks what is going to happen in the press conference. Vikrant’s brother asks shall we start. Vikrant tells about the project in the middle east and tells that his only son Ranveer will handle the project, it is launching pad for his son. He says his friend’s daughter Riya Kapoor will assist his son in this project.

Everyone claps. Mamta looks at Suhani. Suhani thinks if Ranveer goes to middle east then how his dream will fulfill to become the doctor. Riya tells Ranveer that he is in her destiny and she is in his destiny. Ranveer looks on. Reporter asks if this is just business merger or if the two families are uniting. Vikrant is about to say.

Ranveer says I will tell you. He thanks the media for coming and thanks Vikrant for giving a big platform and audience. He says sharing is caring, and that’s why I would like to share my biggest happiness of my life. He says this project details is with Vikrant Oberoi, and that’s why he announced the project.

He says I am going to announce about the girl, who is going to be mine for forever. He says I want to tell you all, that I am going to do engagement day after tomorrow. Riya thinks Vikrant was about to announce this. Ranveer says I am going to marry after 3 days of engagement with this girl, points finger at Suhani. Riya is upset. Ranveer says she is my love, life and my everything. Suhani looks tensed. Ansh and Asha looks on. Vikrant says I didn’t call media for this thing.

Ranveer says I couldn’t send media empty handed, so I gave them breaking news. He says you are a good businessman and taught business to your son. Vikrant warns him. Ranveer says I am already done and asks him to smile. Reporter says we heard that suhani is already married. Ranveer says my family members are with me, and I don’t care about others, who is not with me. He says marriage is a commitment between two hearts and lives and not a business deal. He tells Riya that he can’t be bought. He goes. Suhani goes behind him.

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