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Sirf Tum 8th September 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Sirf Tum 8th September 2022 Episode starts with the officer Mr. Singh asks Suhani if terrorist sympathizer is behind her innocent face. Suhani says Mr. Singh, I am very sure that good Police officer go on just assumptions.

She says neither I nor Ranveer is with the terrorists, but may be you are their sympathizer or team member. He says you are crossing a line. Suhani says I am not Police or investigator, but common sense says that terrorist wants to kill your witness and Ranveer was trying to save him and you let Ram Singh die,

so if you are his team member. The officer asks Inspector Chauhan to arrest her. He says I will see how she gets bailed? Suhani stands strong. The Inspector takes handcuff to arrest her. Mr. Singh stops Inspector and signs him to go. He tells Suhani that he don’t have much patience and asks her to stay away from him and Ranveer.

He says I might bring proofs against you and asks her to be careful, says you are being watched from today. Aditya comes there and sees Suhani. The officer says if you meet that traitor then I will know. He says if the angry crowd attacks you and we couldn’t save you then? He asks her to be afraid and says anyone can kill her. He says when people asks me, then I will tell them this story.

He says like Ranveer, even you will have no case and no hearing, direct hang punishment. Suhani calls him and says do whatever you want, arrest me or get me killed, but I am not afraid. She says I will not let Ranveer die. She thanks him for motivating her and giving her courage. The officer is walking towards Suhani.

Aditya comes and asks what happened? The officer asks Aditya to make her understand not to help the terrorist, else the crowd will get it closed. He leaves. Aditya asks Suhani what happened?

Ranveer thinks of Suhani promising him, and then the officer thanking Suhani for informing them on time. He recalls Suhani taking the stones on her back to protect him and shouting that he is not a traitor, asking him not to lose the courage as she will fight and will get him freed with respect. Dada ji and Mamta come to the PS to meet Ranveer. Inspector says you can’t meet him without permission.

Dada ji says I have brought the permission. Mr. Singh comes there. The Inspector chauhan says they want to meet the terrorist. Mr. Singh says if you think that you can meet him, who is accused of being a terrorist. Dada ji says he is my son and I want to meet him legally. The lawyer comes there and gives court orders to the officer. He says we have the permission to meet Ranveer Oberoi by law,

and by court so I request you not to interrupt and let them meet. Mr. Singh checks court permission and lets them meet Ranveer. Mamta calls Ranveer. Ranveer says Maa. Mamta asks how are you? Ranveer says I am good. He says sorry to them for bearing all this. Mamta says you didn’t do any mistake.

She says all the ways were closed, but Suhani opened a new way of hope and she is with us. She smiles. Ranveer says I don’t need her help, I can fight. Dada ji says bank all lockers and accounts are sealed, even hospital. He says Suhani has arranged the lawyer and has filed his bail application plea.

Mamta says now we came to know that Suhani is our own. Ranveer says Suhani can be trapped due to this case, they have levied serious charges on me. Mamta says just as you are stubborn, she is also stubborn, when she has decided, she will bring us out from here. Ranveer says I have done a mistake by doubting her once, and says if anything happens to her due to this case, then I can’t forgive myself. Mamta says even we got doubtful once, but then Suhani only helped us.

Rakesh tells Suhani that she is making everyone as her enemies for her enemy. He says enmity or friendship is not good with Police. Sudha asks her to stay away. Suhani reminds Rakesh that when she was accused of giving wrong injection to Vikrant, then Ranveer stood by her and was ready to marry Rhea to save her.

She says my hatred is still same, and wrong thing is happening with him due to me, he is getting trapped. She says matter is not about just Ranveer, but about other doctors too. Sudha says neither you nor your family will bear this suffering. Suhani asks her to hear her once, and tells that she is doing what she has taught her. She tells Rakesh that he always called her brave daughter and asks if you can see your daughter live fearful and hiding.

She says the matter is not just Ranveer, but about other doctors too. She says I have to get the traitor accusation from Ranveer go. Sudha asks her to come inside. Rakesh says our daughter is responsible and knows how to take the right decision. He says we didn’t teach her to be afraid. Suhani nods her head.

The Inspector tells Ranveer that his life will not be saved as their chief has made special arrangements for him and his friends too. Suhani tells Rakesh that she is going to court. Aditya tells that he saw a man standing outside and when I saw him, he ran away. Sudha asks her not to go. Suhani says this is happening to scare me. Rakesh says I will come with you. Suhani says no, you are safe at home.

Sudha says even you are safe at home and asks her not to go. Suhani says I am doing this to save an innocent life and my profession. She says if Mata Rani wills, then she will not let anything happen to me.

Aditya says I will also come with you, for our profession. Suhani says no, you always get trapped because of me. Aditya says you are not the only doctor, even we are in queue to save our profession. He says lets go. They leave. Sudha prays for them. Suhani walks out of house.

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