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Sirf Tum 7th September 2022 Episode starts with Ranveer telling Suhani that he will never forgive her. Suhani says this misunderstanding have happened between us, due to the hatred. She says I know you are not desh drohi/traitor.

The officer says take him. Suhani says 1 min and says you are a honest doctor, I will prove this and support you. Mamta and Dada ji watch this on TV. Sudha, Dadi and Rakesh are shocked. Sudha asks what is this? Dadi says people might harm her. Ranveer says I know your reality, you wanted to ruin me,

you have ruined me and says congrats. The guy says Ranveer oberoi is the traitor. They call him traitor again and again. Ranveer says I don’t need your help, this is your drama. Suhani says I will not feel bad about your talks, as I know you are hurt. She promises him that she will save him.

People throw stone on Ranveer. Suhani holds him and takes the stones on her back. People call him traitor holding the placards with slogans written against him. Suhani shouts at them, saying he is not traitor/desh drohi.

Mamta and Dada ji get hopeful. Ranveer says we have faced such situation in college, but this is not college and tells that whoever is trapping him in this case, will not let the easy prey go out of his hands. The officer asks Suhani to go and says if anyone attacks you, then we can’t save you.

They take him in the van. Suhani comes to the van and tells that she will fight with whoever is behind this, and will bring him out from here. She asks him to promise that he will not lose the courage. He is taken to the PS. Suhani wipes her tears and goes.

Dadi, Rakesh, Sudha and Ishaan watch the news. Sudha says my daughter is risking her life for the man who hurt her. She says if crowd gets crazy then? Rakesh asks her to calm down and says let her come, then I will talk to her.

Sudha asks her to tell clearly to stay away from Ranveer. She says if People gets angry on her. Dadi asks her to calm down. Sudha blames Rakesh for giving her liberty and asks him to call her, and asks her to return. He says he will call her.

Mamta talks to Mata Rani and says everyone left support, Ranveer is innocent, don’t know who is taking out enmity with him. Dada ji prays to Mata Rani and asks her not to let their trust shatter. Samaira says Bhai has helped everyone, she will do something surely. Vikram talks on phone.

Samaira says Mata Rani will do a miracle. Suhani comes there and folds her hands in the inhouse temple. Dada ji, Mamta, Vikram and Samaira see her. They go to Suhani. Suhani greets them and tells that she came late, but she has brought lawyer with her. Lawyer comes there and greets them.

She says Lawyer has applied for urgent bail plea hearing. Dada ji tells Lawyer that his junior came from his office and told about his fee. The lawyer says don’t worry about that, just as Suhani gave me 50 percent fees, I came here. He says things will be difficult in the coming time. Mamta asks when he will come? Lawyer says I have to prepare for the case and says he will keep her posted.

He leaves. Vikram goes behind her. Suhani tells Mamta that don’t feel bad, as the situation is getting difficult for her. She offers some money to Mamta and asks her to keep it. Mamta says no Suhani, this is not needed and says you are standing with us in this difficult time, what’s bigger than this thing.

Suhani says bad time can come to anyone, and says if this time would have come to me, then you all would have stood by me. She asks her to keep it and says I am saying this with all rights. She keeps money in her hand.

Dada ji says we will never forget this. Suhani says when I was part of this family, everyone gave you so much love, I am not upset with you all, but with just Ranveer. She says if anyone says about her, then she will not bear. Mamta apologizes to her for thinking wrong about her, listening to media.

Suhani talks to Adi and tells that protest is still on, she is standing far from home. Just then officer and Police Inspector come there. The officer smiles and asks Suhani if everything is fine. He asks if you are helping a traitor. Suhani says I am not helping a traitor, but helping a doctor. The officer tells that he is a traitor and asks if she is also related to terrorist.

Suhani tells him that neither she nor Ranveer is not with the terrorists and asks if he is their team member or sympathizer. Officer Mr. Singh says you are crossing your line. Suhani says I am not Police or inestigator but common sense says that terrorist wanted to kill Ram Singh, Ranveer wanted to save him, and you let him die. She asks if you are his team member.

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