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Sirf Tum 5th September 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Sirf Tum 5th September 2022 Episode starts with Ranveer telling the officer that they can’t take the patient like this. The officer says you have broken the protocol and asks the guards to lock him in room.

Ranveer says open the door. The officer asks Inspector to shift Ram Singh to govt hospital and keep him in security. Suhani says I informed you so that you can catch him alive. The officer tells that they are thinking about his safety, anything can happen to him here.

Other doctor comes there and tells that there is no activity in his brain, he is in coma. The officer takes Ranveer out of the room. Ranveer says now I will go and do my duty. The officer asks since when you are involved in anti India activities. Ranveer blames him for interrupting the operation.

The officer says you are arrested for criminal conspiracy against National Security. Ranveer assures that he can still save him. The officer says you have tried to kill him, you can’t go to 50 mts near him. Ranveer says you knows well that you are accusing me of false accusations.

Mamta and Dada ji come there. Dada ji asks why you have arrested him. The officer tells him that Ranveer tried to kill Major witness, with our country enemies. Suhani says it is not like that.

The officer thanks Suhani for informing him. Ranveer says you have found the way to ruin me and tells Mamta that she is not that Suhani and called Police to interrupt the operation. Mamta tries to talk to the officer. The reporters come and asks Dr. Ranveer, what is strategy? Why did he try to kill Ram Singh? They ask about his terrorist gang with whom he is related. Ranveer is arrested and taken from there.

Everyone watches the news in Suhani’s house. The reporter tells that Dr. Oberoi is accused of Anti India group and calls him involved in terrorist gang. Suhani says it is my mistake, Police have arrested him because of me. Aditya and Sudha ask Suhani not to blame herself.

The officer asks Inspector to get all info about him. Dada ji and Mamta come there. The officer and Inspector refuse. The officer asks them not to waste time and hire a good lawyer. The lady constable threatens Mamta asking her to leave. Ranveer feels helpless. Mamta leaves with Dada ji. The officer asks Inspector to get back to work.

Aditya tells Suhani that he got a call from a News Channel and they want to call her for debate. Suhani says she don’t want to talk. Aditya says even I am upset, because of Ranveer, people will not believe on doctors. Suhani says I was there and that’s why his career and life is at stake. She cries.

He asks her not to blame herself. He says someone has to tell that other doctors shall be blamed due to one doctor’s mistake. Dadi and Rakesh ask Suhani to listen to Adi. Rakesh says the matter is about medical community. Suhani looks on. Vikrant tells Dada ji that he will come back after a meeting, with the first flight. Dada ji says even Vikram is not in the city, he will also come back. Vikrant says I will come back.

Ranveer hears the thieves gossiping about him. He then watches the news telecasting on the news channel. Suhani is part of the debate along with other doctors. She tells that nobody has the right to do anything wrong due to their profession. Other tells that doctor forgets their duty while saving the patient.

Other doctor tells something else. Suhani tells that the matter is about the duty and says if conflicts happen, it should be look into. The doctor tells that Ranveer didn’t follow the protocol and then didn’t co-operate with the Police. Suhani tells that he wanted to save the patient and asks them not to give anti Country angle. The doctor says we heard that he is very angry guy.

The reporter says we heard that you was his wife, and salutes her for her courage to speak about him. Ranveer shouts that she has done this to lower his hospital and uplift her hospital. He thinks to do the same thing with her. The people gathers outside the Oberoi Mansion and tells slogans that Ranveer shall be hanged. The lawyer talks to Vikram and tells that this is a sensitive case,

he is accused of anti Indian activities. Mamta says he is not anti Indian. He was saving patient, but didn’t call the Police. The lawyer says he should have called Police. Dada j says he is innocent.

The lawyer asks him to give 50 percent salary in his account. Vikram says I will ask my accountant to get the money deposited in your account. He calls accountant and comes to know that the accounts are freezed by Police. He says Police has freezed your personal accounts too. Vikram is shocked and tells this to Dada ji.

Vikrant calls Vikram and asks if there is any problem in bank account. He says all his cards are not working. Vikram says he will do something. Dada ji tells Lawyer that they will arrange the money and asks him to do bail arrangements. The lawyer says I don’t take up any case without money and says this case is about desh drohi. Mamta offers her jewellery. The lawyer asks him to transfer his fees and then call him.

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